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  • Want to be a financial owner must do these four things

    Want to be a financial owner must do these four things

    Welcome to Phuc Finance! Phuc Tai Finance believes that when you choose to read this article among millions of articles out there, you will certainly be different from 90% of the world's population, who aspire to be successful, want to be rich and always strive. learning force to reach your dream life. Today, the 4.0 era, along with that, Vietnam has entered a period of transformation and strong development, the opportunity to get rich has flattened for everyone. You can completely embark on the realization of your financial mastery goal, even with empty hands, with the following steps.

    Step 1: Set goals

    The truth is that all poverty has no goal. They wake up every morning and do not know what to do that day, they let their lives be controlled and led by others, their whole lives are just spent building dreams for others, enriching others. . They live in confusion and fear every day.

    The rich are quite the opposite, they always have a clear goal, in this stage what assets will they focus on building to make a profit, how the implementation plans, the money they will allocate. how, continue to invest, store in other assets such as: gold, foreign currency, real estate, ... or build new businesses. After each year, they will summarize their wealth to see how they have proliferated and grown stronger.

    Get started on setting your goals, with clear, specific numbers. You can consult by answering the questions of Phuc Finance right below:

    End of this year:

    - How much extra money do you want to have in your account?

    - How much more gold will you hoard?

    - Has the amount of your real estate increased?

    - How much will your current job income increase?

    - How many new monetization channels will you build?

    Set a goal for yourself every month, every quarter, every year and practice a routine, and wake up and look at it firstly every morning to start your day energized, full of excitement, fulfilling your goals and reaching your goals. infinite wealth.

    Step 2: Personal development

    In order to have a better life, earn more money, create a larger income stream, and a longer term, you cannot just sit there and wait: waiting for your boss to raise your salary and value you, waiting for a guest. to buy goods, wait for the market to go up someday, ... that must start from myself. When you change, the world will change with you. Imagine, the difficulties in life are like every wind blowing. You cannot change the wind, but you absolutely can change the sails. Become more talented, knowledgeable, stronger, wiser to overcome any difficulties out there and achieve the richness you want.

    Here are four changes that will bring you the most money on your personal growth journey.

    Reading: Read books from millionaires and billionaires around the world such as: Robert Kiyosaki, Donal Trump, Anthony Robbins, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Pham Nhat Vuong, ... about: talent management personal and asset-building, change the way of thinking big to live and create great things, how to build and lead teams, find talented people to work with.

    Practice more skills: To be rich, especially in this era, you must have two or more skills, be ready to learn more: Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Communication, Presenting, attracting crowds, negotiation skills, negotiating, ... even if you think you can't because rich people, no one is shy, can not communicate, promote themselves at all.

    Learning a new foreign language: The world develops with the internet and many investors around the world enter Vietnam, opening an unprecedented opportunity for people who know many languages, meaning income increases, opportunities for cooperation and business are much more diversified. This is one of the levers to create strong wealth.

    Finding rich people: Humans are greatly affected by the environment, you cannot get rich if you are always in a poor environment. So, step away from your fear, overcoming your comfort zones and barriers to go to, find and talk to entrepreneurs, business owners, good business people, especially those who Successful people in the field you're after… and don't hesitate to ask them why they did it. You will certainly get expensive experiences that if you do not know in advance, you can pay the price by tens or hundreds of millions of VND.

    Step 3: Don't fall into spending

    This is the main reason that pulls us down into the pits of poverty. So, to get rich, you must avoid this absolutely.

    The rich prioritize spending money to buy, accumulate and build assets first, and the rest will spend. The poor have money to shop, accumulate assets, spend money, even borrow money to spend, spend more than they earn monthly to satisfy their immediate needs, fall behind. financial traps such as: installment payments for phones, car installments, home installments, ... living a life of enjoyment in accumulating debt. The truth is that the poor have little or no money to accumulate and invest.

    The difference in thinking between the rich and the poor is the main cause of this, let's explore the root of this difference. The poor always crave: have a large house, a big car, a beautiful phone, ... Proud to be a good company, high salary, insurance, pension, ... And the rich they desire : have business systems, profitable businesses, effective portfolios, plots of land in prime locations, a cash-earning real estate system, ... proud to create hundreds, thousands of jobs for people, create useful products, change the world, do charity, help people, help the next generation start a business, realize ambitions , dream.

    Therefore, falling into immediate spending is the fastest way to lose your rich future. Apply the following financial management tips right away not only to start the path of wealth building, but also get rid of your money troubles right now: You must not spend more than 55-70% the total amount of money earned. The remaining 30% is for investment and savings and savings. If the money in this spending fund is about to run out, save money, limit your shopping needs, be willing to decline party gatherings, but absolutely do not take money from savings and investment funds. to spend.

    Step 4: Change Attitude
    Perseverance to the end: It is said that success is not giving up, miracles are another name for endeavor. You need to diligently make money, think how to get rich, if there are difficulties, consider it as a test to see if you are really determined or not, and always ready to pass to reach the goal of realizing your dream. you always wish. Getting rich will never be for lazy people, with an empty start, you need to put in twice or triple the effort of those who already have the conditions.
    Non-negative, whining: Complaining is the most time consuming thing and it doesn't solve any problems. Complaining certainly does not help you get rich. Therefore, stop whining about problems with everyone around you. Instead, take the time to solve problems, actively learn, what to leave out, whatever environment is not right, be ready to let go to create a new life for yourself.
    Gratitude: First of all, be grateful for what you have, even though you are now with nothing but the invaluable asset you have is willpower, energy, health and heart longing. success. Get to work right away instead of waiting for something new to start doing. Second: On your way to get rich, be grateful to the people who lend you money, who teach you the secrets, the people you trust and go with you because no one is the only one. I'm rich.

    Wealth is a journey of construction that requires change, strong self-development, persistent effort and highest determination, luck is only part of it. Phuc Finance believes that when applying the above 4 ways, it will certainly bring immediate effects to your life and money situation become better. Now is the time to take action to achieve your goals, Phuc Finance says goodbye and see you in the next article.

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