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  • What products should be sold to generate passive income?

    What products should be sold to generate passive income?

    There are products that are difficult to generate passive income. However, there are products that create passive income easily. Whether you decide which product to supply to your customers also determines whether or not you will build a solid passive income stream. Today, together with Phuc Finance, we come to the column of analysis which products to sell to generate passive income. Come on, Let's go!

    1. What are products that generate passive income?
    There are two types of products on the market: one is the one-off purchase, one-time purchase, and one-time payment is done. Second is a paid product by cycle, by month, quarter or year. For example: pay rent every month, pay the network fee per month, pay for reading newspaper every quarter, pay for electricity each month, pay for website hosting every year, ... Payments are done, but these are pay-for-cycle products. The day before, I also went with the sale of merchandise, buy one-time, sell one. Then or customers only need to buy once is enough, that's all. Or take care of customers, keep relationships and for a long time, new customers buy for the second time. Or when we are not strong, the product types are not diversified, there are few products to offer to customers, the customer source is extremely wasteful. Realizing that, I started to open new media, communication towards the long term, life. Along with that, will choose products with a monthly fee. To create more sustainable sources of passive income.


    2. How to sell products that generate passive income
    As a business person, define that any product you can sell, any product you can create, if you can't create it yourself, you can set up a team to create a product. . As I have built a lot of teams around me: Team provides video PAS video service, Team provides Spy-go design service, Team provides Vending Web website service, Team provides Magic Pen rental service. , Sales Team for Tet, Team Sales Faci. And in order to find out the paid products on monthly, quarterly, or yearly cycle like that, there is even a way that you ask a lot, and go and exchange a lot. You will automatically have the answer. Or this method seems to be more powerful than this, which is to do business, work hard to find a customer, then sell once, then new customers come back a little, and old customers do. If you do not sell anything, then you have to automatically search for paid products in this cycle to ensure stable sales. Whereas no matter which product is sold, effort is spent, so why not sell products that give us steady revenue on a periodic basis.

    And by the way, I hope there will be more people wanting to provide customers with these properties. When I was foolish, there were a lot of people selling to me all the time. If many people sell assets, there will be many asset marketing campaigns, for people to better understand the property: for example, selling the web, selling business tools, ... Today, too many people The whole sale of consumer products, making the majority of consumers' knowledge is about consumption. It can be said, choosing which product to choose can determine the success or failure of your business. If you need to have a deeper exchange with Phuc Finance, the Coach 101 package of things you need to know about money is always waiting for you! Welcome.

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