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  • The Myaladdinz scam and the view from Phuc Finance

    The Myaladdinz scam and the view from Phuc Finance

    Recently, the investment, finance and e-commerce community has been buzzing about the Myaladdinz case that was posted on the radio stage by VTV, mainstream press agencies, exposed many corners of the analysis, The words are not very sympathetic. The hysterical reaction of agents who are participating. Community curiosity. The indignation of the people who hate multi-level, virtual money, ... It's all really chaotic. Whether the next step Myaladdinz will be touched by the authorities and then collapsed, causing many people to lose money injustice, or they will continue to stand firm and develop for a long time into a "market" of commerce with their own tools of exchange , without having to exchange in VND. Let's go to the series of analysis of Phuc Finance with each angle for everyone to be understood. Well in this article, there are also advertising templates suggested by Google, when you finish reading, click on these ads to support Phuc Tai to continue to produce even better content! Thank you very much.

    Part 1: Phuc Finance analyzed from the perspective of an agent who used to make the same form as Myaladdinz is implementing.

    1. My 3-year multi-level company story

    I was an agent for a multi-level company like this Myaladdinz. The story goes like this: Just like Myaladdinz, put real money in to buy GEM, and this GEM can buy the sellers' products it offers, the purchases made by GEM. That day my company made money to buy school cards. And this card can buy soft skills courses and English that the company offers, and also invites teachers to teach the system of dealers and consumer participants. This study card can also be converted to money, if you use the school card to buy the courses in it and sell it back to others to receive real money, the exchange will still be denominated in VND. And of course it's done in multi-level format, when you and your downline can sell your study card or GEM, you get money.

    That day there are also people who participate to learn - called consumers, however, there are also people who engage only in sales, building up a downline sales system - called dealers. I do both. While studying courses, selling sales, and setting up a downline sales system, there are times when the system below me reaches more than 50 people. I worked there for 3 years. And now I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of this system for you to see.

    That day, the company I worked for was also cursed a lot by many people, and many competitors also swore at scams. The company I participated in was said to be fraudulent due to the problem of the product and the needs of the consumer. There are people who learn English and soft skills feel like it, their perspective is not deceiving. But there are people who spend money, finish school, they don't feel the value, they want to get money back, but the company doesn't pay back, they cheat. Two more is the price of the course. That is also what I feel inadequate when I join. That is, they take "expensive" prices compared to the pocket of the students at that time. For example, now that I spend 250,000 sitting and listening to a speaker speak in one afternoon, it is ok for a student, but for a student, money is not enough, 250,000 for a lesson is expensive. However, now that they have bought school cards, consumers are required to play according to their rules of play, to buy items that are priced by them.

    So then, the following cases occur with agents involved in building multi-level systems.

    The uplines, including my upline, just want to close a lot of sales, because the "boss" wants to have a high monthly income, the lower level agent must sell goods, must sell the monthly school card. So sometimes "force" the system to invite guests, close guests. After that, when the latching system is finished, sometimes you don't want to learn how to learn.

    The most important thing for a system like this to develop sustainably, the next day you will see each other, it is the "mind" of the leader. Who has the heart to really train their skills, who just wants their money to get the% interest. Then the company's products must be of quality.

    As for me, it was ok to buy a 2 million 2 card package to learn English and soft skills. And building a team to practice speaking skills, standing in front of the crowd is fine. That day there were also "leaders" who work without heart, just want to make money, level up. But there are real minded "leaders". There I also learned a lot from the skills, the leadership, how to build systems, how to sell, .... I say that, whether it's a multi-level company, it's good or not. lies in the mind of the leader. And of course there is the leader of this, the leader of that. There are leaders, only key to sales, so they should use the skills of DEAD SALES to lock out unsuitable customers, who do not have the need to buy products, also DEAD voice, this is an opportunity I have to grasp. get for business. Even without money, I have to borrow because all successful people borrow. Already THOUGHT is still DEAD high package. Then, after they entered the system, they lived and died even though I already pocketed money. The following month, they continued to fix other children.

    A lot of scams were born from those leaders. They have no value when participating, they can not afford to buy those products, they do not have enough money to borrow money to pour money into investment marks. And I myself have been DEAD, but people have to know where to stop, when I don't feel good at a time, I go in a different direction, instead of focusing on the customer, I turn to the effort, I do my best to practice skills and develop yourself for the team. I encourage them to set up English and Soft Skills Clubs to practice together, to help them make presentations. Not explosive, at that time a lot of friends loved my system, because we played together as friends, bonded, and then there were 2 friends who were married together. I look at all of that and I feel very happy. My downlines and my other downline friends now, real estate sellers, car dealers, insurance sellers, their skills in life and business survival are very strong.

    Share the above story so that you can see, I will share the most honestly, I will not lift the skirt of multi-level cursing, dive in to insult the participants, but however, I also analyze the surgery. the participant was overtaken by Myaladdinz.

    2. Dissecting Angular Benefits - Damage from Myaladdinz

    Here, Myaladdinz sells GEM for money, and the GEM money can be traded in the community of participants. Many stores, many small businesses join in to sell goods, sell goods for GEM, and use that GEM to buy something else. Or exchange is cash, but to be honest, the journey to change to cash is like going to business. Because honestly from a business perspective, Myaladdinz, you put real money in to buy GEM, the product they create, then use that GEM to talk to people in the community that accept GEM.

    Unlike the companies I join, whose products are English and soft skills courses, for Myaladdinz the main product is GEM. The founder of Myaladdinz can just sell GEM, but let us exchange GEM with each other. Want to exchange GEM for cash, one is to sell GEM to each other for real money, but the prospect of getting real money back from Myaladdinz is difficult.

    Inadequacies will arise, when the participants have purchased GEM, but cannot use GEM to buy the things that people in that community sell. Why? Because they have no need to buy. I also went through the Myaladdinz market, who sold this and that item with GEM. Honestly there are items with low consumption levels, like my student customers in the past, who don't have enough money, and have no need to buy.

    Sometimes there are people who only need to eat 3 meals. Where to get money to buy items in that market. Unless Myaladdinz gets to work with a full range of items ranging from low to high. But after sticking it out for a while, I was exposed by VTV like this ....

    Or some Myaladdinz members said that the Myaladdinz app is selling the courses Anthony Robin is about to organize. As I read on the web of Babylons event company, currently a ticket is about 7.8 million. Yes, the app does sell, it's a market, it's hard not to sell, but some of them have enough money to buy and are willing to spend 7.8 million to buy to learn in a few days. It is a question of whether the product is suitable for the people in that market or not. Not to mention whether some people really have a real need to buy. Because of these multi-level games, there are many sellers and people who recruit downlines to make a profit, and those who really need to buy products are extremely rare.

    Perspective 1: Considering Myaladdinz's products

    Remember, Myaladdinz forms a miniature state. With their own production of exchange currency, consumption. And they set their own price for 1 GEM by how many USD and VND. And they sell GEM to the community in exchange for each other.

    The essence would be good, if thanks to the Myaladdinz community the business people had a community to sell. And it is also good if the shopper can buy cheaper and durable goods outside, because the price will drop when the dealer does not lose money on marketing, ....

    But the problem here, remember, Myaladdinz's product is money, it's a money-making place. And make the community believe that the money has value. And remember, Phuc Finance has warned many times, playing according to the rules of other people, how can you know how much GEM they will produce. They Marketing, conveying messages so that people believe that GEM is valuable, they show everyone, this GEM can buy products, take the image of a heart-minded billionaire, take the image of a great leader. , ... let them believe in GEM. And you see, a kind of GEM that people believe can buy anything, is in their hands and they can make it. The problem here is ... dm ... they make it. The hamster sends millions of GEM from the sprouting air into the system. Maybe on agency documents and media, their customers say GEM is finite, but who knows when they stash their hands, their system, when they throw their money away, who knows.

    Perspective 2: Considering the leader of Myaladdinz

    Remember, bad or good multi-level largely depends on the leadership of the "Leader". I have met countless leaders, with their mouths talking ethically, but the mind is only fixed on the guests, looking at the customer's pocket. Any sale becomes a scam if the seller just steals the buyer's money. They do not see buyers as customers but as prey to gut. Like when I sell packages of Financial Coach, many students want to buy but I told them not to buy, their finances are not suitable, if you want, please go to moneycoach.vn to read gradually. If I try to sell for a few million, it has a scam right away, because they spend money and not receive anything back, it is a scam. So salespeople have to be very careful, the line of people helping others, and those who extort money from others, is very fragile. If the leader is obsessed with money, then the whole system is exhausted.

    I also waited, waiting to see how the Chiefs of Myaladdinz reacted. I have read about some of the statuses of the supposed leaders of Myaladdinz, the way they stood out proves Myaladdinz is clean, it doesn't obey. Because all trust, trust this man, believe that man, without having any logical analysis, properly in terms of law. The whole word of cheering, like they're doing a literary exam, while what a lot of people need now is a math test. Present logic, clear arguments, and transparent proof bases.

    And this multi-level job is the downline copying the upline. What the upline says is such a stereotyped system. Because the uplines wrote essays about "my feelings when Myaladdinz was targeted everywhere", almost all of their downlines also posted their essays on Facebook. Because I believe in this person, trust the other, an immense and noble belief, if love for the country and national belief are number two, then they will love Mr. Tan and believe in Mr. Tan. It sounds boring. There was not a single bit of argument. Or they react like "wrapping" the system, which is to let them go, they're full of kids who don't know how to seize the opportunity, they're all not able to catch up with the trend. Leaving hands like that is true to the level of leaders, they do not know where they put their entire system.

    Perspective 3: From the founders and legality

    I think a part of Myaladdinz is growing fast and strong because they take, repeat, "they take", maybe they "see the kidnapper as them", they take Mr. Tan, the founder of Success Resources. promote. Get Success Resources - a company that brings together all the elite speakers from all over the world. The community of people who often go to seminars, like to develop themselves, love to get rich, enjoy business, can see this is the boss of seminars. The meeting place of the world's most prominent speakers and, importantly, has created a very strong brand in Vietnam such as: T Harv Eker, ...

    Because of that, it easily takes the trust of the person invited to participate. Because many people are in the shit, this man is so rich, why is he fooling him, let this company be so big, so majestic, believe it, believe it, ...

    But to turn the issue over, all the statements from Myaladdinz members said that Mr. Tan was the head of the Parent Success Resources sponsored company, they kept going out loudly saying so, they also participated. Myaladdinz's internal zooms and his comments. However, official legal statements are by no means absent. It was like a guy who said he loved you but didn't openly let people know.

    Why on Mr. Tan's personal channels, the channels of Success Resources company have no official statement ???

    That is indeed too large a question mark for the people participating in Myaladdinz themselves. All are fuzzy, real but not real. There are also many statusses that claim to quote Mr. Tan. But ... but again. But this Mr. Tan did not make an official statement, but instead listened to it.

    Perspective 4: Consider the implementation of Myaladdinz

    Honestly, I believe the leaders of Myaladdinz in the past also came out from the Multi-level Furnace. Because the statements across the system are identical to what I used to be 7 years ago, when I was 20 or 21 years old. Smell what is known.

    What is hitting on beliefs, hitting trends, they also teach that, put faith in the company, put faith in the product. It is true that when I was 20 or 21 years old, I did things, but now I'm 27 or 28 years old. Investment is in terms of numbers, in calculating losses. Whoever invests in belief, in prose writings, can believe in one person, trust another.

    Then what is typing in x5, x7, x1000 times assets. Do you know why cryptocurrency, then multi-level finance it can x1000 times? Because it is technology, it can change numbers, even if they say it's finite, who knows when? Right? The system they set up, they put money into the system you know, they circled a few zeros on them to report you? Then x1000, x2000 times. As a chicken raising, even with weight gain, it is impossible to take a few days from a chicken that has just emerged from an egg to a big chicken. But that product is a chicken. And this is a financial product. It is a number.

    3. Looking forward to Myaladdinz ...

    After all, it's still a company owned by a group of foreign tycoons. And also a lot of money the Vietnamese people have poured into it. If the Vietnamese authorities enter, because no one is responsible, the leaders carry the title of leader, if there is an investigation, they will also accept as an agent, a member, a harm. And the people behind Myaladdinz will successfully retreat, they simply have the Vietnamese money in their pockets, they have already converted to USD for consumption. To die here is to die those who were involved, to have poured money in and now in their hands there is nothing but GEM. If Myaladdinz did not fall, this community still believed in GEM, then at least it could exchange GEM for something to use. If not, then GEM has to throw it.

    Not to mention now, Myaladdinz is being beaten by all sides, but all sides of the big mouthpiece in Vietnam. New Myaladdinz members or weak Myaladdinz members, have started selling GEM, pushed GEM away, when no one needs to use GEM, everyone pushes, who wants to keep it ???

    It will be just like my multi-level company in the old days. I tell you the end ...

    That day, the company will probably survive, if Vietnam does not issue a law "not allowing multi-level marketing to apply to intangible products", educational products, ... And that company is only at risk collapsed by their primary product, education. By the way, I also say that Myaladdinz's product is GEM, an intangible product.

    Then, it was my most heartbreaking trick at the time.

    There is the leadership, full founders, and they already know that the state is about to enact that law, they are here the company leadership and the system of senior leaders. They still hide the entire sales agent about this. The company switched to importing some tangible products such as toothpaste, functional foods, ... To be honest, most of the agents did not use these, did not need, and did not sell. out of the way, so few people buy. So the product cannot be sold.

    However, they did not stop there, because they could not sell out, they launched a new regime, stimulated the entire purchasing agency system, which can be said as blood sucking system, the mechanism is all brothers. buyers 5 million of goods. For the purpose of upgrading dealers is main, not buying products. So people who buy toothpaste, people buy functional foods, buy courses, ... to level up, not to use.

    After the program levels up, each brother who bought these 5 million ends. When you have a purchase. Just when the company stopped closing multi-level business, according to the law of the state. All the high-ranking leaders fled, no one was found. Then gradually disintegrated. Each person a place.

    Back then I was just a 21-year-old child, stupid and immature whatever I say. That was the phase I was deceived to lose 5 million, but the most pain was because I was stupid, so it brought 3, 4 brothers also put the last 5 million phases into it. Nothing will happen if the company is still alive, but it sucks, when it is clear that the company knows that law, even hides the students, withdraws the final phase system!

    I left and closed my youth there. You are only deceived when you have believed. I hang on to the last minute to see how the End Game is in the end. The leader is not as I expected. As for me, I will be the last to leave the system, with only one of my downlines remaining, I will still stay with them. And I was the last to leave.

    Honestly, I didn't expect Myaladdinz to freeze to death. If Myaladdinz were to close now, the founders of Myaladdinz - who were hailed as founders by others, but never once spoke publicly - would have eaten tons of Vietnamese money. The leaders above are also sick of the interest from the downlines paid, they also have no legal responsibility because they are also a buyer. The death here is only the deaths of the participants and the participants. Those people still keep that pile of GEM, but sometimes dare not stick out to buy luxury products for themselves.

    Then one day when the authorities put out this God Lamp, the boss behind the genie lamp went out to open the Shrine and the Water God. Leaders jumped to another multi-level company, continuing to shout out a different product, a different trend. Only die the "pious sheep", the money is lost, live by faith, and then they startled to look back, run out the alley to buy the pill, buy a mask that still needs VND money, runs in In the hospital, the tuition fee for the child must still be paid in VND.

    Future outlook

    Guys, the financial world, the investment world has also sprung up a lot of forms for you to put money in to participate. Always be on guard. Every company shouted about trends, which apps, cryptocurrencies, ... also shouted for them to become a trend, every man recognized a trend, while human beings only have one, in the end. Which one is the trend here. So funny

    Then even those Leaders are also employees. Dropping saliva, shouting, closing customers, selling, ... earning interest, working as hired labor, cheering also hoarse, rushing to run seminars, no treasure, then this company collapsed. another company.

    Don't worship anyone, what you worship the most is what you create, you know the rules of the game, you own the rules of the game, you create the rules of the game. That's all.

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