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  • What is the right investment to really make profits, not just donate money to others - Phuc Finance

    What is the right investment to really make profits, not just donate money to others - Phuc Finance

    Are you going to invest, take advantage of someone else's garden and plant your seeds or are you being blindfolded or allowed to sit on a motorbike propelled at altar speed? In investing, just a little deviation of understanding, a little judgment is that you are completely in the position to donate money to people. The interest is nowhere to be seen, when will the principal be taken back? just know that a pile of money accumulates so long ago "is not all", the amount you have been willing to give up so much fun, let go of some new interests to retain. But just because a little dim light at the end of the road is drawn by other people, you have to put all your hands on the deal for others to benefit. So what is the right investment and really making a profit, let's join Phuc Finance on the journey of separation and analysis below. Let's go!

    1. Whatever you draw, you must control the risk
    Actually, I was a finance learner, then I went to work at multi-level level for 3 years, got bonus and liked the investment business, 4 more years working in specialized marketing to get the position of Head of Department, management. Honestly, I've been personally heard, invited, even been the one behind creating a lot of cake. So now, you say, in order to sell goods, at least you have to embellish the item, get the headlines, the view sentence says about that item for people to pay attention and buy. Now is not the time, the buyers compete and the sellers are not on the face. Then even the financial industry, they also have to devise new products, new programs to attract people to pour money in such as securities, virtual money, electronic money, ...
    Now you say, when you put money into stocks, virtual money, ... etc .... do not know how you profit or loss, then surely how many bearded people have to say they can eat money from the money you spent. What are the floors of the broker, then the people behind that create that playground. Of course, the biggest eateries are still the guys behind creating those playgrounds, when the cash flows in.
    You think, a lot of people say that virtual money - or cryptocurrencies, goes up in price. It is just: The creators of that playground, they set the price like that. When that virtual currency was new, no one paid attention, let the low price, cheap price, let many people know, to buy. Early buyers put in less money. Until that virtual currency gets interest, the tycoons behind push the price up, those who come in will buy at higher prices. So the profit that many people talk about here is just the amount of money that the people who come in later spend.
    If it's a buy-sell transaction, when you spend two hundred thousand you buy a chicken. That chicken is valuable because it takes a few months to nurture and take care of it to have a fat chicken thigh that is good for health. Then this is virtual money or electronic money, it grows out of the air. Extremely dangerous. Many people also say, this coin, this coin it is limited, but who verifies, when the playground is not yours, the boss team is behind, you do not participate? C'mon bowing to the three because of such naive belief.
    Every investment is risky, low risk, more risky, even risky investment, the essence of real investment here is that you "Must control the risk". If a mishap occurs, you have to do anything to make it worse, not sit there and watch your money evaporate.
    You can see that there are waves of virtual currency rising and then falling in price. Honestly "the fuck" is not what. Because it is the people who create that playground to withdraw money. How much they value that money, until many people put money in, how to "eat" the most money, they do the trick to lower the price, making the whole virtual money market evaporate. trillion. Where does that money go, it goes into the pockets of the bosses behind creating that playground but where to go. There's no way any dinosaur dinosaur jumped into the virtual money market and gulped their money, right?
    The price of gold, the price of land, the price of stocks, ... all kinds of prices created by humans work in exactly the same way. When it's a few thousand dollars a wrestling, naturally down to a few hundred dollars a thing. While the cash in people's pockets has already been poured into that market, now that it goes down, where does that money go. Ladies and gentlemen, it flew into the pockets of the bosses behind.
    So, the eternal trick is that: Creating a product, which has less effort to create, is better, like securities, it also involves companies, but also cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency using public. Technology grows, you can say that money is difficult to earn, "digging" is difficult, then what I say here is the part of the people who created those coins, like paper money still lost the printing. that money comes from technology, which is technologically powerful and replicable, on par with the air itself.
    Once the product is in place, it starts to attract as many people as possible, initially to cheap to attract people in to create a large market. Then slowly raise the price, so that many people find it profitable to put money into this. Even today, put money in, the day after tomorrow has seen a price up. Gradually luring like that, many people think that, for sure, every price increase will become a millionaire and a billionaire. Should sell houses, sell cars, pour tons of money into it.
    In another position, where the bosses create the rules of the game, each sheep will enter the ranch they built, the pile of hairs on the sheep's body, representing the pile of money they put into There, the tycoons let one side fall. Shear the wool. Sum up a bunch of money.
    When a price fell like that, the sheep also panicked. But remember, they just sheared the sheep, not killed the sheep, only dropped the price to a reasonable extent, not killed it altogether. Let that lamb still believe that the farm is safe, still have a belief, bring a reason 20 years from now to become a millionaire.
    Go on, because the sheep is still alive

    , still on the farm, so after the price drop caused public confusion, the tycoons creating the playground again started to slightly increase the price, partly so that the existing sheep would not run away, but continue to believe , hoping to stay, a part continues to open the farm door to welcome the next sheep in.
    Again, slightly increase the price, then until the price increases during the peak fever, shear once again. This shearing problem will go on and on. Until some sheep were no longer bewildered, started to flee, the products the tycoons created every day sheep sold out and ran out of the farm, no one needed anymore, making the produce. it is sold at a very low price. The farm and the market were in turmoil, and the sheep fled, causing the mayor to explode.
    Meanwhile, the tycoons created a playground behind, smiling, collecting all the wool, a pile of money through shears. And ... and what? And they cry? No no. And they will continue to open up a new playing field, a new product, a new farm, and start celebrating it again as a new trend.
    The real thing here is just sheep that have been cut to the bone.
    You want to win you must be a wolf in sheep's clothing. You go in there while the price is still low, hide in it waiting for the price to go up, then when the ranchers are about to shear the wool, you have to hurry and grab a few fat sheep and run first. But remember, this wolf stings sheep. If you make a profit, you will also benefit from the sheep. That is to say, whether a stock player, or especially this cryptocurrency player, if you make that profit, is just cannibalism.
    Well, investing like a double-sided knife, don't just look at one side of how profitable, millionaires, and billionaires are. But look, if a mishap occurs, you will sit there watching people cut your money, or what you can do to make that situation better. For example, when I build business systems or cooperate to invest with others, if things go badly, the money invested is showing signs of loss, ineffective use, I watch. re-business and come up with ways to change that.
    After all, the Investor is a step higher than the Businessman, but maybe the money is lost, the investor is sitting there with his knees, losing his face and his real investment. So if something bad happens, besides selling at a cheap price to salvage, you can't do anything else, then excuse me, Phuc Finance has to say, you are not investing. However, I have already lost money to buy other people's products.
    Some people argue that it is venture capital. Oh, oh. Venture investment is more risky than not holding power at all. Having no power at all is going to offer money to people. Let's find out the sure investment formula right here.

    2. An investment formula that controls all risks
    The most important thing for you to avoid being mentally controlled, listening to others screaming this good investment is to make fun of your heart and then throw money into it. Then you must have your own investment formula. To avoid being led by others, following them, like sheep leading the way, squeezing each other to give their lives, you must have your own investment principles. And you can refer to the following formula, Phuc Finance suggestions for you.
    Hint # 1: Limit the total investment amount
    Investment Fund is only allowed to account for 10% of the total amount you earn. No borrowing. Borrowing business loans is only suitable for businesses, corporations, then they are the brain of the whole group, but they are also full of businesses with debt burden and then bankruptcy, unable to rise up. Investment money only accounts for 10% of the total amount you earn, the purpose is so that besides needing money to pay for life, accumulate old age, the more important your capacity is, then invest there. But there is no way, for many years, we only make a few tens of millions, then borrow hundreds of millions, billions of investment and hope to earn billions of billions, how much your strength, how much you can do it, know yourself. Who is. For example, your capacity makes hundreds of millions, then invest hundreds of millions and expect to earn hundreds of millions. And your capacity is only in the form of a few million, a few tens of millions, where to get to invest hundreds of millions, billions of here?
    Many people keep seeing that this investment is delicious, the other investment is so fragrant that they are rushing to accumulate money and hope to get rich, however, let's take a look at your own abilities to know who you are. cut back. And the investment of 10% of your total income is a number that awakens you. Assuming a year you make 500 million, then the money for investment is only 50 million only. If you want to invest 100 million, then earn 1 billion a year and go on. The most important thing is that in the process of making 1 billion / year, you are much smarter. And it is that capacity that helps you find the right investment and make a profit.
    Hint # 2: Limit your money per investment
    Eggs are never placed in a basket. Assuming the investment fund is 100%, it must be divided into three equal tissues after:
    - Model number one: Invest things that belong to you: That means you open yourself up and have 100% ownership
    - Model number two: Investment cooperation: Invest with others, and make up% of shares, such as 20%, 30%, 50% to take advantage of the strength of teammates
    - Model number three: Venture capital investment: Investing in something owned by others, the rules of the game of others, is to finance other people to do business and then you get interest. However, I still have to know them and understand the progress. It's not like throwing money halfway around the world like virtual money, electronic money, and then sitting in a corner of Vietnam singing a millionaire song.
    Hint # 3: Limit the amount of money each investment
    Once you have selected an investment deal, you will start investing money. Divide at least into 3 phases, each investment phase 1/3. To just investigate, take out the leg still in time. I see many doctors who listen to other people and spend all their money on their wallet. But no, like I work at a corporation, want to propose money to invest in running ads for Marketing department, all this plan and that plan, then they check the number of last month how, is it effective Then go and argue the boring plan, they just gave 100 million to work. Then they gave it right away, 10 days give 30 million, you do well to give more rest. It's not easy to invest is to throw money out. So let's split up each stage. It's a joke, just giving it to his wife is to give it all. Instead of giving it to outsiders, but you cannot control their playground, let the leaks out in waves.
    These days, the community is stirring up again about investment deals to cheat money, draw cakes. Hopefully, with this investment analysis from a financial perspective, it can help people understand more about the tycoon's moves and shearing of the tycoon. Remember, all are pawns on the board of the underground financial world.
    Sincerely share,

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