Understand money to win money games

    The truth is, if you don't understand the money, you can't raise your head. Whoever goes to work, they also receive money in hand, after the effort has been spent. However, many people do not know that when holding those coins, they enter a new war, named currency. But if you do not understand it, your effort, your value in every coin will be robbed. No one can win without understanding the rules of the game. From now on, please understand the money to win this game.

    Do you know what my catchphrase is when holding a deck of cards to have fun with a group of friends? Is to ask: How to play now? Or, when playing a new video game, you will ask: how does this child play, how to win, or what button to jump up, how to press the gun, how to change bullets. Even when there's a new car, a new washing machine, a new rice cooker, a new air conditioner, you have to learn about buttons. Well, a whole new tool comes to us, we always learn about the rules of the game, how it works, how to win, to use it effectively. However, the most important and valuable tool in this life, more than the rice cooker above, is MONEY, no one has ever questioned how to use it, how to spend it. effective. Really a huge hole in everyone's knowledge.

    Mistake No. 1: Not understanding the mission of money

    Honestly, many people up to now do not even know what the money is for. So just listen to my dads and moms from all over the world to make investments, put a lot of money here, and promise that 10 years later, 15 years later, 20 years later, they will be rich.

    Please, like a bicycle is meant to move, right. If the car is not moving but at an angle, it means that the vehicle has no value, gradually loses its value, and then disappears. And of course, the more a car can move, the better it will be for your life. Simulator? So is money, money is born for exchange. Money that lies in one place is dead money, the more money that is circulated, the more exchanged, the more useful it is for your life. However, the exchange here is not that you take the money to spend it all. It's this: you get money in exchange for something that brings money back to you. Then you get money that continues to exchange for something else, another thing continues to bring money for you. Just turn around. Money was exchanged for things, money-making objects, and then back for money for things, more and more rotation and more and more rotation grew. Which experts often ask is the capital cycle.

    So, good people are not only making money, but good people know how to spend money to bring money back more and more. However, there are people who have money, either to put it away, take it to the bank, or give it to others to hold 5, 10, 15, 20 years ... How is it? It is like you put the moving tool away, the bicycle is put away, you put the labor tools, the pickaxe is the shovel. It's dangerous, right. Money is not meant to be spent, not to be put away. It is to create cycles of exchange that generate money.

    Mistake No. 2: Wrong mindset of spending money

    The goal of spending money is not losing money. But the goal of spending money is to generate money. However, from a very young age, no one teaches us that. We are subconsciously overfilled, in terms of spending money and losing. Now you go buy a packet of snacks, give money to lose money. Now my mother sends the meat to the market to buy 3 ounces of meat, and takes money back. Except for the kids whose parents are already the entrepreneurial way, most of us, we have no one to teach that: bring money to spend here, buy this, you will have money. Therefore, everyone is too accustomed to spending money, taking it as the default. Even now saying that: spending money must be money, people laugh at the face, because people are used to spending money and losing money. Take the meat back to lose money but ask for anything else?

    However, there are still children who are taught that they can pay more money to buy a neighbor's old car, repaint it, and sell it. When I grew up, traveled many places, met many people, I realized there were children that were taught like that. That means there are quite a few ways, even a lot of ways to spend money to make money. Until now, any money you spend without paying Phuc Finance will not spend. And if it has to be spent, it must be all possible to make it money. For example like this:

    - For example, the house in Hanoi I rented, lived alone, still single, sometimes the house is just a place to sleep, all day long. I used to feel extremely wasteful. Therefore, it is impossible to put out the rent and not get more money. So I arranged to turn a home space into a financial sharing video place. And of course with this action, the money I spent on the rent was paid.

    - Next, I have groups of friends, specializing in traveling, traveling to enjoy the beautiful scenery of my country Vietnam. And for example, during the trip to Tam Dao, the cost I remember was only about 1 million, but during that trip, I took a lot of photos for books in two Coach 101 packages that I need to know about money and Construction. building business assets and really expensive photos, money-making photos. For example, this photo, just posted one, in the evening of that outing, I brought back more than a million. Not to mention the value of these photos forever after.


    You could say, a million is less, you want more money. However, this is just an action. And in finance, it is often said that the most important thing is not the amount, the most important thing is habit. Once you have mastered the habit of spending money and making money, making small amounts of money, your life will change dramatically. How many things you spend a day, how many things do you do a day, how many things you do a day, if all of them can generate money, how strong are your finances.

    So let the mindset you turn the car. Instead of spending money and losing money, it turns out, spending money is making money. And there are many other mistakes, but if you make a mistake, how much money will go, learn more about money, and sign up for Coach 101 now what you need to know about this money to protect your assets and efforts. Your money.

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