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  • What the first year of Covid taught us | A lesson to remember life

    What the first year of Covid taught us | A lesson to remember life

    Surely no one thinks that we have to go through such a turbulent and difficult year. Lots of industries froze, lots of companies disbanded, lots of will to start a business wilted, many fell into dire debt and faced with tight spending and lowest earnings on the calendar. human history. Europe is also the last days of 2020, let's sit together to enjoy the teapot, watch the flowers, slow down a bit to learn the life-long lessons that the 1st year of covid taught us. The lessons are not only valid in the present but it will be warnings about finance, business, way of life, ... alarming for many years to come.

    Lesson in the first year of Covid for employees
    The first year of Covid burned the workers' boats in the safe shelter
    What was your first year of Covid opening? As for Phuc Finance, it is witnessing the company "killing" a series of employees. The old company colleagues are buzzing all day to see if they are on the list for the next resignation or not? As for the new company, I participated in a meeting to leave nearly 20 employees and after a while, the project collapsed all the way to swallow tons of money. In the first year of Covid, a mountain of money fell to a business owner. As for the employees, it is just like a colony of ants breaking their nest, a peaceful residence that has been smoked many times by Covid 19, which means officially warning: A hired job is no longer stable, It's no longer a safe haven. Companies, bosses above are also struggling like a banana leaf boat on a stormy day, where do they get where for the employees to rely on?

    Employees only have the only way is to rely on themselves only
    Instead of relying on a company and relying on one job, in order to still secure a source of salary, an employee must have more than 3 jobs. It can be accepting jobs from other companies, or opening up their own sales and business systems to operate in parallel.

    Phuc Tai Finance has participated in some interviews, when the recruiter read my CV and saw that I had started-up, did my own work, oh my, all responded at the same time that, wanted me to just do it. One thing, I did not want me to have my own job, even one uncle said: "If you want to work here, you must enter your property into the common property of the company, or you have to quit your job. I go. I just wholeheartedly work for the company ". There is also a sister in HR said: "If I do, I have to stop mine because the boss does not want employees to do their own, just focus on the company". I was really amazed at these thoughts. In this era, a job like buying and selling, buying and selling, you pay, I pay my efforts, pay less to do less, pay more, do more, fulfill all the requirements, complete all the requirements. . Hire for 8 hours is 8 hours. The work of a company is only part of life, but why is it like having the right to take control of another person's life?

    Then I think about it, perhaps many employees are being weighed down by those thoughts, making it impossible to raise their heads. Today, whether companies guarantee not to lay off employees, whether companies guarantee salary cuts, whether companies guarantee salary increases or bonuses? Yet demanding that employees be like slaves and subject to control. In this time, someone else must take care of themselves. Having such thoughts, many employees will die if they are mentally weak. Like people I do, just meet the right numbers, the target is ok. You give me the money, I give you the item that suits you. It's ok, why ask to control my whole life?

    Lessons for part-time work and creating 2 or 3 jobs
    Nowadays, no company can guarantee you a plentiful and stable financial resources, do not believe in contracts. How can the black people be weak? In the first wave of 2020, my old company unilaterally laid off a series of employees just before the Lunar New Year, a friend I played and said: Sue it. I just said: Oh my god, you know the way to sue, keep saying the lawsuit is annoying. The company has to leave, I have to accept it, who should I call. Today's employees must be much more active, must generate many sources of income. If you have not yet created your own business source, you must receive 2 or 3 additional jobs outside, be active and creative. I have a pupil of my student when he worked as a hired laborer, but in 1997 he could not do his own job, I encouraged him, took the job of about 3 companies. If so, Covid in the first year, the second year, ... the market is full of volatility, we are still as steady as a tripod.

    Don't be foolish to just be loyal to a company. Working for hire is like buying and selling. You spend money to buy my labor at this price, I make sure to do the jobs at that salary, meet the needs, pay enough effort, fair, ok. Absolutely not the kind of person clinging to one side, and then my whole life belongs to them. Is not. I criticize 8 hours / day of their own. Must be very strong, do not let anyone control your life, nor be naive to rely on anyone. In this time, it is normal to wreck the crowd, they kick us off to save the burden.

    For people who already have skills such as Marketing, Sales, it is best to go out and build their own business systems. For myself when I was employed, there was always one rule, not to touch my private time. The boss type, but every evening at 9am texted to talk about work, turned around and asked some questions, wrongly doing something, it was already 1.2 hours in the evening. Phuc Tai always spends its own time, such as early morning, evening, weekend, or work day with little work to start building its business system. Not just doing that company job. I am the clearest evidence for the boss kicked out of the company after 2.5 years of working just because he did not stand up for the boss of 300 million here. So let's tinker to do it, maybe 1 month, 2 months nothing, but 6 months, 1 year you already have a new job. The Covid19 epidemic continues, creating many new sources of income is only beneficial for you.

    Lesson in the first year of Covid for private workers
    Private workers need to do many businesses
    When the economy goes down, when money from abroad has been blocked by blockade orders, besides the dire industries such as studying abroad, exporting, and tourism, after all, every industry will be affected. Many people, many families, spend the same amount of money, but the money earned is reduced, so expenses for essential needs will be given priority. So the general ground sales of a business system will be reduced, if not drastically reduced. Relying on a business system is also not good. But need to do business in many areas to make this one down, then have that compensate.

    Business people have to work extra essential business pieces. Assuming that the overseas study company opens the language array, maybe the customer can not study abroad yet, this language teaching segment can compensate for the sales. Travel companies outside the tourism business add to the specialties of canned regions, for example, even if they don't travel, this essential food segment still makes up for it.

    Minimize operating costs
    The employee who relies on the company, has a good position, is assured of a stable job, and then is threatened with no daring to do a new job. Because as an Enterprise Owner, they really fall into this Covid limit, they are not strong enough to pass more. There are many companies that cut down on employees leaving only salespeople. Many premises can not be maintained anymore, causing exhausted capital to arrange to return. The first year of Covid made the thinking of implementing the business model turn to a completely new turning point, when the day before the throne, everyone who did everything was only thinking about renting premises, now online business dominates. . And Bill Gates' quote really inspired: If you do not know online business, there is nothing left to do business.

    Promote Online Marketing expenses
    Revealing to you is to do Online this translation season very quickly. Because many people go online often, due to free time, boredom, sadness, ... types of emotions are forced down by the pressure from Covid19. So now is the time to build an Online system and boost Online Marketing costs. It's not allowed to cut down on this Online Marketing cost, but to push it to the best of its ability. Because, if you do good Content, eye-catching images, just run facebook ads, with only 50,000 it can attract 200-300 customers into your system. Like myself, most of the advertising money is more than the monthly living expenses. Sometimes eating can be forgotten, but advertising is not, must be advertised throughout to always have the flow of customers into the business system.

    The first year Covid lesson for everyone
    Covid translation is still going on for at least more than 1 year
    Even the bad scenario should be 2 or 3 years. I still remember in the beginning of 2020, when the translation was new to Vietnam and it was stamped out. Everyone is in the spirit of joy to win the pandemic. I am still writing a warning article that this Covid19 Pandemic must last at least 2 years. Oh so how many doctors came in and cursed, saying they were all translated, like this and that. But then, now everyone has the answer right, through the whole year 2020, until the last days of 2020, there are still cases of Covid19 infection due to underground entry, and then the world is still Fighting hard with a pandemic, the Vietnamese economy will always be affected by the world economy. Always have long-term translation thoughts and coping actions, but do not expect to translate completely. Unfortunately to say so.

    Perhaps very few people enter this new year with the mood of joyfully welcoming the new year, because this second year of Covid 2021 will be even more terrible, because the persistent destruction of Covid19 makes many people exhausted. As for Phuc Finance, ... no emotion. The business systems that are outlined are just like that. Every effort will always pay off. Yesterday I sat with a former colleague who was my former boss, who used to help me complete my position as a Marekting manager. The two brothers talked about creating a new online business system. My task every day is to build online business systems, both to provide people with more affordable and quality services than the market, but also to strengthen their financial position. mine.

    The second year of Covid will be even more difficult, and going forward is the only choice!
    New year knocked on the door. If you put in the effort, 2020 will definitely be a memorable year. Like Phuc Finance, 2020 successfully builds up an Online business system. And this 2021 continues to go straight to build the next online business system. Must work hard to make 2021 memorable! Because the year 2021 will only come once.

    The result is the answer, perhaps every year covid will make people stronger, when there is no time to complain, but to blame. Have to rely on yourself, act a lot, to create results, maybe the business system, maybe the money, the relationship. No matter what your 2020 is, it's time to close it, but boldly open the door to 2021, do not expect any luck, please hope yourself to keep your will and step by day to step up higher.

    Orientation for the second Covid year 2021
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