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  • Two key secrets of creating passive income for the Halu Hair System

    Two key secrets of creating passive income for the Halu Hair System

    Many business people cannot generate passive income ... no matter how long they work. Every day, they are in a whirlwind of 12 or 14 hours of work without escape. It turns out that the period has no sales. That is like working for people. They are forever stuck in a business that can't span multiple business systems. So what are the two key secrets to passive income in business? Phuc Finance reveals to you shortly.

    Secret # 1: Every customer is a source of passive income
    Every business system is nothing spectacular without customers. And every business system cannot last without customers coming back to buy. A big business is just one with many customers, and a good business is one that keeps many customers coming back to buy. Customers are the core of the business. And if anyone knows that: to make each customer a passive income source, then, expect to have passive income in business.

    Many business people are unable to escape being hired by themselves because they cannot keep clients. Even a lot of business people are unaware of having to keep customers, by getting contact information with them and constantly contacting them to keep the relationship. While many foreign enterprises, 70% of the revenue is from old customers. Many people do business in Vietnam, just go around looking for new customers and neglect old customers.

    Think, if you have a customer who makes regular purchases for you and pays you money every month through the use of your product on a regular basis, do you have a passive income stream? Creating 1000 people like that is also warm enough. The important thing is not selling, what matters is building relationships. Customers who do not buy this item, they buy another, the first time they do not buy from you because your item is not suitable for them, later on when you sell the right item, they will buy.

    Treat each of your customers thinking they are a source of passive income for you. That way, your business system will be sustainable. If this item is not yet suitable, there will be another suitable item. You are a business that, you can sell any product, you can exchange any product for sale to your community of customers. Always record and observe how many old customers are returning, and find ways to increase customer return rates. From researching what customers need, to selling a variety of items, to creating communication channels, taking care of customers to keep in touch with them. Only then can your business system become a source of passive income.

    And always remember this, the time, money, and effort it takes to conquer a new customer will be much harder than an old customer coming back to buy. Because they used to trust you, bought from you, and already had a relationship between the two of you. Every time you plan to run sales, think about harnessing the sales from your old customers first. Wish you will always be kind to maintain your customer relationships. For example, anyone who buys Coach 101 needs to know about money will always receive a new book if the old book is damaged, without any reason, nor any additional fees. Give your clients the best care, letting them know how much you value your relationship with them. It is very difficult to live by business, to be kind and to have passive income.

    Secret # 2: Each customer is another source of passive income
    In marketing research, people have a tendency to show off what they spend money to buy. As if I buy a new shirt, a new book, a new set of pots and pans, ... Whether on purpose or not, they tend to talk about what they buy, even talk about it. for a long time. But the people around them boast, most of them are close and trust them, and those who do not trust, they will not show off. Therefore, in the process of selling, you create specialties, from how to take care, texting, calling, to how to ship, how to wrap, from to how to guarantee, In the process, if you do something nonsense, they will also tell the village, and of course if you create interesting things, unexpected feelings, like how you surprise your partner. they will definitely tell about you to those around them.

    There are a few things about customer care, Phuc Finance suggests to you, and if you already know, also point back to remember more:

    - How to create surprise # 1: If customers ask for information about the product, send the customer detailed links with all the information. If the customer doesn't make a purchase, be gentle, and give them a gift to keep in touch: like an ebook, or ask the visitor to visit a website to read useful information.

    - How to create surprise number 2: When delivering goods to customers, wrap them like you give your lover gifts for every special occasion. Anyone who is romantically in love, or giving gifts to her lover is also very good at taking care of customers. For example, the brothers and sisters who buy the high-value Coach package, I wrap them more than give gifts to my lover. Holding on to his item was really surprising and exclaimed wow!

    - How to create surprise number 3: The product received by the customer is even higher than the customer's expectation. If a customer orders a set of clothes, for example, you can include a beautiful bow, and it is that bow that makes customers enjoy and go viral. When sending goods to customers, make them see that they are getting more than they thought.

    - How to create surprise number 4: Incredible warranty. Warranty is the best way to keep the relationship. Many parties like water purifiers also replace the filter for free, all of which is to create more connections for customers with the business. Or for me, whoever buys Coach packages and has a book, I say, when the book breaks, just tell me to let me send a new book for free, simply to read it beautifully. You only need one message to receive a new book right away, at no cost, and there is no need to resend the old book.

    Hopefully, these two secrets can help you create two passive income sources: The old customers come back to buy regularly, and the old customers introduce new customers to you with interesting stories. the surprises you create for them. Wish you success! Well and if you feel this conversation please support Phuc Tai with a cup of coffee at the end!

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