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  • Stop judging to go further in starting a business

    Stop judging to go further in starting a business

    Once, a young man asked, from whom do I learn, who is my teacher, can you tell him? I am afraid to answer. Because she's probably waiting for the names of certain speakers. But no, my teachers are completely different. They are all predestined people I met. Without anger, openness, and acceptance of things differently, you will have both the most unique and intelligent treasure to stand out in the market. Stop judging to go further in starting a business.

    Stop Judgment No. 1: Bad stories go nowhere

    I have heard a lot, many words disparaging, insulting a certain speaker that is emerging in the market. Covered the wind guillotine mark. Once, I had an exchange with a brother about the branding cooperation to share with him, the whole session he just sat defaming a speaker with many students studying. Say that this man cuts the wind, says that his knowledge is true, and that he sells for a cheap fee. Listen forever, I get pissed, I even brushed my hand and pointed the pen to the plan and said:

    - You put him aside, you focus on developing your brand here.

    Later I said: "You don't see that they have so many students, their marketing ability is very good. That is something you can learn from them". He snapped and said nothing.

    And in the end I decided not to cooperate. I can't go to work with people all the time just disparaging others to lift themselves up. My work is not focused, I just spend my life defaming others. How annoying!

    But from the point of view of guilt and fraud, only 6 months to 2 years is stressful, being rejected by the market and customers, and they have built a brand, there have been many longtime students. created value. And he himself does not recognize those values, because he is busy talking bad all day.

    Stop Judgment No. 2: Teachers are everywhere

    Many people keep seeing that other people succeed is the blood of jealousy in the neck. Because of what others have, deep inside is what they secretly long for, so they are jealous, they find ways to dig the hook to bring down the other. Because people tend to, people inferior to me, what should we pay attention to. I only care more about people than me. So, how you treat those you pay attention to will determine whether or not you are going forward in life.

    Like the young person above, just wanting to ask who I learned from, I laughed, because like the shared livestream style, I learned from a Streamer Game: Pew Pew :)) when the younger brother gave me some nasty videos to listen to at free. Not learning from any sublime course. Customer care, you know who I learned from, I learned from the famous actor Quoc Truong in the movie Go home, not from any teachers. As for the twisted, respectful, frank style of writing, I learned from the old social discourse in school, ... Designing, I learned from the designer in the Marketing department. She taught me, then finished my work, I asked her to teach me how I designed, instead of gossiping. And most importantly, all I have learned, experienced, and gained, is because I am always working wholeheartedly and indulging in my work in order to do my best. It's not like being hired, flying like butterflies, gossiping like bees in the office.

    There is no super teacher at all, it lies in our way of life focusing on completing work or not, working hard and giving our best every day or not, it is in our treatment. Our position with everyone around so that people can share the secret or not? It lies in our own eyes and personality, seeing whether other people than me run to learn good things from them or not, or let the other guy talk about, the other will cut the wind, deceive them. vl.

    Stop judging number 3: Gather talented people to work and support for you

    In starting this business, you will run out of money. It is impossible to throw money out of everything. Which one still guarantees the quality, but the softest price is the best. And most importantly, you can't start a business with a weak army.

    I used to work in a private company, which is married to two couples, just like people doing it for me for free. Like that time, my husband wanted to make a personal brand, my younger brother and I had gathered 6 more students to support the program. Free support once. The second time I want to support for free but work all day. When my brother proposed to pay the fee, the wife was even upset. Driving is: They support them, they can also learn. Shameful. While wanting them to work, when it comes to money, they don't want to pay, they say to go to school. After that, my brother and I surfed. I really hate people who just want to eat free from people. Everyone with family, also their concerns and concerns, let's all be fair. I really hate the type of person who just likes free. Because I work extremely fair. Anyone who has a commensurate remuneration, one penny also does not commit.

    Finally, you know, before I left, this couple, since they saw there were students who worked for free, they planned to be recruiting a bunch of students to come back, for them. do telesales, sales. Will not pay salary, but as a working environment. With the mindset of not wanting to pay, bringing together a young workforce, the company went down badly.

    To start a successful business, you must have an elite army and good people to support you. Those are the two things you must do. That's why, you have to play with someone who is better than you. Because of that, how can those who keep their heads raised? Say you believe not, these top Vietnamese Speakers I know, and they all know me. When I was 21 years old, instead of raising my mouth, saying: they were all cutting wind. Well, I see, why are they marketing so good, and they want to learn Marketing from them. You may not believe it, the word master came from me calling them out. Later when I went to work, when I saw a good designer, I swooped on me to study, saw that you ran good ads and made friends to learn, even there was a student at the Foreign Trade University who was very good at Exel formula, I asked She taught me, then the two sisters discussed it briefly. Seeing that you other companies have good customer care procedures, I swooped in ... please. haha. Going to work instead of gathering a bunch of gossiping staff, I get acquainted with the Head of Department, the Director and learn good things from them.

    Nobody is perfect, even your farts are rotten. And most importantly, looking at the shortcomings is fraught with shortcomings, but looking at strengths, everyone has their own abilities not everyone has. The more you let go of judgment. The more talented people you can bring together, the more successful people will support you.

    Seeing someone succeed, instead of jealousy and digging, judging them. Replace your thoughts immediately: How can this successful person support me? Because that jealous thought not only won't make you rich, but it also makes you poorer. Spending time looking at other people's lives will only keep your destination from running any closer. Wishing you more and more people who are good at doing and supporting you, and especially, more and more successful people who love and support you. Please. See you in the next sharing articles at the web moneycoach.vn.

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