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  • Warning: Do not be foolish to bump into online loan application - Financial education

    Warning: Do not be foolish to bump into online loan application - Financial education

    Just now, a kid just texted me saying that she got hit with a loan of 20 million dong and has to pay 2 million dong a month in installments each month. While I was writing these lines, the economy went down due to the Covid translation, leaving many borrowers in a very difficult situation. Many people think that taking debt to solve the problem, but not, it is debt that will make the problem worse. Phuc Finance sincerely warns you, don't be foolish to get into debt for consumption and especially don't bump into online app loans.

    Warning # 1: Borrowing money is not borrowed from people, but is spending the money you earn in the future.
    Many people are in need of money, due to something happening, or because they cannot resist the desire to shop, even if they do not have money, they still want to have money, so when they see the installment payment, they feel very lucky to be given a loan. However, they do not know a thing that, the money they borrowed, is not at all that they borrowed from others, but that they took the money in the future to spend.

    Then think, the future also has work in the future to spend, if you spend all the money in the future, what will the future use to spend? While the future will need more money than the present, because the future will be more and more responsible. From myself, to my parents, to a small family. So what situation will you face in the future when you are wasted money by the guy from the past? If the future makes a lot of money, it is okay, but if the future cannot make money, as many people are suspended when the economy is severely affected by Covid 19? Not enough money to eat.

    There is no guarantee that your future will make more money. Don't be too dreamy. Be realistic. Do not let the future suffer harmful actions in the past. The future should be entitled to the results of the past to be true, not the debt burden, to pay the debt for the past guy who had spent the past bluffly.

    Do not think that borrowing money is to borrow money from people and be happy, spend everyone's money and be happy, all is taken from your future, while it is not sure whether the future will make money or not, and you also cannot guarantee that the future guy will be more successful or even worse than you are now. Every action must have someone behind the burden. And if you rush to borrow money, your future guy will be terrible. Now we can make as much money as we can, we use it, if it is better, save money for the future. Do not be foolish to reach into the future to spend all your money, money in the future for the future guy to spend, because it must bear many more responsibilities than you.

    Warning # 2: Lack of money, think of ways to make money or because of borrowing
    Every time you need money, what you plan to do next tells you who you are in the future. The day I was 19 or 20 years old was a period of extreme crisis in my life. I must say: I always run out of money. I have borrowed money from a lot of friends, and there are people who know that look at me with different eyes. However, when I borrow money, I will spend it all with money. Worse, every time I run out of money, I just think about borrowing.

    There are even brokers, or multi-level referrals, every time they give consultation, but the listener is short of money, they immediately transmit the thinking of borrowing. vl. This causes too many people to think only of borrowing to solve the problem. An extremely dangerous thought.

    Later, when I have trained in financial management, you know what, every time I lack money, I will think: What should I do to make a lot of money now?

    - Can a hired job raise the salary? Is it possible to increase the bonus?

    - What should we sell to make more money?

    - What campaign should I create to earn money?

    - Which potential contracts can be closed to get more money?

    It was a series of thoughts I came up with when I needed money, not coming up with a bunch of loan lists, or pawn shops. And to be honest, I also used to go plug in a car to pay 20 million for a course. Haha, think back to the stupid days. Make the lack of money a lever to make you smarter, make more money, don't fall into debt, it dumbs you down. All by thinking only.

    Warning No. 3: Having borrowed money, must put efforts to get out of debt as soon as possible
    Today, many places, especially online loan apps, make it extremely easy for people to borrow money. Even if they deliberately calculate interest by day, calculated by day is very little. However, multiplying by month by year is extremely much. Be wary of debt interest figures. Miscalculated, thought that I borrowed a little money. In the end, I was able to pay interest and not finished, let alone the principal.

    Never, ever, go to work to make money, but become a plow of interest, be a slave, servant as a servant to repay other people's debt. Having borrowed a loan, you must get out as soon as possible. Just enough to eat, drink, live everything. Myself, sometimes eating sesame salt with rice is still delicious, or sometimes making a bowl of rice, tomato sauce beans to eat on a hot winter day is fine. Calculate the minimum cost of living, meals for three meals, clothes to wear all day, gas money for travel, renting a small house does not cost too much. When you are borrowing, know temporarily to control spending to get rid of debt. Just do not keep subsiding more and more to subscribe to debt. Extremely dangerous, by the time the chain of debt is too heavy, wrapped too tightly, you will never have a way out baby.

    Also don't take a few sentences like: rich people borrow fully, and then their businesses also borrow. Before listening to that sentence, do not follow, and then legalize your own debt, remember, how rich their abilities are, how their business strategy is. And to be honest, full of businesses when they borrowed in, they could not pay their debts, they confiscated their assets. How many hundreds of thousands of businesses die a year. Should be based on themselves to calculate accordingly. The young men, boastful, go to buy things and things, use them only on credit, by installment payments, in the end, after being imposing for a few years, they were crushed by their debt.

    The effort to have accumulated money, the effort to have a system of assets, is still much more elegant than the effort to have a pile of debt blocking the steps, not only hindering career but also emotional. Saying so, quite a lot of young people break up with their lover because of debt. After all, careful calculation, do not let yourself go, the way people go, no need to hurry, if you lose a single footstep, your youth will be lost.

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