Stop loss - a smart way to invest

    We are investing here, not just in the investment of money. But it also expands in investment of time, effort, investment in brainpower. You know, one of the most dangerous psychology in investing is the psychology of disengagement. When losing money, the investor does not accept to lose money, but only wants to remove. Let emotions decide, not calculation. Then come from investing, but eventually turn into gambling. Stop loss is a strategy that needs to be prepared before you start investing.

    1. Investment, the game of psychology, never let emotions dominate decisions.


    Once, I met a brother talking about finance. The brother is full of frustration from an unsuccessful attempt to pour money into virtual currency. He is a coal-maker in Quang Ninh, has suffered a lot of losses in his investments, and this loss in virtual money investments, has joined his portfolio of losses. As people jumped into their investments, he noticed the signs of insecurity and pulled his leg out. However, the virtual money he spent to buy, now sold will suffer a lot of damage compared to when buying in, so he left it and waited for the day to sell to earn back, picking up the burning fire. he puts it in the hand of the next fool. And he just sat there waiting, watching his money evaporate, and hoping that the future would sell out and hope to salvage some money.

    There was also a time, when I was working as a hired laborer, it took me 2 or 3 months to use the space between leaving and leaving. The work I do not come, sometimes I do not want to step in the company, I always feel that this place does not belong to me, and I also hope to finish the month to earn more bonuses. Because my job at that time was to work abroad, depending on the season. The whole year waiting in the season of July, August, it can be said that those 2 months are equal to the whole year. I want to work hard to reap the energy of a year. When I finally got the reward, a new head of the department came home from nowhere based on my power to split the reward, causing a lot of damage. After that, when I took a break and went a new path, I thought that it would be good if I am brave and cold-hearted and stop my love early. Because it was the job I did for 2.5 years, it was a bit emotional.

    A lot of things, investment deals, jobs, ... went on as above. Because the insiders let their emotions dominate, they should hesitate to do more damage than they do, coldly cut their losses soon. To reinvest in something new.

    As you know, I have 3 years working in the field of study abroad: UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Japan, .... Right from the beginning of 2020, the sound began to explode in China, when I am holding the position of Marketing Manager of an American study abroad company with a salary of 19 million. At that time, I warned and promoted the leadership team that the translation will still spread to other countries and boom, so we need to prevent that problem, which will affect the huge field of studying abroad, Therefore, it is not feasible to go into the plan of pouring money into advertising, closing the contract, this time should consolidate the communication system, create more valuable data, value communication will be better. But the management board did not listen, so they had to run the contract. Final. I myself realize that the study abroad industry will be extremely frozen in the coming time, and the prospect of working online, many people on the Internet should actively quit their jobs to focus on building Communication Systems - Marketing services. on my own.

    After I left, just a short time later, the epidemic broke out in America. Then came the violence, and the US became the center of translation, and even many Vietnamese students had to return. Literally miserable international companies. In fact, at that time, they need to recognize and focus on building a solid communication - Internet marketing apparatus to create a brand, creating a community that is sure to wait for translation to pass. However, many companies are still trying to find contract closing, making more and more a dead end. If they went into reinforcing the Online channel, they would have turned up solid branding. However, going in the direction, the more damage, the psychological damage, the money. That is a problem that requires extreme calculation of the team of shareholders.

    Until now, I still regret for the company that I leave there. Because during the translation time, I built a network of Communication - Marketing online for 7 brands. But if normal, it is difficult to get up Perhaps after a lesson of hesitation in the old company, when I came to this company I knew how to cut the loss in the right place. Give up the salary of 19 million a month to build more valuable assets. If I go into it, I know my own outlook, full of pressure when the sales do not come out, but the sales do not come out, I do not hold 19 million of them a month.

    People think, stopping will hurt, but no, sometimes stopping will give us a brighter future faster. So in terms of investment, or should you concentrate, concentrate, put effort into what work, you must rely on the evaluation numbers. Don't let your psychology control you. Because I understand, when you put money into an investment, used to be excited about it, then when you put your heart into being a company, have had fun, memories with what you. make friends to create, especially when starting a business, your company has built up, how many ups and downs with it, who can strangle their spiritual child to build up. However, it was finance, business, currency, ... must use reason, use analytical mind to decide the direction.

    One person said that investing is just a game of psychology. And successful investors, just those who grasp the psychology of the crowd, do the opposite of the psychology of the crowd, and even control the psychology of the crowd. So, definitely not let psychology control.

    2. Be willing to accept defeat on battles that have been won

    Win does not say what to do, but where to lose where it is suitable to be able to continue to be reborn for new matches is an ingenious art of the person who is keen on investing and doing business. In order for you to cut your loss at the right time so that you don't lose money, effort and time, you need to have the mentality of accepting yourself as a failure. In fact, accepting defeat on the matches you have won is extremely difficult.

    Like myself, having won the position of Head of Marketing at my old company, until because of internal conflict, I got out of the CEO's strings, and another lady jumped in and sat on my head, I extremely disapproved of that and kept trying to regain the same power and position as before. I do, I prove, nothing to get tired of. In the end I accepted that I lost, and left. At that time, the head of the other department, from this oppressive position, turned the car in a position to hold me back. In the end I gave her a paper to sign the handover completion, and she kept me. Because she is new, may be good elsewhere, but the experience here is not there, nonetheless needs someone who has worked for 2.5 years and is well versed with many accomplishments like me. Of course I have decided to go. Accept loss to come to the next victory.

    Many investors too, although losing a lot of money, but still try to keep. Despite the hardships, but they still try to prove they made the right decision. Just relax, win or lose is normal. Losing this glue we display another glue. Nothing. So don't try, don't feel good, think carefully and be ready to cut your losses. Get ready to go to a new horizon.

    3. Present a safe financial stance

    Again, a story about overseas companies in one of the fields I am doing are miserable by the Covid19 translation. The leaders, as well as the staff, former colleagues I know, most of them confided that, even though they know how to translate like that, but now they say what to do, so they stop turning around. When they have been attached for so long in a company, in a profession, in a company, it is really difficult to turn out, young people are easy, but people who are in their 30s, 35s are extremely difficult. for a change.

    So, in order to have a clear mind and make your financial, business and investment decisions unaffected by psychology, you definitely need to have more than two sources of income. This one is not good, we cut the loss, put the money into another. As I was translating Covid, I worked in other areas, when the situation was stable, I returned to run the overseas study business together with my old comrades. When we have many choices, we will be different. We will clear our mind more, less be dominated by emotions and investment emotions, and the mess in our mind will be more dominant. Like a girl, struggling in a painful triangular relationship, but just breaking up, some time later you see the world is extremely "classy".

    Please know cut loss at the right time, to ensure your financial security. Know to accept losses, do not let the mentality cling to the aura of victory in the past and cause damage to the present. Wish you progress at the right time, stop at the right time.

    Sincerely share,

    Phuc Finance Advisor

    p.s: Understanding money in start-up, business, and investment is always an important determinant of success or failure. Many people who are losing money do not even know why, the more you try, the bigger the damage, because they do not even know they are lacking and have weak knowledge of money, finance, ... Coach Package 101 things to know about this money is a great way to save serious losses now and in the future. Don't go fishing, if your basket is empty.

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