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  • Virtual money: Age 4.0 opportunity or deadly trap

    Virtual money: Age 4.0 opportunity or deadly trap

    Recently, how about the thing Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin is called a trend by a group of people? What is virtual currency? Is it an investment opportunity that will change your life, or is it a rotten product of the financial world devised to hoard the money of the world?

    First, Bitcoin is also a product of a manufacturing organization with the ambition that it will replace the current currency as a tool for trading, exchanging assets, wealth, and commodities in the world. And just like money with the powerful group behind it wants to usurp the right to produce paper money, this group of virtual money forces also ambitions to usurp the right to produce this money. The powerful groups that fight each other, if we don't wake up, will all become pawns who roast money on their board. Whether currency or virtual currency, you don't care about it, because they don't have any value by nature. What you care about is building up your own wealth and wealth.


    Many people shouted that, Bitcoin will only in the near future become a transaction currency around the world. But they never went back to history, asking a question: The process from gold coins, to paper money backed by gold, then into currency. This process several thousands of years.

    Please say: The first gold coins were used dating back to 600 BC. Until gold was completely eliminated in the trading instrument turned into currency (in the US it was 1933). Up to now, more than 2000 years.

    So Bitcoin appeared in 2009, and you claim that 10 years later, 20 years later it will replace existing currencies and become a popular exchange of all over the world? Are you too optimistic?

    Not to mention, at least the currency is guaranteed by the central banks, the state, the government, and Bitcoin, virtual currency has no central bank to manage it. Then it's much bigger than money. And you think, that group of influences they have the right to publish money printing like that, they will lose that right. If Bitcoin is strong enough, it creates war with money. Then this battle continues. Saying no exaggeration, but cleverly your children and their friends have not used Bitcoin to buy snacks where. Simulator?

    When I say this, the crypto fans seem to be speechless. But someone turned it over and said: Sorry to Phuc Finance, you said that is also wrong, what can compare the development speed of today's modern world and the ancient stone-feudal world. fit. In the past it may be several thousand years, but today with rapid development, it will take decades for virtual money to take over.

    That sounds plausible, because technology is rapidly developing today. But please say: the appropriation of production rights, printing money it belongs to politics, not having lame pants is the speed of development here. In the old days, it was more convenient, because it was a little bit open that it was war, shooting each other, taking over power, it was familiar. And today, creating a war it is not simple. The question of whether the ruling group of cryptocurrencies has won the right to circulate money or not. Then it has to turn over this group that is worth ruling the banknotes. If there was a currency war and virtual currency broke out, it would be much longer, because in the old days it was easier to organize a war of shooting, taking over, killing each other.

    After all, it was just the ambition of a group of people who wanted to win the right to issue money in the world. And going to promote so a group of people rush in and accept it. Many people who use it as an exchange will not use banknotes or other currencies.

    No difference, now you and I come up with some note that we issue, and go and get people to say that 10 years later, 20 years later this coin will be popular around the world. So if you want to change your life, use money, wealth, property, sell your house, and sell your door to buy it. Is it like a comedy? Yet a lot of people are believing that joke. That's new.

    They don't ask a question: If the cryptocurrency has value, why doesn't the person who issued it keep it. Exchange for what you are using paper money for. Oh good! Just say that virtual money is value, but in the end the unit that produces virtual money wants to push virtual money for you to keep, and it wants to keep paper money. While you are dreaming that one day, virtual money will become a trend. Then the group behind this virtual currency has used up all the paper money you donated to them to buy gold, buy land, turn around capital to build business systems and businesses. Probably a shame, dear guys who invented virtual money. It is also a product only.

    We too, don't care about paper money, or virtual money. What we need to pay attention to is to build our products.

    If you do not see virtual money, many companies are sprouting up to issue, because this feeling of many tricks, overtaking the people is easy. There was a movement of virtual money.

    You keep this virtual currency, first you enrich its issuers. If you are going to sell it to someone else, it is also taking the fire off someone else's hand.

    The articles say, the Bitcoin market, the virtual currency is vibrant. Exciting? Exciting what? What market? Many people go on becoming pawns on other people's chess boards. Taking virtual currency transactions, fighting each other, buying and selling, ... It is just the blinds that other people have drawn up the design, many of the animals are burnt into it, and they are behind the blinds behind to play. Make a profit, take a cigarette, watch the game they create running. In the end, it is still getting rich for the organizations behind the release only.

    Don't plunge into those worlds. Your job, to last, you have to create your own product, your own game. And to be blessed, create products that truly help other people's lives! This is possible.

    Like Vietnamese people, we are proud to have Uncle Vuong, instead of importing cars from other companies to sell, he creates Vinfast cars to help people travel. Create such real and valuable products. That is helping you to be rich in the long run.

    Extracting books 101 things to know about money

    Talking about virtual money seems exciting, right.
    Rest assured, in the future, the world financial world will think of many more categories. Like what they've been doing for hundreds of years. And think about what attracts money, they also think, spawned a lot of genres.
    There are a few things as follows:
    Most of those defending cryptocurrencies are arguing for this and that technology trend. Perhaps they forget that this technology, a few years later, has another technology. Even the people behind those types of money keep coming up with new products. Because every product has a life cycle only. Born, grow, even bubbles, explode!
    - Second: Everyone recognizes that investing in those categories is venture capital, guessing the future trend. But when others analyze the risks, they reject it. A really shabby investment, is that even if you know the risks, you accept the risks, you will still invest. Rather than just dismissing everything and thinking of the good news. Investments need to be willing to analyze the risks, not just think well about the deal.
    Still other things only create. Still numbers are determined by the people behind them. Clinging to other people's playing fields, playing in other people's chessboards, you are forever a chess piece in the board. Those who come in early can get on the Xe and go to Tinh. People who come in later are always good. In the end, only pawns are real. There is no chess board to win. All contribute money, who will be the interest here. Only the people who create that playground are the most likely.
    And once you have played in the chessboard of others, don't play with the attitude of the investor, play, play with the attitude of the Rook, the Horse. Unfortunately, playing a pawn position later on will probably die. From investing is only for playground creators. Sincerely share,

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