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  • Stock upside down - reveal dire financial facts

    Stock upside down - reveal dire financial facts

    Finance is no different than a monster, just walk to the door of the cave and you will be eaten. Unfortunately, that monster has too attractive shell, that cave door is too inviting, and many people are too light-hearted and dazed, gluttonous, lazy to act like the Noble Eightfold Realms. So having donated a lot of money to the financial tricks was brought in a beautiful outer shell. Today, let's join Phuc Tai to take on stock tricks that few people tell you.

    Securities play, who benefits?

    The stock exchange is no different than a market and there are commodities traded in securities. Companies that provide these securities. When you buy securities of those companies, they get money and deduct a portion of the fee back to the stock exchange. Securities is just a capital mobilization channel of companies only. Interest is divided according to their rules of play, while the risk is borne by the buyers of the securities.

    When players play on any stock exchange, they will have to pay fees for that stock exchange, no different from the entrance fee. When you play, the players will sell the securities to each other, eat each other's money. In the end, only brokers, stock exchanges and companies benefit. The rest are all players chasing each other's money.

    Once, there was a guy offered to cooperate with me, he wanted to build a brand of stock training for people, teach them how to play stocks and direct them to play on the floor that he introduced. Of course, he will be deducted by the exchange for% of the amount that people buy stocks according to his recommendation. You see, when you go to the stock market, it doesn't matter whether you win or not, the people behind you have eaten your money.

    And some stock players often quote Warren Buffet's words to compare, how to quote, when they are billionaires, their influence and power are wide, sometimes they even acquire the floor. we are just black people. If you win, buy 1 sell 3, just like you import a bunch of other vegetables, you go back and sell for a profit, if you are not careful, you cannot sell the same price as the original price. then you lose.

    Whether you know the company well or listen to the radio

    You see, if you were to trade vegetables, every bunch of vegetables you could still touch and grasp. And here the main products are companies. One thing you do not know well, only read the information painted on the radio, passed from person to person. And whether you work in that company, will the actual financial numbers of the company tell you. It's hard, it's not. Fortunately, you can only get a part of the real number, when the company goes bankrupt, but, the day it lasts, it still paints that day.

    Someone will also say: Should the company provide real data? Then please sir is not at all. Companies often die when they arrive, they still do not let their employees know the real data, so that their employees can be assured of doing business, let alone customers and partners. Not to mention that in the internal operations of the companies, every man likes to act out and correct the data to maintain his position. Everything if you are not in the roots, it is impossible to grasp the real number. So when you buy stock, everyone wants to buy the future company it develops to stock it up, but how do you know how empty the interior is. You cannot.

    Securities only eat strongly when you have confidential information, an authority on the management of that company reveals to you, you have a close and extremely reputable source of information, then you may have to eat boldly. . Left the risk of being beaten up is often stalking. Many people go on analyzing stocks of ups and downs, but that's just virtual. How to analyze. When the updating of the numbers is human, there are human hands behind controlling the numbers, where the figures are, who verifies, they only draw out dangerous drawings for the player to trust. The whole human hand stands out.

    The player is just a pawn on the board. The pawns fight each other, make money from each other, and the guys behind the board set up the board whether the player wins or loses, they make money. Companies have money because players buy stocks, exchanges are sure to collect fees from listed companies, as well as players. As for the players, the players are odd.

    Entering a game, whether to win or lose, it costs money, the rules of the game are set by other people, companies do not know, the numbers are controlled by people, not too much if it is gambling. This match is only won if you have confidential information. That's all. As for why Warren Buffet became a symbol of the stock market, look at what relationship his parents are, what kind of relationships he has, how powerful, even he is. Also standing behind to set up and sponsor companies. That's why, taking a billionaire into the life of an ordinary citizen becomes a tragedy. That's why many people are accompanied by rich people. Because basically those are different worlds.

    Pleased, with the warnings and analysis above, it can partly help stock players to really look at the chess board they have participated in so that each move is more cautious. There are also people who get money from stocks, while people who lose money from stocks are also many. Whoever got the money shouted loudly, the person who lost the money would hide it. And best of all, be careful to be overtaken by the companies, on the surface it is sparkling with gold, inside the interior is opaque, the financial numbers are alarming. Be very vigilant, everyone's money is not easy to take.

    Sincerely share,

    Phuc Finance Advisor

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