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  • Two spells to give you confidence in public to achieve any dream you desire

    Two spells to give you confidence in public to achieve any dream you desire

    Timid, scared in front of the crowd. The obsession is judged and blamed by others. Disdain, slander, and disdain from childhood, ... all are restraining and confining countless people in a psychological prison that cannot escape, to turn out advertising and exchange. to cherished dreams. In this article, Phuc Tai will let you come closer to your life with stories from reality, from which draw the mantra to help you confidently in front of the crowd, overcome any phobias. to get what you want.

    In order to have Phuc Finance as now, confidently speak in front of the crowd, confidently advertise ourselves and provide value services, it is a lot of things in my life. There was a time when my life made me cringe, scared me, just wanted to evade and hide. It wrestled me from a young age to a whole youth, to have the stability like today. Hopefully with my story, it will help those who are averse to themselves, ready to love themselves and stand up to fight, bringing prosperity, happiness and passion to life.

    The number I, the quality of the number of non-marketing. But people always say bad things and want to beat me up. Don't know if you have that ??? And one of my most memorable stories was in high school. Back then, all day long, I was forced to stand punishment in front of the class by my homeroom teacher, persecuting me, cursing me for the crime that as she raised her voice. : As a girl, she talks loudly and talks a lot. No matter how many times she downplayed my honor in front of class, using every language made me hesitate to stop speaking, sitting still in class. To her, my talkative and easygoing personality is a mistake of nature. And the children students, dream soul and sometimes engrossed in that, she does not shape it with patience, she cheats and taunts others. With my stubborn nature. I do not scare. Every time she cursed, instead of lowering my head, I lifted my head and looked her in the eye like a defiance. I have always believed: I am valuable, and even then I did not know that I would become a consultant, a consultant, a speaker in the future.

    Anyway, I was haunted a lot. I'm shy with my classmates. Meanwhile, there is a male friend in class that I really like. During those years, I was always in the mood of fear, fear of being harassed, there was a time when I wanted to shrink and hide in the crowd, I used to ignore nothing happened.

    Mantra # 1: A weakness is a strong point in the wrong place

    One year when I went to university, passed the top faculty of the Academy of Finance, the Faculty of Corporate Finance, I took skill courses, and I realized a sentence is: Weakness is the point strong place in the wrong place, and that is a very strong point if you know how to exploit.

    Back then, I was still a kid looking for a way for myself. But I believe, the ability to speak, the ability to argue, the thing that many people around and my parents say is: I talk a lot, I should say less, ... I believe, that is my strong point. It's just not in the right place. During the many years I lived, wherever I went, everyone told me to talk a lot, sometimes it was honest advice, most of it was contempt, laughed, said: ...

    Other people's words always do this sort of damage to all of us. But the damn thing, many people like to point out other people's bad points. They found out that the other person's bad point is chewing over and over again. Our job is to shelf and find our own way. And it is through those words that I know I have the ability to speak. Something that not everyone has. Something different from other people. So they pulled out that different thing as an excuse to criticize me.

    And as you read these lines, you see, I turned my weakness in the eyes of others, into a strong point that few people can do. Because of sharing financial knowledge, then becoming a consultant, business advisor, not everyone can do it. Someone has that knowledge but is unable to convey, or even dare not stand in front of a crowd.

    So, in closing, you have low self-esteem because of your weaknesses. But now that you know, the weak point is your strong point in the wrong place, so find a place to bring your weakness into play.

    I remember, the day before, when I knew that I was marketing, my high school biology teacher said: It is a job to choose people. He understood and encouraged me like that, but the other teacher kept pulling that point out to teach me. The fact that a student talks is not to the point of torturing their age and honor like that. Cruel and petty women. That is the tough me I can still fight. But there are many children out there, who have been disdained and buried from the people around them, and now they are timid in front of the crowd, so they cannot confidently turn out to complete their dreams, work, intended, cherished success here.

    What others say to you in the past is what is holding you back. As long as you remember what they said to you, find out those weaknesses and put them in the right environment, it will surely be effective.

    Mantra # 2: Use Anti Fan as leverage to spread your brand

    I've been in this Internet for 8 years. From a 19-year-old using Facebook toddlers to promote Soft Skills and English courses, to branding Financial consulting, business mentoring, and numerous personal branding projects. and product branding. It is common for a person to stay anywhere, in and out of personal contempt. They use the most inhospitable and disgusting words, comment in a mess on other people's personal pages, youtube channel and they feel happy and think it's okay, or they're thinking they're expressing their opinion. These people are free, their lives are full of misery, so they hide behind facebook in order to lose interest in others. That is something you cannot avoid. Take it as an inevitable part of this beautiful Internet world.

    So, instead of explaining, instead of cursing, it takes time without making money. Use these extremists and barbarians. I often use the method, if someone comes in to release words like shit on my pages, I will comment on web links, youtube links, let them free, plow the view for them :))) With a gentle voice: Pleased to share more at the web moneycoach.vn offline! What type of blood and six-stroke attack, they will also dig the web and youtube to plow the view to help.

    The root of the person who hates you, talks about you. You have something to make others jealous of. So people say bad things about you, don't be self-deprecating, don't think that you're ugly. Understand that the core is that they are jealous, the core is that they are wanting to have what you have, which they don't already have, so they hate it. So always be confident in yourself!

    People who hate me, I can also use it. For those people consider it a tool. The more they talk about you, the more influential your brand will be. And don't be afraid of others listening to them. Because you understand, everyone will always have their own stance. There are a lot of people who share bad things about this person, but when I go to their Facebook page, I feel precious. And even those who speak badly of others, they are also hated by people around them. So rest assured, their words have no influence.

    Please strongly believe in your own worth. Don't let any Anti Fan put out the flames inside you. Instead of trying to chase the darkness away, head towards the sun, the shadow itself will be behind you.


    In this day and age, you definitely want to do business, build a successful business system, and become a business owner, you definitely need to confidently advertise in front of the crowd. Must not be afraid to communicate, interact, step out of the crowd, the world to spread your image, your product. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have more understanding of human life to be confident with who you are, with what you have. Wish you become more and more popular in your market!

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