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  • Two key thoughts to mastering personal finances

    Two key thoughts to mastering personal finances

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn to continue searching for the key to success and wealth. You know, there are a lot of people out there who want to be rich but are on the wrong path. Today Phuc Tai will share with you: Two key thoughts to owning finance. Pay close attention to you!

    1. You are not getting rich by work. But wealth determines what you do with money at home

    I don't get rich at work. You get rich by doing the wealth building homework. This is one of the most important things about going to wealth. What does this mean. Listen to the conversation that changed the finances of many right now! And now it's your turn.

    Robert Kyosaki shared: There are many Saturday afternoons, instead of hanging out with friends or playing sports, I sit at the rich dad's office, learning the nooks of running a business. and the skills needed to become an investor.

    One day the rich father asked Mike and me: Do you know why I will always be richer than the people who work for me?

    Mike and I sat in silence for a moment, searching our heads for the most relevant answer. In the end I boldly said: Because my father makes more money than them.

    Mike nodded in agreement: Dad owns the company and he decides how much to pay him and how much to give them.

    The rich father swayed in his chair, smiling. "It is true that I decide how much to pay each person. But the truth is, I get paid less than some of the employees working for me.

    Both Mike and I were stunned: "If Dad owns this business, how come any employee who pays more than him?" Mike asked.

    He replied: Because when you first start a business, cash is always tight and the employer usually gets paid in the end.

    You mean employees always get paid first? Mike asked

    Rich dad nodded: Yes, and not only did they get first, they often got higher than me.

    "But why is it wrong? I asked. Why do I own a business if my father gets the last salary and the most poor?"

    Because that's what a business owner usually needs to do first if he wants to build a successful business.

    "That doesn't make any sense! Please tell me why.

    "Because the employees work for money, and we work to build wealth."

    "So as this business grows, your father's salary will increase?" Mike asked.

    "May or may not. I say this because I want you to know the difference between money and property. I may or may not pay myself higher later and I do not work hard for money. We work so hard to build an asset that grows in value. Maybe one day we will sell this business for millions of dollars, or one day we will hire a president to do it. Practice it for me. And I will continue to build another business. "

    "So to me building a business is building wealth. And wealth is more important to me than money."

    Right. And the second reason we get less salaries is because we already have other sources of income.

    You mean you have money from other assets? I ask.

    Once again the rich father nodded: "And that is why I ask you the first question, why will I always be richer than my employees, regardless of who makes the most from salaries? are trying to teach their children a very important lesson.

    What lesson? Mike asked.

    "The lesson is: I don't get rich at work. You get rich at home" The rich father said loudly to make sure we didn't listen to those words over the loudspeaker.

    "I don't understand. I wonder: Do you mean you got rich at home?"

    Yeah, at work I make money. And at home you decide what you're going to do with your money. What do you do with your money after you make it it will make you rich or poor. I call getting rich doing my homework.

    Then the rich dad said something I will never forget: What is the main difference between rich, poor and middle-class in what he does in his spare time. Businesses and hotels all start from our family's dining table.

    Salary never makes me rich. It is what you do with wages that make you rich, poor or middle-class.

    "I don't understand, I said. Your father always said that if he gets a higher salary, his family will be rich."

    "And that's what most people think. But the reality is that the more money people make, the more they fall into debt. So they have to work harder.

    "Why is that?" I ask.

    "It's for what you do at home, do in your spare time. Most people have a poor plan or a poor recipe with their money after they make it.

    If the poor make money then spend, buy for themselves the furniture, the garage. What does the father do with his money? Let's continue with Phuc Tai to continue this interesting conversation!

    2. Eliminate poor planning with money


    The rich father shared: I have made money for many years from my own business, she only bought real estate. Then what we do is live off the income from real estate and continue building the business. The more money we make from a business, the more we invest in real estate. It is a recipe for great wealth for everyone.

    A lot of people cannot do as rich fathers say because their free time or time at home is only thinking about shopping, spending the money they have made. It is a poor plan.

    The rich father continued: Years ago when I was a boy, I decided that my plan to get rich was to build a business and then take it to buy real estate. And that's all we do. Even when we have very little money, we still go home and look for real estate.

    "The bottom line is, you get rich at home, not work. I really want you to understand that. I don't care if you buy real estate, stocks, bonds or build a business. The concern is that you understand that most people don't get rich at work. They get rich by going home doing their homework.

    "I understand. So when you finish here, where will you go next?"

     "Glad you asked, the rich father said, Let's go. Get out of the car and wait for me. I'll show you where I went after my work is done."

    A few minutes later, we arrived in a large land with houses built side by side. "This is 8 hectares of my basic real estate." And in a few years our little town will grow in this direction. The city has announced plans to build an airport at the other end of this land. "

    Surely the above sharing makes many people understand that they are still not correct, right? Many people work 8 hours a day to make money, but they go home for drinks, surfing the web, going out, watching movies. The money they make, they also do not have a specific plan for it to become increasingly poor.

    After Phuc Tai shared this rich dad's talk with the children in his business team, you have established a wealth plan and changed what you do in your free time and at home: I earn money every day, I focus on accumulating to buy gold and free time making beauty videos on youtube to create a community to sell instead of spending all my money and time shopping, gathering and eating.

    And now it's your turn. The money you make, are you going to spend buying gold, real estate or building a business system in the near future? In your free time, you can start your own business or search for potential real estate? Do you read more books about your field or do you meet partners? Please share your wealth plan with Phuc Finance by commenting right below! See you in the next sharing articles.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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