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  • The two biggest assets you will definitely have to create will never end up getting rich for others

    The two biggest assets you will definitely have to create will never end up getting rich for others

    Countless people do business but don't have money just because they are working for others without their knowledge. Money they keep pouring into spending. Then, after 2 or 3 years, their business system gradually died down until they completely shut down, so they started to pour money into their assets, and their businesses did not have any assets to continue to produce. cash flow. Instead of working for one person, it turned out to be a private business to work for countless people. If you do not want to be in that scene, these are the two biggest assets you will definitely have to create or will forever enrich others.

    1. Many people pour money into assets without realizing it

    I tell you a story like this. That day when I was working as a Marketing Manager for a subsidiary in a large corporation. That day the company had two segments, so I was in charge of Marketing in one segment. Only the total advertising money poured into the 2 Marketing segments is an average of 200 million / month, the peak must be 400 / month, not to mention the cost of raising a group of people, 10 fulltime people, not to mention the part time team enhanced. . However, the rent is possible, pouring money into advertising like a flood. However, if you run out of money, you will run out of money. Without the advertising money pumped in, it means that the web is unobserved, the hotline has no one to call, and the page no one likes. In fact, even if there is no advertising money pumped in, but still having customers coming to the company is a valuable marketing system. Well then, without money, the whole system will go out, like a candle in front of the wind, going out.

    2. The goal of business has never been money

    Many people will say: Why are they spending money on advertising, signing contracts, and making profits. Then please say, the purpose of business has never been, spend money, put in effort and then collect money. Is that the same as working as a hired worker? If you sweat it, you run out of money? But the right business people, they get a reward many times higher than the interest in a month: It is a machine that generates money every month, every year, and if it doesn't work, it still makes money. And that is worthy of the years that have popped out of the crowd thinking, on a more difficult and challenging path. The goal of business has never been money. But the business's goal is to create a money printing machine.

    Like this: We spend money, to hire web people, at first the weak web runs ads to spread the brand and close the contract. Then, if the article on that website has high meaning and value like this website moneycoach.vn, even if you don't run ads anymore, it will still attract readers, from there, still can sell goods. money. It's not like all the scrappy articles, creating a mediocre web, just relying on advertising money to go around the world and run out of advertising money, which is as cold as sheets into a dead machine.

    That is one of the classic examples that I personally experience, when I myself was too young to recognize the problem, and the bosses above quit working as hired labor to receive monthly money. enough, no one cares living or dying later. So when I turned out to be hired, building my own career, I pay special attention to this phrase "business assets".

    If the business people go the wrong way, they just pour money into their business, all day they are busy making money to pay for the business costs, and in the end, sweat is the business. Even though I have a reputation for working as my own, it is no different from working as a hired laborer for the world. Working for Facebook, working for your own staff, working for web workers, and working for all parties, you spend money every month.

    3. Ways to Identify Business Assets

    Always be alert to the issue of pouring money into this estate and business assets. Because it is not easy to identify what is an asset or what an asset. It wasn't until the business system crashed that they realized it. And Phuc Finance will reveal to you how to recognize as follows: For any business expenses, you will always consider two things:

    - One is: Does spending to buy that produce a daily cash flow?

    - Second: If you don't do it anymore, will spending on buying that continue to generate daily cash flow?

    For example, the money for Facebook advertising is an amount of money, but if the content of the marketing system is not of high value, then this advertising money is going to work as a hired employee. Putting effort into advertising, you have money, but if you stop, you will run out of money. If your marketing system includes high-value images, videos, and articles, then this amount of money for Facebook advertising will be used to promote your property.

    An example of a business asset like, articles, initially you spend money, put in a lot of effort to create articles, and these articles are of high value, capable of convincing customers to buy, the first month. Absolutely it brings money. In the following months and in the future it will continue to bring in money. Like when a customer goes to google to search for information, click on the link of your article, then go to the website and buy a product, does not each of these articles satisfy the two above conditions: just cash in Every day, even if you stop working, the article is still there, still bringing money.

    Your task, is to turn all the expenses in your business system into expenses for your business assets. And if you need help, sign up for this Business Asset Construction Coach package!

    4. The first property to create: Value data set

    The value data set includes: Videos, images, articles for you to post on channels, social networks such as Web, youtube, facebook, tiktok, ... to attract viewers and buy goods. A value data set is always usable. Because the older the knowledge, the more precious. You just need to build a set of data and you go to share everywhere, share anywhere at any time. Do once, use forever. To use for each generation of customers.

    For example: The value data set of this moneycoach.vn channel includes pictures, articles and videos about financial knowledge. Now the first generation is reading you. 5 years later, the generation you are in high school now will go to work, will stumble and will need. Then the next 20 years, the same generation my Bear nephew was born, they will need.

    This means that a set of valuable data you build will be used generation after generation. And it's important to be worth it. If you do it mediocre, and rely on the advertising money above, this generation will not read it, let alone the next generation. So, right now, share the knowledge you know, create a huge value data set and conquer the Internet markets.

    5. Second property to build: Set of products


    Honestly, many people now import goods like cheap labor. How much effort has been spent building up a business system, then doing marketing, selling, .... how much effort is there, in the end giving it all to the product maker.

    Remember, what product a customer uses, they will be influenced by the brand of that product. They will remember the product, but they will not remember the salesperson. When needed, they either buy goods elsewhere, also sell the item, or they buy right from the place where the product is made. Individual business people who import products to sell, not unlike working as hired labor, promote free brands to companies that create products. To really take ownership of the game, you need to create your brand, create your product.

    Actually creating products is not difficult. But once you are in business, you can sell nothing. Besides selling products of big brands to attract customers in the first purchase, you need to sell more of your products, always have to sell your products to really make the customer yours. .

    In the past, other people sold out, sometimes frustrated that the profit was not paid, when the frustrated the product quality was not ok, the complaints were also difficult, sometimes sad because they could not keep the customers, they moved elsewhere Buy, ... Make products for yourself, both proactive and high, more importantly, if you have a problem, you can handle it strongly, you do not need to ask anyone. As with the books in my Coach package, whoever has damaged books, I just need to text me to transfer the new book.

    Ignore the only barrier, rush into creating your own product set. Honestly, now telling me to sell other people's products is just extra. The main thing is still my product suite. And you can look outside to see, what is the product set of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, what is Vin owner, oh his products are apartment buildings, cars, resorts, ... If you want to be rich, you must create a set of products and your brand. And desperately put it out. Try it, great!

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