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  • To make a successful stock investment, you must understand this game rule - Financial education

    To make a successful stock investment, you must understand this game rule - Financial education

    Just now, a person commented on my website about the issue of multi-level virtual currency and said: it is necessary to know how to stand on the shoulders of giants. And I replied, "Do you think the rich can easily get you on top? Always big fish eat small fish. And you are forever pawn when playing at other people's chess." Even the stock market, the stock is also a playground created by the big guys. Before you want to make a profit, you need to understand the rules of the game in order not to become a fat prey for the other sharks.

    Honestly, I do not know if I am a financial person, after I entered the business again, all the time I had money and money, so I was very practical or not? There are also some people who read an article that I warned carefully, they leave a comment: I'm negative. And I wonder: why are they so pink? Really go into finance, business, where money is the measure of victory with fierce computation. Why do they keep daydreaming with scenes depicting articles such as: follow the trend, stand on the giant's shoulder, and think positive things will come. Oh, how strange.


    I only count myself now, after 8 years of struggling to make coolies for people, now raise my head, come to work for others I don't even want, let alone let others sit on my shoulders, or dance. to seek profit. Oh when you join the game of others, you ignore it, you will become fat prey, and you have intelligence, have the dynamism to work, you will get a little profit, on the pile. you bring them back. In principle it is always like that.

    Even think for yourself, how long after standing above some people do you think you will let others jump on top of you for a fortune. Phuc Tai Finance thinks the answer is probably no. If so, you create a playground, so that you and the rest of the world can benefit. Then if the benefit of others is 1, then surely your benefit will be 5, 7, or even 10. Right, buddy?

    If you are a little fish, playing in the playground of the big guys, you are more likely to be swallowed. Because, where does the money come from for that playground to develop, from your wallet? If you can make it, you will make a little profit from the fry behind you. Business is not a game, much less a place to say romantic rhymes for a bright future. This is a careless playing field as money one goes no return.

    First: Securities are not investment, securities are trading

    The stock market was born to be a place to raise capital for big guys. You just imagine like this, with the big players' game, every man is good. Business must be like, the big guys can invest. Therefore, there are many businesses that do not have enough opportunity to be poured capital by the big men. So where do those businesses get capital from?

    Please say: they began to think of a game of capitalization among the people. Some people have a lot of money to save. Then more importantly, no knowledge. I remember, in 2003, when I was 10 years old, even my parents played the stock market. At that time, my mother spent 50 million to buy securities in a company. See, the stock market still reached the feet of the farmers. And the vast majority of these people just sit and wait, let the businesses get that capital to thrive. Later, when I went to work, I knew that that enterprise capital was torn by the CEOs like hyenas with lucrative prey.

    So, the stock buyers are mostly out of the game. Meaning: what businesses do they do not know. Well, let that business report the numbers, like some players are reading about them, ... remember, across the human hand class, the numbers are still true. head. Even when I go to work, when the boss wants to get the report data up, I fix it a little bit, make it beautiful, for the next period to continue to be funded, for his chair to be more stable. , and his salary went up. Then feel free to go, because who verifier here? The bigger the business, the more hands will be stirring up in the data.

    Then in terms of the media, most of the articles on news sites, even mainstream news, were posted by the business people themselves. 6 million internal pages, 12 million external pages. A stock player can not jump into a company and check it, because of the company's real data, the company does not even know it. At most, only CEOs and above and CFOs know the real numbers. Businesses look nice, but inside, every business has no smell.

    So, those who buy and keep are extremely dangerous. Because, real data you are not two. If you lose the company, the company goes up, how can your profit know the real number? People pay you how much you know by that. It cannot be compared to Mr. Warren Buffet. Because you do not know how his relationship is, what is his power? The businesses he invests in are all descendants of his family and friends, that close relationship. So it is impossible to cover the powder with lime. The black people are different from the influential world, but his power is also world-class.

    See, the capital raising businesses of this population is an extremely smart move. It is not easy to get the money from the big man. For example, in the Shark Tank program, startups must be bare to the ceiling in order to invest, then review them to officially invest, but also gradually invest. But raising capital by taking money from people is quite simple. Fast, compact, and light, without much scrutiny. Business goes down or goes bankrupt, does not have to pay debt. Businesses go up to make a profit, if you like to divide it as much as you like.

    Talk about the stock my mother bought 17 years ago. At that time I bought 50 million dong, kept it for 17 years, until the day I got the dividend, I paid it the day before, and brought in a total of 50 million. However, 50 million in the old days, how many golden trees, 50 million today must not have been 1 gold tree, at the time I wrote these lines. Well, it's no different, the money is given to them, they eat away and then return the body of money. So, if you play, play with the mindset of a dealer. Do not flash the word investment out. What is trading, is buying and selling. Buy in, get the price up, we sell it to make a profit.

    Second: Do not listen too closely to stockbrokers

    Someone introduces you to play in this floor, that person also gets paid by the exchange, that floor also gets money. Where does the money come from, is the money you pay into it. Well, not knowing how successful you are, it has already lost a lot of fees. So having knowledge of analyzing business numbers is fine, otherwise it's okay. Analysis also knows whether to analyze whether the business information is correct or not. If not, the money you put in will be eroded, erranded from two million onwards.

    Once, talking to a child, she said: She went to drink 50,000 coffee, then I taught her that with this 50,000, he can use it to invest in securities to make money. Because she is speaking excitedly, I do not want to speak, so to speak: it is better to buy a 50,000 cup of coffee to enjoy. But if I am still this young, innocent like this, my 50,000 will turn into someone else's cup of coffee.

    Myself, after going through so many things for others, relying on others, investing in other people's things, ... without managing numbers, not knowing what they do for my money, ... so now that I'm full of feathers, I don't play. I create my own playing field. I know the number. It could also be my personality and mindset. Share with you and everyone. And hopefully the things I share above with such a realistic perspective, hope to help you succeed more definitely if you have a commitment.

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