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  • Warning that depraved consumption habits will crash every block of your money - smart consumption

    Warning that depraved consumption habits will crash every block of your money - smart consumption

    Everyone will spend money. But the more you spend the richer you need to be. Know when to slap back. Know what needs to be strong. Become a smart consumer!

    The long-term vision of smart consumers
    You can see this essential consumption fund at 55% but extremely much to spend now and in the future. If you have a lot of money, do not say what to do. But must be considered, then have to think about satisfying the spending in the immediate future or leaving the children to learn English well? Such an example. Donate money to buy a house or send your child to study abroad. If it was Phuc, instead of buying a house, he would send his child to study abroad so he would have a chance to expand his mind and people, instead of giving him a house, he lacked thinking, after 3 years he destroyed the house home you left.
    There are many people who stand in the present and spend money in the future. That is, at present, there is no money or not enough money, but just buy and take money from the future to buy. But it is not certain that the future will make money. But just borrow, just do installment packages, just spend now. The future does not dare to count, because it is difficult for the present to be known, but to be able to spend it strongly.
    Besides, there are many people, they stand in the future to spend money now. They know that they will quit their job in the next 6 months to start a business, so instead of spending money for the start-up when the business is not coming back.
    They know that, instead of spending too much money buying toys or clothes for their children, they spend that money for their children to take talent discovery classes such as lute, dance, dance, learn English and other languages.


    They know that, instead of buying too many furniture for the house, they save money for trips to both experience and give their children valuable lessons on each journey.
    They also know that, instead of spending all the money to buy a house or a car, if someone in the family is sick, they will not get money, they wait for a lot to buy instead of buying and then repaying the debt.
    A good financial manager is someone who must anticipate all the risks to be proactive in any situation. When you reach a level of calmness, you will be successful. If you want to be calm in any case, you need money, funds full of money, assets that generate cash flows on a daily basis. The human matter and posture lie there, not the other matter. The borrower, who has no money, money in the future, has to pay people all back, how can that be. Do you agree?

    Warn many people to spend money to get poorer
    A lot of people don't have money, but they keep spending.

    Without money to study, they borrowed and argued that they borrowed to create leverage, to help them develop faster. But they don't know, if they don't have the money, they don't deserve the expensive advanced courses. Or they dare not look straightforward to accept that they do not deserve it.

    They do not have money to buy a house or a car, but they try to borrow money or buy on installments to own these materials. If you don't have money, why do you deserve it? If they do not have money they do not buy, but they let their emotions dominate and then excuse them: if they want to buy, why not buy first and then pay the debt later. But money is far more important than spending a lot.

    Then there are people who do not have money in the investment fund but still borrow to invest. Then again, everyone does not have to borrow money to excuse anyone who does business. But they do not look directly at the fact that, the investment money they do not have is their size, their mind cannot do big business. Want more money to invest, increase your income so that the fund invests more.

    Why not stand in the role of creditors but a little bit is to let yourself in the debtor position. As a creditor you will be much more powerful and powerful. The most important leverage is the fulcrum. Strong fulcrum is only seven. The fulcrum here is: your capacity. The capacity you do not have is available to the clouds. People who do not have prior background, can borrow money for a lot of money, they still have debt repayment.

    The numbers in the 6 Funds above are like your transcript. It accurately represents your financial position. You must recognize that frankly to accept who you are where you are to have the right strategy.

    If you are only 3 co-invest. But you want to work at level 10. Instead of greedy, borrow 7 more to do. Then think about finding 2 more people to work with. This is good in that, if you only have 3 investment, your investment range is only 3, your capacity is only 3. Then the other two will not only contribute 7 more but also contribute. 7 more abilities. So more than 10 dollars is that you are in a team with 10 capacity.

    Suppose you are good at operations and cannot do it successfully. You have to find more people who are good at manufacturing products, someone who is good at marketing and sales to create a capable team. All is about human capacity.

    Regularly observe the numbers at these 6 funds. If not, then stop. Plow more income to help raise the number of funds.

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