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  • Warning: Financial Traders Always Make You Out of Business

    Warning: Financial Traders Always Make You Out of Business

    Those who like to invest, must pay close attention: The people who guide you, share with you are the financial traders or not.

    Identification characteristics of Financial Traders:

    Feature number 1:
    - They share and then sell you a certain investment package. And they get a discount in it for sure. Do not know whether the riches come to you or not, but surely they have eaten 10-20%, even 30-40% of the money you com to invest.

    Feature number 2:
    They always share good things. It feels like just following their words is already rich.

    Feature number 3:
    - The investment opportunities they introduce always take a long time to pay off. Although it is said that it is ahead of the trend, but it is smart to say that we will wait for the market tomorrow. This sentence is for sure this article. Because the future is waiting for the market to be done, mom said. Like in love, someone who vaguely proves he's waiting for another better match to kick your ass.

    Feature number 4:
    - Always say to follow the rich. Use the rich as a shield for each of their words. The rich do follow the rich. While you were following Bill Gates, you were sure to be big. Because he may simply invest 10 billion into that, but behind him is trillions. And you invest 1 billion is all the assets you and your family have, that tummy, you have big money.

    Feature number 5:
    - Never mention of risks: Investment always comes with risks, big profits, and many risks. The higher the profit, the higher the risk of losing it. Just a profit above 30% is ready to face the risk of losing nothing.

    Feature number 6:
    - Always emphasize on profit, interest: like investing 30-60% interest, don't need to do anything, just wait. Just bring high profits in the face of those who are greedy, do not need to do anything to get high profits. Many people kept seeing these financial dealers with high interest rates, blinding all their eyes, and then bringing all the money to worship. When investing, the first thing we need to consider is: when to return capital, then consider how much interest. And especially the turnaround time. Investment money, mainstream business must revolve continuously to make a profit, even revolving by day, by week. It is extremely stupid to leave that money dumb and ask to wait for tomorrow to be super rich.

    You need to consider one thing: a crispy carp to produce a good bowl of soup depends on the hand of each girl. Not just following the rich, you will win. If you are going to follow someone rich, you have wondered, who is his father, what kind of experiences have they had, what their family background was, even what they did in the time, and whether they are really rich by that. Even if Bill Gates invests 10 billion in that field, you need to know that he has trillions. And you need to know who you are, what your relationship is like, how to learn things, total assets of 1, 2 billion, sell your car, mortgage your house to put it all there, until it collapses.

    Meet the financial dealer just listen, also consider, absolutely not down money arbitrarily. Investing is a must for careful analysis. Be careful, it takes solid knowledge to protect your financial future.

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    Released on: February 25, 2020

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