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  • Spending, saving, investing like with a salary of 6 million

    Spending, saving, investing like with a salary of 6 million

    Most of the young people in real life start from a salary of 6 million, 7 million. With the same starting point. But a few years later, someone has amassed a fortune. Someone gradually went up with a salary that doubled or tripled. Some people have accumulated capital and gained more experience and have built their own business systems. And some people still have to struggle with a life with low wages. That difference is not made by what you made of 6 million, but it is made by you deciding what to do with that 6 million received. Together with Phuc Finance, find the answer right below.

    I was born with a salary of 6 and a half million. This money is also split into all categories: The hard salary is 4 million, the lunch fee is 500k, the experience money is 500k, the allowance is 500k, the allowance is 6.5 million. At first, when I first started working, I did not pay attention, because 22 years old was too young. Then my younger brother Ri who worked there told me that, these private companies, they often split their salaries to reduce their hard wages, so that if they work overtime, they will pay a lot of money for their employees. And after that I really absorbed, when there were consecutive nights poking my neck until 10, 11 o'clock at night, it took 3-4 hours at night, but only 15k / 1 hour. By the end of the month, the salary inched up to 7 million.

    Back then I worked like a buffalo like a cow. This brother is also a place an acquaintance introduced to. And until now, he asked me to do personal branding, but I said no. Reflecting on the old days, he played dirty, his wife played dirty, split every salary, ate the night work of the new children. After a few years, they woke up, they realized their own nature. Such cross-border relationships are not durable. And the people who play the trick, then, will struggle in their own trick.

    With 6, 7 million in the land of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, rent, food, then not much. That's what you see. But to turn it out, for a better life. Definitely not allowed to think like that. Please apply the below formula from Phuc Finance tip. These are exactly the same things I have applied to my life in order to accumulate a lot of capital and turn out to do my own successfully on the first shot.

    Preparation step: Control spending

    Expenditure must be controlled to avoid uncontrolled and arbitrary spending. Do not think this habit is simple, click your tongue, just leave a few pity. So this time, another time just like that. But it is the habit of spending according to emotions, not intentionally, affecting personal finances. It will also seriously affect corporate finance in the future. Expenses that sound reasonable are just dead. Dead on the spot. That is why businesses die every 2 or 3 years. Because all spending on real. While businesses live off assets.

    So in the immediate future is personal finance, the next is corporate finance, you have to put yourself into gradual rectification. Expenditures must be planned, must be within the limit, and intentionally spent on assets.

    For example, for personal finance: not only for meals, games, clothes, wallet bags, ... but you need to spend on assets such as studies, investment and business. , ... to increase salary and prepare yourself for experience to own business, create new sources of income in the future. Not just for long but the salary increases. Just sit at the company to work from year to year, the capacity does not increase, the salary also increases a little, but even if you dare not turn out to do something else, just sit at that company. Should be forced to study, to stumble, to have funds to ensure a safe and stable room life for the future.

    How to: To control your spending, do the following:

    - Record all expenses at the end of each day

    - After a week of reviewing, mark all the expenses that are not necessary, it is okay to pay. These are emotional expenses that do not bring value to you.

    - Remember the unnecessary expenses that are not spent next week.

    Keep repeating like that. At the end you will have a clean, reasonable, and clean, scientific personal spending report. More important,

    Step 1: Save 10% of your income for future savings

    Remember, the money you make today also serves your future. If we don't earn it now, we can eat all of it, tomorrow's sword will eat. It's not like that. If your life stumbles enough, you will find that there are times when you do not make money, or earn very little, so you have to spend 10% to take care of that time. That is when you get old, no longer able to work. So you need to look far enough to take care of yourself at that moment. You today, have a responsibility to feed you when you are old. But not to the end of life depends very hard. Not to mention that at that time you were sick with medicine, if you do not have money, you will have to live miserably in the last years of life. So always be aware of this in mind. This fund you should save money. In accumulation, when you get a big dish, you will buy a gold piece for 1 tree.

    Step 2: Save 10% of income for the investment fund

    Start with 10% of your income, cut it out, save it, and get on with the rest. And in accumulation never touch this money. Every month when receiving the salary, cut the whole salary 10% and put it there. That is the formation of an investment fund.

    This investment fund, if you do not have any idea, just leave it there, do not know what to do, then let it accumulate. When you find an opportunity that sounds like it and feels relevant, go ahead and give it 30% to do it. Note that only 30% criticism. Do not feel eye-catching, shiny, but think that everything is okay, do not be too confident to win. There is no successful businessman or investor overconfident. Because of that personality, that mentality always leads to catastrophic losses.

    30% is enough for you to stumble and learn to gradually gain experience to go up. No one cram school a year 10 classes. Do not go all out with 100% investment fund. Please take it easy with the previous 30%.

    Or do not be too afraid or greedy to keep money. At a young age, keeping money is spoiled immediately. Because you won't be able to grow. Losing money is the least. You have to spend 30% each time to practice, stumble, to study. For each day, you are brave, more understanding of life. Less welcome, less pride, less fear. Each time you invest, you will be deeper and more brave than before life. The experiences you have, until it converges, makes more money for you in the future. So don't be afraid of losing money. Just spend money to do. And fall in love with each of those little projects.

    If you want to do a big project, instead of borrowing money, make more money. 10% of 6 million is 600k. But 10% of 20 million is 2 million. If you want more money to invest, do it that way. Because investing successfully does not depend on how much money you put in, but on who you are strong or weak.

    Step 3: Save 10% of your income for study funds

    Instead of just learning motivational courses and not being afraid of failure, then shouting about what to do at home, you can't start from anywhere. Then read leadership books with no one to lead, which sounds great but currently doesn't apply. Then this is the time for you to spend reading in-depth books, taking direct-service courses for making money and making more money for you. Examples include: Read money books, 101 things you need to know about money, to save money and what to do with your money, books about marekting, learn photo design, make videos, presentations,. .. Things that make you money right away. Only that makes sense. As far as you know, you learn that you do not practice, it will be lost.

    Step 4: Save 5% of your income for the Give fund

    This 5% is about 3 hundred. Accumulate as an amount to support, help and have money for everyone. I don't know how people are. Of the old people in the village of Phuc, 50 thousand and 100 thousand are very precious. For them is a huge amount of money, because of the labor they do not have. Giving them to us creates blessings for our parents, is also the motivation to make more money. Giving money to others is a positive feeling.

    Besides, this money, you can completely support your brothers. I often help the younger brothers born after me. It is also difficult for anyone who is just starting out to work. Sometimes I help them out at times, even if it's just a little. 5 years later, 10 years later I have a very large "Phuc" tree. Live today, don't just know today, and tomorrow.

    Step 5: Save 10% of income for Play fund - Enjoy

    As you can see the funds above you have to base a lot. When you are first born, awareness and understanding are good, but also a knife that harms you. Sometimes you are too frugal, take care of yourself and forget to pamper yourself, nurture your soul. Then 10% of the income for the Play Fund accumulates, to meet the needs: clothes, games, travel, parties.

    This fund also allows you to limit the amount of play you play, because young people often have too much fun. So you just have fun in this fund only. I see a lot of girls, I don't have money, but I love lipstick, chalk, and debts are piling up. Behind the red lips, a beautiful dress, is yet another indebted soul who is not at all serene.

    Especially young boys are sometimes very expressive. Taking the money I don't have, I also take the money from the parents to go to the doctor's office. Those things that wash in To Lich river don't stop stinking :)) so just spend in moderation in this Play fund!

    Step 6: With the remaining 55%, spend the remaining amount in the month, continue saving for the risk fund.

    With this 55%, let you pay for your entire living expenses for the month. Calculated 55% of 6 million, 3.3 million. For many of you, the rent, and then the food cost, is often lacking. Then, instead of taking from the above funds. Use this as the motivation for you to make more money.

    I remember, in the summer sun of Hanoi, in the rented house is more than 15m2 tidy. I want to move to a house with air conditioning, so that not only will I stay more comfortable, but also that every time my dad goes to the doctor will be happier. But with 3.3 million is definitely not enough. And that is the motivation for me to raise my salary to 9 million. 55% of 9 million is 4 million 950 thousand, nearly 5 million already. Enough for me to live with a 3 million spacious and convenient rental house.

    That day, I kept dreaming, dreaming until my salary was 20 million. I will have 2 million Give give to Dad. I will buy lots of delicious things every time my dad goes to see a doctor. And then finally, on a summer day of sales in season, I raised my income to 18 million, then 20 million for three consecutive months. Extremely happy and looking back proudly for my efforts. Looking at my father in the air-conditioned Hanoi, eating fresh and worry-free things, I am satisfied and feel a lot of peace.

    So, Phuc Tai knows, this income of 6 million is little, and it is good that you feel less. But feeling enough is not growing. And when deducting 55% to spend. Spend some of it, don't swing your hand out, the more you swing, the more you lose cards in the future. Being young, still able to bear and just go ahead, and use that as the motivation to make more money. The difficulty you endure, the challenges you pose for yourself, will bring in extremely much sweetness in the future.

    I really hate it the most, I try not to try, when I have work, my parents are sick, then sit there and cry. For many years now, the only time I cried was the day my grandmother died. Left, nothing makes me cry, if I fall in love, I will think: Oh, there is time to spend to work, make money. With only your efforts, your life may not have a smile, but surely there will never be tears in your life. Always strive, strive, go up to bring better things for yourself and your family.


    You must complete all the above steps, you will be strong enough, economical enough, strong enough to master your life and create new horizons. And I definitely have to do the above, I have to forge my best friend, to accumulate capital, you can get rid of the salary of 6 million.

    The second financial level you need to achieve is the salary of 10 million. Passing this salary you will be more and more brave.

    The third level of finance you need to reach is an income of $ 1000 / month. This is a level of affirmation that you can completely turn out to do your own and be able to run a business system without having to depend on employment anymore.

    Wishing you success and progress to higher financial levels in your life. Today it might be 6 million. But 2 years later, 3 years later, it is no longer 6 million, but 18 million, 20 million, 23 million, then 30 million. To achieve that, it requires a lot of effort and serious implementation of the above principle.

    And you want Phuc Tai to accompany you, order the book 101 things you need to know about money for intensive training and training! This book deserves you to spend 10% of your learning fund very well. See you here again.

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