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  • The key factor for you to achieve any goal

    The key factor for you to achieve any goal

    Everyone wants to achieve this and that in life. But not everyone is successful and wealthy. If you just sit and set your goals, think and think about getting rich, then everyone will be rich. Here are two tips for achieving your goal.

    Step 1: Clearly define your number goal.

    It has to be how much money, how many sales to sell, or a marketing post to get 300, or 500 likes, how many readers a web post gets. Must be clear numbers. Then you will know exactly what the target is, but not in general, I want to sell well, I want to have a lot of money. How good is, how much is, must be clear on the number.

    Step 2: Be persistent

    Most of the first step is very dreamy, very vigorous, and dies in step 2. Uncertain. Like love, today I say love is alive and dead, tomorrow it's just going to break up, people can only accept it 1 or 2 times, but every time a dell is a little broken, whoever it loves.

    Consistency creates power, and success or failure is different in this consistency. No man could say it if he set his goal to slash the wind.

    The goal is to be steadfast, if it doesn't work this month, the next month will continue, if this doesn't work, the next year will still be fighting. Enduring until you reach your goal, that's the habit. A consistent habit. You will definitely achieve your goal.

    Honestly I can't play guys, today I lose my motivation, tomorrow I lack faith in life, stop it. Myself. Key to do is do. Once you have closed the goal, you must strive to achieve, without complaining. If not, ask. Asked how to achieve it, why did I not achieve it, but lamented what dell. Must be persistent, to command the brain to do. Children who don't want this now, tomorrow won't like it. Where is the game, work is work.

    For the past 8 years, I have been working as a business, from being hired to employed, from working to working separately, I have never said that I am no longer in business, or I am discouraged. Which is always the spirit to conquer. The student days are targeting 50 million, 100 million sales. When I go to work in corporations, I set a target of 6 billion and 7 billion this month. Business people must always be mentally motivated, always uplifting, always energetic, always determined and must be determined, conquer their goals equally. Then we can shout to you, what can we do if we have low energy, will, and body like a rotten fish?

    You are only allowed to give up when you have won, but if you have not won, you must continue fighting.

    Going up every financial ladder, conquering each peak of success in business, making many people know about you, in order to gain not only money but also fame and respect from everyone, you have to be real. become a leader. Which leads first is yourself. What a leader, today is full of vigor sitting and slashing his target, tomorrow he is like a watery ice cream, he will make a fortune.

    If you don't have anything, the first thing you must have is consistency. And if you open your mouth to speak, never whine, but ask: how do I achieve this, is there a way to achieve that or not? Please show me.

    What pulls us away are better goals, wishes, and wealth. When you are tired, want to let go, what pushes us away is the responsibility. Responsibility to employees and their lives. Responsibility to families, who need me to feed or support. Because there are times, if it's just for yourself, then quit. So, I admire business owners and those who take responsibility for their families. If at any time, we feel comfortable living a miracle that someone is supporting us. If at any time, I want to let go, but even if my hands, feet, and spirit are tired, I will continue. It is then that we really deserve to be honored. This morning I was thinking about quitting a job I was doing, tired. But then again. There are also you. Then also a stable source of income for me to take care of my Parents. Well, then continue to stabilize the source of another job and build a new job. I've read that: One is harder and smarter to have more choices. Second, just sit there and be patient. Just one of them. Not both.

    That's all, no one can save your life, except yourself. Good luck.

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