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  • Two ways to generate passive income - Financial Education

    Two ways to generate passive income - Financial Education

    Achieving passive income, everyone is happy, no need to do anything, they can return money, a prospect everyone dreams of. And of course, to achieve such peak achievement, it is difficult, not easy, just put money into a certain investment, then just sit and play in the water to eat. If you are still looking for passive income and are willing to do hard things few people can do. Then invite you to two ways to generate passive income from Phuc Finance.

    Damn it! Many people misinterpret passive income. Five or three of them shout to participate in this, buy that, pay money for something designed by companies that is financial freedom, and benefits. When he found it, he had a car and said it was dizzy to buy it by playing it! Is not! Once you have donated money, exchanging it for another guy's product is to get rich for it !!! If the product is rich, financially free, it's not your turn to embrace !!! It has kept its hold and divided it for you to do.

    You can only be financially free, can only have permanent passive income when it must be your own product, and someone else gives you money in exchange for it! And that product has to have value, have a lasting vitality, so that even if you get old, it will still live. Remember carefully! Now they are cheering you to make a lot of money in this place and there, pissing off! Be wary! Remember, goblins are always beautiful on the outside. Sparkling is not necessarily gold. Do not be wandering daydreaming anywhere anymore. Please define the spirit based on your strength, build your own to create real and sustainable passive income.

    The first way: Create a system to attract people, create a community

    Looking at the whole economy, I ask you a little: Passive income means that there is an automatic income stream every day. So, in your opinion, from where does the money flow to us daily? From human. Exactly! So before dreaming of passive income, you have to have a system that creates a community, that system sells, so that people are willing to give you money every day to buy, use using your service. Money cannot grow out of air. You have to have a community to trade in and something to trade in.

    For example: You build a website system, you build today, but 3 years later, when people go to the Internet, they search for that topic and automatically google your article in front of them, because Your article is good, so they click to read your web, love it and buy from you. So this website continuously creates community, continuously creates people who know you, know your product. And on that website there are also sales articles to convince customers to buy. So even though you build this website today, but 3 years later someone still automatically buys, automatically transfers money to your account, generates passive income.

    Therefore, one of the most important skills you need is the skill of attracting people to create a community of potential customers to buy, and the skill of writing sales articles, sales videos to sell. goods for that community. Jack Ma once said, "We make 60 million transactions a day. People don't know each other. I don't know you, I send products to you. You don't know me, but you still send me money. . " Well, when you create a website that attracts a large community, and write articles, videos, pictures that sell, so on, people transfer money to you. And wish you every day initially creating 5 or 6 transactions, then the time when your website can generate hundreds of transactions per day. Gradually step by step, create a huge passive income system, perform many transactions per day, flow in a lot of money every day.

    Method # 2: Sell your cyclical monetization products

    You learned earlier that it is necessary to create a system, which produces a community of people willing to buy from you. Now we will analyze your products for customers to buy. You need to know, any product creates enrichment for its creator. The product is the property of the person who created it, not the wholesaler's property. So, never expect you to generate passive income if you stick to other people's brands, you need to have your own brand, have your own product.

    In the past, I worked at 3 levels and 3 years, also created a team of lower levels to try, at peak my system reached more than 50 people. I also enjoy the passive income a bit, that is when I was sitting at school, when I sent an SMS to F1, I finished 2 contracts. It must be said that it was fun, because after a period of training, F1 finally worked on its own, self-closing. That day I remember, for each such HD I was more than 200 thousand. So sitting in a college classroom listening to lectures, but also nearly 500 thousand pocket. However only for a while. I realized that, depending on other people's companies, it is not stable, because if I work properly, the company is full of fraudsters. Many times, people still suffer from bad reputations, people curse them, dream about passive income for a long time. Whatever we should say, we still have to build our own brand. Our right to life and death. I protect my brand.

    After graduating from school, the days when I worked as a hired laborer, at the company, were full of contracts, the customers paid money, but didn't settle, the customers demanded money, the company didn't pay, and many Sales were messed up . Sometimes I think, if it's my company, I pay immediately, but can not let customers complain up and down. So when I turned out to do my own, whichever client was not satisfied, I immediately paid money in the transfer account. When I set up the moneycoach.vn system on this financial training. Before the launch of Coach 101 package, what you need to know about money, there were also brothers and sisters transferring money first. I also said it was not possible right away. Many brothers and sisters also appreciate it, so it's fine to tell you to wait. There is only one brother, that day I slept and woke up to see 3 missed calls, I said it was not good, immediately called back and actively asked me to send you money back. Immediately finished shooting money.

    If it is your system, you actively handle it, but stick to the people, good friendliness, but the hearts of people are cheating, touching the same company, you will also be affected. What to think of long-term passive income, securing your financial future. Not to mention that company it goes bankrupt, how many companies exist and live for more than 10 years that depend on them. It must be yours to ensure a long time, clinging to the drink place only for a day or two. So first of all, take the time to create more sales of your product so that it is both profitable and long-term, selling all of us, selling from people, not just sticking to others.

    There are two clever ways of successful entrepreneurs: one is to sell high-priced items to other rich people, with high profits. The second is the option to sell products that are not discontinued but paid for in cycles. Such as monthly rent, annual web hosting, quarterly registration, ... this Phuc Finance moneycoach.vn website is the same, up to a time there are must-have items. pay a monthly fee to read. Aim for premium prices and cyclical revenue products. The next ways to generate passive income will be in the Coach 101 package, which you need to know about this money. Sign up to learn tips on working smart with money.

    After all, we only create passive income, when we have to uplift our self-reliance, not expecting to rely on any son or father. But just looking for a good deal, based on this famous man, this billionaire, or clinging to this monumental company, you can never create it, just become a link to enrich them. stop it. Success or failure are both human. Wish you success!

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