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  • Special considerations about shareholders, the rate of capital contribution, and the distribution of profits for Start-ups

    Special considerations about shareholders, the rate of capital contribution, and the distribution of profits for Start-ups

    On the occasion of a brother who ordered a book 101 things to know about money, is planning to open a company, has questions about the topic of shareholders, capital contribution ratio, profit distribution. With Phuc Finance, take the time to discuss with the most objective and honest perspective! It is a pleasure to share with our current and future Start-ups. Let's go.

    Part 1. Prepare to start a business

    Preparing to start a business has loads of work to worry about. Besides how to make a profit, to start successfully, to gain market share, to have customers, to have the first co-revenue. Then the worry is quite winging in my heart, is how to do it, when we have to work together, then the time for success will not be broken! The habit of life, every time of hardship, carry a bowl of melon, unanimously move forward, until we dress well, the blankets are warm, the work develops, through difficult times, money comes back lose love again. All because of the initial ambiguity. And in this article, we will together trace the financial numbers, to make the business system clearest, to give you peace of mind to cooperate and do business.

    Many people have characteristics, when it comes to money, they are afraid of sharing. Vietnamese culture style, stop this for nothing: please let me pay. This thinking goes into business is immediately broken. Must be clear little by little. There is still a way of thinking, recording each coin closely, then it is covered with the label "measuring the shrimp sauce, counting the onion". All must be clear and unambiguous. If it is not yet clear, financially clear, then it is not the beginning. Because you can't start something that is sure to go to ruin. But the financial ambiguity, will cause friction, causing businesses to die internally. In fact, most Vietnamese small businesses, die because of the crushing of their competitors, are few, and die from internal conflicts over many markets. They were good against the enemy, but turned around and turned around, clever thinking, fast eating would harm each other. So, when starting a general business, put culture, clarity, and clarity on finance first. With this, the business boat builds up.

    Part 2: Clearly distinguish money and assets in the company

    There are so many people like this, starting a business is just interested in money. Wrong! Extremely wrong! The goal for us to start a business is not money. They are the assets of the company. Also known as money printing machine.

    Money, initially we contribute to businesses, to start a company, is not about making more money. You don't have to give up 1 to get 5, to get back 10. The most important thing is that we create business assets that bring money: such as the loyal customer community that constantly buys from the company, Marketing - online communication automatically promotes to bring customers. new, consulting system, closing orders, and know-how, tips, or copyrighted products invented by the company.

    So, when starting a business, we will care about two things:

    - The first thing: The most important thing and the business goal: what is the assets we hold if the system breaks.

    - The second: The capital contribution ratio, how much profit we receive.

    Do not think that Phuc Finance has a negative influence. Because a year off sending hundreds of thousands of businesses collapsed, the building of your business is not out of that capacity. Business is not about thinking good is going to be good. But your business must identify the possible risks and it is all within your ability to handle it.

    What assets do you hold?

    Phuc Finance takes an example like this: There are people who set up a company, but do not know the first is a business asset. Finally, the whole customer system, assigned to a Sales person to manage. This Sales person is the person who directly works with agents, VIP customers. When they finally leave the company, they bring this whole network of customers to set up their own company. This is happening out there abruptly.

    So, startups, start-ups, need to always ask the question: what is the business asset in this enterprise after all? And what property do you hold? To be honest, the person who holds the business property is the powerful person, but when there is a conflict, must use the law to intervene, the person who holds the property in hand, they still have a way to get rid of the property without difficulty. discoverable or rotatable. Like this one. When the network of VIP customers has loved and worked a lot with Mr. Sales, is there any law that requires a customer to buy more from your company, but does not follow that Mr. Sales to another purchase?

    Law can only interfere with tangible things only, but intangible things cannot interfere. Unfortunately, the intangible is far more money than the tangible: the trust of the customer system, the love of the core colleagues, the brand spreading value, the marketing tips. or deep knowledge of the market, industry, ...

    After all, we just say that the paper is black and white, the law intervenes, however, we don't like to go to court. There are times when attorneys fees, court fees, and court time costs a lot of money. In the end, small businesses make up for it.

    So, latch on this part. When building this business system, business, company, what assets of the company will you hold and operate? Even so, many people have not even envisioned what business assets are. It's not a table, a chair, or a pile of inventory. Need to know more specifics, you have to roll over, fail, or even lose your business to see. Or, faster and less expensive, read the Coach Package of Building Business Assets that Phuc Finance specially writes for business people and business owners.

    That is the first important thing, and the rate of capital contribution and interest rate deduction is in second. Because, money is never the end of business people. That is property. An automatic money printing machine, an ATM that automatically refills money every day is what business people aspire to achieve by building and making business assets to sprout, sprout, and grow. and strong as an old tree in the long years to come.

    Answer the question:

    Looking ahead to establish a company, you will take on any tasks, build what assets in the company. Because of this, only the direct builder can grasp, otherwise, you must have had experience building that array, then you will understand the nature of the problem. It's not like listening to the numbers on the reports. Ignoring the dream is being passed over without knowing it right away. Business is that, your only trust comes from the knowledge and experience you have.

    Some assets in the company such as: Marketing system - Brand promotion, Consulting system - Sales (people and technology), Customer care system - relationships with customer networks, Patent copyright - product development, HR system - relationship and impact, influencing on personnel so that if they turn they are willing to follow you, ... Phuc Finance will share More carefully at the Coach Package to Build Business Property.

    Regarding my own personal experience, before embarking on any business, what I have to consider is always: What assets will I hold? To decide whether to do or not? Because there are many opportunities, it only matters which deal we choose. In business, do not close the mindset: must do this job, have to work with this brother, have to deploy this deal, ... No! Is not! Not at all! Each transaction, put on the balance of assets to weigh and measure. If not, find another deal. You cannot spend all your guts, money, time, and dedication to lose everything. Starting a business is hard, let's do what it deserves. All are your choices. But choice is always better than effort. Do not rush into a game that you know for sure that your hand is only good, and Rook, Tinh, Ma, Queen, King (property) are in the hands of others.

    Phuc Finance tells you this great story Once, there was a guy who had a youtube channel system, with a gold button, a silver button, and a million subscribers. Having opened my words about building a sales system with the following numbers:

    - Each person contributes 50% capital.

    - Deploying the work: I will undertake 100% of building the sales system, and he will 100% undertake the youtube channel.

    - Property ownership: I am 50% of the sales system. And he is 50% of the sales system, and 100% of the Youtube channel system

    And I declined. Because, in name, I own 50% of the sales system, but this sales system lives on Youtube channel, with the source of customers coming from Youtube channel. So in essence, he owns 100% of the sales system and 100% of the Youtube channel system. While my effort spent 100% and my capital spent 50%. This handicap looks good at first, but in fact, I will lose a lot from a property perspective.

    Capital contribution ratio

    Regarding this rate of capital contribution, to give the number of% contribution and what amount is. You need to do the first step: TOTAL OF FUNDING AMOUNT. As you anticipate the entire budget for 6 months of operation is 600 million. Then 1% is 6 million. Then survey the brothers' opinions to see how much they want to contribute. Remember, big business they do differently, small businesses they do differently, not big business.

    Because this rate of capital contribution will determine the profit, as he contributes 30%, he will enjoy 30% of the profit when the money comes back. For a small business, the split depends on brothers sitting at the table. Find a number and discuss how you feel most comfortable. And how much you get, multiply by the amount of 1% above. If you receive 30%, 30% * 6 million, your husband is 180 million. Or contribute gradually if the brothers agree with each other.

    Contribution rate

    Job description sheet. This is something that is often lacking and weak in small and private businesses. There are many places that even lack job descriptions for employees. The whole system went into work but kept ignoring, looking busy, but the efficiency could not be controlled, and the work head could not be controlled.

    Remember, business is: Clear and clear. But the source of that is from the leaders. After closing the capital contribution ratio. Fill in each person's job description and a table of numbers that measure the effectiveness of each job for each person. From this description, you will know what you and others do, easy to operate the apparatus, river water does not break well water, each person respects the highest management of each person in each. array. If there is a disagreement, only in the role of commenting, not in the nature of obliging the other's expertise.

    Note that this table of contribution rates, unlike the capital contribution ratio, determines how much salary you receive, not how much profit it will be. Some people contribute a lot of capital, but contribute little. Some people contribute little capital but contribute a lot.

    If you have any questions, Phuc Finance shares with you that there are quite a few business owners who do not know that: There are two amounts of money received from the business:

    - One is: Profit - in terms of the capital contribution ratio

    - Second: Monthly salary - in terms of the percentage of labor contribution, paid by position according to the general ground: Like a small business, the Head of the Sales Department, the Big Enterprise, the Sales Manager.

    These are two separate amounts. Many business owners, not including their own salary, is extremely flawed. Even the removal of salary of the business owner also leads to the failure to accurately assess the performance of the business, falsifying financial statements. That is absolutely not recommended.

    Many people think, anyway, it's their own business, what do you pay for? Oh, the problem here is to give exact financial figures. Furthermore will avoid work, "common father no one cries". Can not avoid the case, people look enthusiastic to work, but no effect is found. Someone who is quiet, taciturn, thought he would work well if he could not do well. So this salary calculation, so that anyone who does less, with low results, receives a little money, it is impossible to scratch. Everything is clear and unambiguous always makes people admired and easy to manage.

    Enjoy the results

    As mentioned above, business owners have two sources of income: one is salary, the other is profit. As follows:

    Salary: Based on the general ground: Salary for inexperienced employees 5 - 7 million, Salary of experienced staff: 8 - 11 million. Salary of manager, manager of department: 12 - 15 million. Director salary: 20-25 million. For Northern cities. As for the southern provinces, the increase will be 2 - 4 million higher due to the region. Normal timekeeping. Going late minus salary. Vacation minus working days. At the end of the month, divide the total salary by 24 times the number of working days.

    Do you know what is most important in building a business? That is DISCIPLINE! The more you are the business owner, the more you have to pay attendance at 8:00 am to arrive, return home from 5:00 pm. You can come earlier, go home later, but absolutely not do it. Business failure immediately. New discipline generates strength and energy.

    As at present in this period of Phuc Finance, although at home, but still keep working time: 7h to work - 11:30 lunch. Afternoon 14h to work until 18h. When I work at night, I work at 20:30 - 23:30 and go to bed. Hammer, distraction always kills a business. Be the disciplined business owner. Because success is little work but must be regular and steady every day, every month, every year. And today sneak, tomorrow rest, the day after tomorrow to work. Don't lose.

    - About profits: Profits are generated after a period of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months (defined by you). After subtracting all costs paid, minus operating costs for the next 3 months, 6 months. How much is left, is the profit for shareholders to divide.

    At this time, you will have a meeting to discuss whether to divide or not continue to re-invest to develop a stronger business. It will then decide, debating whether to divide or not. Financial Phuc News, this division is difficult. Because each person has a different mindset. Some people want to divide, others want to invest in expansion. If disagreeing, then use the right of shareholders to contribute capital%. Which side is the higher%, decide for that side. Like 3 people, 33% each. 2 people 33% decided to divide, the other person must bear, because 66% more than 33%. OK?

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