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  • The most comprehensive personal finance course available today: 101 things to know about money

    The most comprehensive personal finance course available today: 101 things to know about money

    With 3 months of accompanying in-depth reading, a year of closely applying the book into practice, with 700 pages of books, 101 training videos, 11 live coaching sessions. 101 Things to Know About Worthy Money Bring Insights into the Rules of the Game and change your financial future forever! You will have knowledge of money, know how to spend smart money, possess the most outstanding smart financial strategies, ... and a wealth of knowledge that will shock you waiting for you to discover.

    From 2010 to 2020, a decade has passed ...

    10 years ago, what do we have in hand, who have we become, 10 years ago and 10 years ago, what has changed in life? Would you move to a new, better place to live? Do you have new children? How much costs and needs arise. What have you done for yourself and your family and made your life much better.

    After many ups and downs, we realize that the most important thing in order to be active in life, living unobtrusively, there is only one way that is your own ability to go up. It is knowledge and understanding about people, about life, about all aspects of life that help us to achieve wealth and success. We will learn from the good people around instead of hugging our ego and thinking that we are the best. Because the world is big and human time is finite.

    Whether 10 years have passed or the next 10 years, if we do not change, learn, we will still stand still, even go backwards because the world develops so fast. Instead of using money to buy things that make us poorer and poorer, we will spend money buying things that make us better and more knowledgeable.

    And into 2020 and the following years, in order to make your life better and better, I respectfully introduce to you the most useful and realistic document and book about money to help your life go up. This "101 Things To Know About Money From Basic to Advanced". Attached is the 3-session Coaching Course, I follow closely with you to share and exchange with you as a companion, like a powerful support arm, not only about finance, money but also business. , marketing, customer care, ...

    Together enhance the most special financial knowledge in this new year. Want something different, do it differently! There is no other choice! For a year 2020 moves forward! Sign up now!

    Let's see, those who bought Coach 101 need to know about money, what do they say!
    A book is cherished to every detail expressing the respect for each person who has trusted in buying and using services from Phuc Finance. What Phuc Finance wants most is to have good relationships to help each other develop and move forward.

    101 things to know about money - The financial book is for those who want to control their life, want to rise financially. Remove all barriers that think finance is difficult to learn. With a simple and close sharing style, Phuc Finance makes the most difficult knowledge become very life, very human.

    It would not be an exaggeration to say, just reading the book 101 things you need to know about money, you have become the teacher of the world. Because, Vietnamese people are too weak, and must say zero in financial knowledge. Who is intelligent, that person will master the world. Not only getting knowledge, just reading and applying the knowledge in this book, you will receive the respect of everyone around you for the wisest and most professional thinking and way!

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