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  • Warning Financial Trap - fraud information - What knocked down every block of your money, do not lose money unjustly

    Warning Financial Trap - fraud information - What knocked down every block of your money, do not lose money unjustly

    This world is not only about cheating money. The most dangerous thing is information fraud. Sparkling writings, smelly writings appear before your eyes, glossy seminars with words of praise and feeling like wealth is about to arrive. All of that, day by day infiltrating you, forming wrong and wrong thoughts, robbing not only some money, but all the money you have. Steal not just once, but your whole life. That is what they call, stupid knowledge. It not only destroys you, but also destroys your child's life, your grandchildren's life. So please understand the following knowledge, to avoid falling into: Financial trap

    Population foolish mindset 1: Just put money into food, and get rich

    There are many people who claim to be financial experts, but they do not have to be financial experts. Many people claim to be billionaires, rich people, but they still want to take money from the world, to eat every bit of the brokerage. These people, identified by a glossy label, show off their homes, show off their cars, talk about trends. They want others to spend money to participate in what they are recommending, so they scream all the time on facebook, speak at conferences, and transmit an empty message saying: Just put money to buy This one, put money into the other project and there will be money in the future.

    It is these groups of people that have passed on a misinformation to many people who think: The way to success is to find something, a project that looks good in the future. Then just put money into it, and after a while, you will get rich.

    The above mindset has caused many people to run wild like a pack of hyenas, listen to and smell this project sounds delicious, and then rush to think that it will be rich. And what they received, just the leftovers of other people left, even smelled. Finished then run to find another one.

    This thinking is completely wrong. While wanting to get rich, you must think constructively. Over here, thinking, others build, I just cling to and wait for the trend to appear is enough. Very wrong.

    How many years working in all kinds of forms, interacting with all kinds of people, associating with enough people in different professions and studying all kinds of books, I have drawn, the only way to make sustainable money, to be rich, the only one is: Give values ​​and must be built by the efforts to build day and night, from the foundation brick, from our products, to our company. A year as a child, then 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, ...

    As for the type of business that other people built, I thought I understood, but all was just a trick. No one is foolish to lift the shirt to the viewer. The shiny things you can read and see are controlled by the scandals and the computation inside. Never be confident in someone else's game.

    The money you put in, for the time being, only serves the wealth of that company, of the broker you put money into. Whether you are rich or not is very difficult, but I do not want to say no. Because if you want money, you have to keep putting the stuff you hold into someone else's hands, things you paid for at a price that was not determined by you, and of no value. so you have to push away. From disguised multi-level companies, to a variety of things like bitcoin, virtual money, ... and future trend investments, ...


    All the stories in the future 10 years, 20 years you cannot know. Does anyone know that the Covid19 translation will cause the world economy to decline and the jobs to freeze. Or does anyone know, with just one hit of the head killing a black man, causing riots in countless places in the United States with monumental companies, ... and then the accident happened. smashing and raiding the shops with the most luxurious products, causing immeasurable damage.

    The tactics of these financial traders are using, simply hit on the greed, like the glossy, like to have a house with a big car, hit on greed, just put money in to eat.

    I do not know about the other doctors, but Phuc Tai is a very simple man. It must be simple to have time and effort to build property systems for yourself. I am also the person who builds from zero to up. Parents only support to go to college. After that was born, raised up from empty hands, with an independent spirit and the will to rise. There are female friends, they embrace dozens of pairs of shoes, the morning choice sometimes runs out. And I only have 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of clogs for work, and one pair of slippers at home. I wear shoes in winter, and clogs in summer. When buying a new pair of broken, it's very simple. Or chalky lipstick, spread from one bar to another, I only have a lipstick that is still brushing for 4 years now. Simple as that. They are also chemicals. What treasure. When I need the time to go for cooperation, consulting or signing a contract, I will wear the right makeup. Left is extremely simple. The mind is mainly on business.

    My best friend said: I really admire you. I said admire something. It says: He lives very simply, is not afraid of anyone to judge, confident with what he has. So, few people have smooth and beautiful skin like me. The whole of natural creation. As for my brother and I once had a funny talk: girls are just born and dressed well, all of them have a little money :)), the house is messy :))

    The first thing you want to get out of, is to be afraid of other people judging. Just live just yourself. Still afraid of other people evaluating and indulging in sparkling shells, any house or car that people show off, you have to separate yourself from the material and enhance your value. Then don't be fooled by the get-rich-quick ways or just wait and wait.

    Honestly, the car was full of people who didn't even have money for gas or parking. So don't look at the kids who shout at the garage and follow them with a dazzled eye. Bring the house, bring the car online and show that it is enough braking. Whoever believes in those exhortations is even more discouraging. Han does not let all!

    To be successful, it takes effort, and especially to build from the first bricks, follow, follow, work day and night, launch a successful project. Not having to put money in, sit there, turn on the fan to enjoy the wind, then you won't eat.
    Population foolish mindset 2: Wait and wait, you will get food and money

    I heard a guy say this: You buy bitcoin, virtual money, and wait for 20 years it will become a trend, then sell a lot of money. Really, sorry, to say narcissism, if you wait and get money, you can only wait for charity. There is no kind of investment, but put money in, wait for the trend, wait for others to do it, and then we eat. Damn, she took all the money to her ass but I don't even know.

    No matter what you invest in, it has to follow closely, must pay attention to every dollar, must closely monitor every cash flow in and out of the day to see if it is effective or not. This number cannot be grasped, other people take all the money they do business, tomorrow they will pay principal or interest, then 20 years later, with the dizzying inflation, what you have is just holding trash in hand only.

    Delusions, extremely delusions, are with a group of objects waiting in the present age. Today, waiting means you are lagging behind, you are losing more than you were without knowing. Do you agree with that?

    Don't wait, you have to run, run every day, run at full speed with the money you have. To get smarter day by day. That is the only way. Today's mistakes and losses absolutely give you lessons to make money back for you and make more money in the future. So don't be afraid of losing money. Money returns if you act directly, you do it. Rather than giving money to others to do, you won't be smart. The risk of losing money is always imminent. Even if you can get money back and make profits, it will not be able to help with inflation in the long run. So if you do not do it directly, you will lose everything.

    Population foolish thinking 3: Clinging to other people's wealth will be solid


    The people who introduce you to participate in this and that investment package, and then tell you to drop money here and there, are just people working for that company. A few years ago they shouted about this project, this product, this company. Turning back and forth, a few years later they found themselves dead and alive to other companies and other projects. You think it's shabby, right? Why is the previous project so magnificent, why don't they stick with the whole life? They are just like rats to scavenge around the labyrinths, and then when they can't find food, they run away. Don't be foolish to follow such people.

    When I was a kid, I mean when I was 19 or 20, I also dreamed, looking for something, sticking to a certain company, praising a certain product. But it was only in the year 21 that I felt unstable, and started to go my own way and build my own business system. And during that time, I worked as a hired laborer for another company, I just determined to earn money to earn money to one day build business systems, not the kind of wholeheartedness for one. things that are not yours can be exhausted, and you can't expect any money back. Always.

    I know that the only way to sustainable success is to build your own. Rather than clinging to other people, on other people's rules, it turns like a pinwheel, how can it be sure. I want something that is mine, which I built, has to serve me for the rest of my life, until I don't need to do it but the system is still running, still have money to return. Then building my own thing is the only way.

    So, no matter where you are, what you are doing, in the end you want to be sure you still have to look forward to building your own thing. But still with the mindset of hard work: find a project to stick to to eat, buy this product to wander, hold this product and hope for a chance to change your life, your life is still as unstable as a boat on the sea .

    You keep thinking simple

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