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  • Two thoughts completely changed the life of Phuc Finance

    Two thoughts completely changed the life of Phuc Finance

    Never be stingy with your brain - and today come to the ultimate learning method from Phuc Finance with two mystical mindsets that make a difference. Phuc Tai Finance knows that there are many people who, despite their best efforts, cannot escape the current life full of troubles and difficulties. These are not two thoughts that will let you move from poverty to instant wealth. But this is a step in helping to transform from being hired to employed. Set the stage for success in the future. Most of the people who dream of being rich are forever poor. Take it slowly. Step by step the stairs go through one by one. And these two thoughts are the ladder you need to go through. Let's get it!

    I used to run my own business as a student, but back then I had not yet reached the maturity level. After that, when I graduated, I also made my own life and wanted to improve my Marketing skills, so I worked as a hired laborer. Unexpectedly, unexpectedly working as a hired man was no different from a swamp, the longer he stayed, the deeper it remained. Still struggling, I still can't get out. There are days when I let time pass, lying in a dark corner as a small hired employee in that office. Then I sat waiting for the men who didn't like me in the chest full of spring colors at that time.

    Time passed by, then one day I changed. Theft is thanks to these two thoughts, one shot for my life to turn the waves in the other direction. During that time, I worked as a hired laborer, while applying these two mindsets, creating results, making money 3 times the amount of money to work for hire. It was a perfect stepping stone for me to turn out to be my own. One goes not back to the way of employment.

    Thinking number one: 15-minute workday, owning business automation systems

    It can be said that this is a burning mindset that makes my work boom and flourish the most. This thought came to me after many nights coming home from work, tinkering, not knowing how many books. At first I also thought: Is it possible? But then, I thought: why not try it? Because at that time, I didn't believe in who I am, because who I was then had many problems, I wanted to replace it with a new person, more money, a happier life, a more free life, so I accept to give up my current thinking, and replace it with a new mindset, even though I am thinking it is not feasible.

    So the next morning I went to the office, with a mess of work, I was marketing manager at the time. I started to handle each task one by one, from designing automated management tables, to smarter delivery, ... using software to replace human power. I don't embrace my job to be busy or important anymore. I am willing to let go by doing that clever thing. While still ensuring the assigned tasks, it is even more effective than many times.

    According to statistics, you also try to see, up to 80% of the work you do only get 20% effective. When I put away all the work that seemed important but not effective, I focused on the things that bring in sales, so the contract is much more.

    Just like that, after about two months of application, every day I only need to spend 15 minutes to finish all the assigned work. I literally transfer all my work to employees and technology software. In that 15 minutes, I only spent checking the numbers, finding the reason why the results were weak to type in it correctly.

    For example: The day before the Marketing department, we worked hard to run out Data, check and call Data, take care of the neck. But no results. Before, I kept rushing into that mess to earn more Data. But in the end, when we eliminated all the work, when we checked it out, the Sales guys slipped Data out to carry a separate meal contract. Then I can do poor results. Lots of good discoveries like that.

    Or a business owner of the system of 3 hair salons in Laos, at first, also told me, why do I run Data a lot but the sales are not available, she tried to run Data back, but the effect was still not visible. By the time I calculated for it, in the end, her staff was not enthusiastic, unable to keep customers coming back. She kept doing, cherishing each data about, and the staff kept not appreciating it.

    If you still do not know how to manage customers, check the reason why the contract is low, the sales decrease, then you can use the following Data management table designed by Phuc Finance in time. and used until now:

    A lot of business people are busy, but to no avail. Because the fruit is so busy, it is impossible to see what really works. Only less work knows what is to be focused on.

    Once I got out of the job as a Marketing Manager with 7 employees. Just working 15 minutes a day still ensures the assigned target and even exceeds the target. At that time, I was not happy, guys. Then I went through an experience that made a huge turning point in me. That's because I only need to spend 15 minutes a day to finish my work, so I'm too free. Since I was still working as a hired laborer at that time. I worked for 8 hours a day and finished my work for 15 minutes, so I didn't know what to do. It's no different from the old days when taking the test for 90 minutes and finished 60 minutes. If you can submit your cards right away to go out to play it will be better, you just have to wait until the end of the time, it's too much free time.

    Therefore, after going through the boring game, I started tinkering with a new business system of my own. A day free 7 hours 45 minutes, then blurring. And you know, the business system that I was tinkering with was this moneycoach.vn system. I write books, design, Marketing, find a place to print, ... and most importantly, launch an automated business system, every day just 15 minutes to finish the job as work Hiring I have the system successfully.

    The lesson here is: Get rid of the thought of doing a lot of work, working hard and having a lot of money. I myself used to sit in the office for 8 hours a day, like squeezing a lemon, but I got 6 million a month. Like in the old days, many of them sat at their desks all day, but in the end, they still got bad marks. Let's switch to the concept, work effectively. But efficiency in business is not building a cumbersome system, many employees, large premises, and then spend the day paying bills. New era, effective business wants to turn up must not depend on personnel. A successful business person is not a plug-in to work, but someone who owns self-run business systems.

    If you noticed in the past, the good learners are not the ones who study hard all day. They study very little, they do their homework very quickly and go out, but they still take the exam. people don't need to do anything, because they have spent their time designing business automation systems.

    The more they get out, the more they run the business intelligence system. A new automatic trading system can be turned on, but when people are clamped down by human power, we will never raise our heads. Like the era of technology, people are too small in front of machines, today in the technology age, people are extremely small before technology.

    Challenge number one for you: Find a way to turn your current job into 15 minutes a day, as long as you are guaranteed, even exceeding your assigned quota. Don't work hard, work smart.

    Challenge number two for you: Once you have completed challenge number one, create a business system, with no people in it, entirely software-driven. If so, you just need to check the money into the account yet.

    And reveal the final results to you: When you complete the above two challenges you can duplicate dozens or hundreds of business systems. And then you have countless automated trading systems, and you become a free person, enjoying somewhere in the middle of life. The results are well worth the commitment. And if you need help, order the Business Asset Construction Coach package, which will become a powerful arm for you to overcome the above two challenges in a spectacular way.

    Thinking number two: Every day, there must be an influx of interest

    This is the thought that came to me when I completed the above two challenges. Set up for yourself thinking: Every day there must be interest in the account. Instead, the whole month endured waiting 30 days to receive a salary. And this is my mindset that completely changed the financial landscape.

    The working environment has worn me down too much. When I was 21 years old, I used to run my own business, every day I fought to get 500, 1 million in profits. However, when they fell into disrepair, they ran into hired labor, after 2.3 years they were dumbfounded to see them. I just sat there enduring the scene every month waiting for 30 days to receive the salary, the company that was 1 or 2 days behind was frantically worried. However, the salary is not much, before I got to head of the department, I only stopped at 8 million. After 2 years of building a Marekting room, the company developed, following that momentum, it was only 2 tens, 3 dozen.

    One good thing is timing. When I work hard to accomplish goal number 2, which is to build an automated trading system, I fight to have cash flow into the day every day. Not only one cash flow in a day, but also multiple cash flows in a day, like 2 lines, 3 even 6.7 lines.

    The scene of working for hired labor, which calculates a daily salary of more than 300 silver, at that time I have my own business up to 1.5 - 2 million, later on even up to 3 million / day. Sitting at a hired labor company, but the money jumped into 3, 4 million, the feeling it was extremely happy! I have lived with the mindset of having a fiery daily cash flow every day. Every time I sit as a hired laborer, when I hear the phone ring a reminder, my heart bursts with joy.

    Therefore, I do not get caught up in the working environment anymore. Because the money was small, everyone wanted to eat a lot, so they fought with each other. I used to get caught up in work the day before, a statement from my boss, or a curse from a colleague also made me think for a few days. But now it is different. All are shrimps, accept all kinds of monsoons. My mind does not pay attention to those things anymore. I just focus hard on: generating a lot of interest.

    I remember back then, in addition to the moneycoach.vn business system I built, I also sold shower gel, some bottles with only 50,000 profit was enough to make me happy, because it also counted as a cash flow in the day. Small accumulation into great, cherishing every small cash flow.

    Then when my monthly income from my own business system was 3 times my income from working, I left the working environment with the most satisfaction and gentleness. Honestly, working as a hired laborer, many times he just wants to fight. But that time, I left my job lightly, as if closing my stupid and vibrant youth.

    Up until now, my daily thought is only one thing: How do I generate more cash flows every day, but more and more cash flow here? The rest I don't care about. The day before, a man inbox asked me: Tell me, honey, I saw this man teaching and cursing so many men out of face, what do you think. I said, "you should focus on your work, take care of what other people do". Replace all your bullshit thinking with this one: How to make more money today?


    The challenge for you: If you are free, you are depressed, you are too busy, ... and in the end, you are still craving to make a lot of money, then burn up, ready to leave Existing people, and instead thinking, generate interest in every day, even 5.6 cash flows per day. You can start simply by selling a product, then selling a dozen products, ... then do a systematic job of building up a burning business system, reviving the most fiery years of life. friend.

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