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  • What to do with the money you make - how to spend it properly

    What to do with the money you make - how to spend it properly

    Making a lot of money is never successful. It is possible to succeed in a time when goods are exchanged for gold, silver, gold and silver. That is the time when gold and silver were used as a tool of exchange. In this era of money, paper money, and printable money. Then making a lot of money does not say anything. What you do with money, how do you spend the money you earn, just tell who you are, what your future has. Let's go to Phuc Tai with the topic: What to do with the money you earn - how to spend the right way right here to equip you with more knowledge about money. Rather than being very poor, I keep admitting that I am rich.

    1. Not spending all the money you have - Need to accumulate money

    Many people can't afford to make them. End of month is empty wallet that month. They also have the reason that they have a lot to spend and can't afford. The more reasons they are, the more money they can never accumulate. 5 million spend 5 million. Thinking 7 million would make you get, but 7 million, you spend 7 million. 10 million is also gone. To 15, 20 million a month also fly. That being said, the important thing here is not the amount, but the habit.

    If the salary is 3 million, they practice to extract 100,000 points. Then until 5 million they can spend 500,000. Until 7 million they save 2 million. And it wasn't until 15.20 million that they got 10 million. However, if you don't start with the habit of accumulating from the original 100,000, then there will definitely not be 10 million later. Because it reflects habits. The habit of spending all of the wallet. It is a bad habit that causes a deficit, to erode finance. Pay attention to practice habits, never spend all the money you have.

    If you take away 200,000 girls in your wallet, for example. Then the target is only 190,000. Leave 10,000. Start the habit from things like that. Remember, it doesn't matter the amount, it's about the habit. Never spend all that is in your hand. Help you to overcome your self-spending instinct to spend all. If you already have children, practice that habit with your child now. People spend 200,000 on their hands until they run out. Then it is possible to spend the next 20 million months of that salary tomorrow. Financial development is a process, good habits need to be sown early.

    2. Target money generated from investment

    Target money generated from investment. This sentence is strange, right? Most people have a mindset, and the money you make will spend. However, there are people who think completely differently. Their money creates assets like: they can build a building for rent, some build a business, someone can create a sales website, someone can build a business. a company, a corporation, ... Then the money generated from those assets, they use it to spend. And of course continue to bring the generated money to invest their assets again, to spend money again, invest again, ... from there gradually started to grow.

    I also started the same way, the salary returned, the salary exchanged for the tools to create assets: such as hiring people, designing photos, buying websites, buying email marketing software, ... and my brother. encourage startups to buy high-core i computers to design, buy high-cam phones to film for work, ... after that, business systems start to generate money, then take that money to spend. Honestly, Phuc Finance only took money from the property and gave it to his mother to hold. One is to make her happy, because she is still single and does not use much. In fact, when you have a career to go, you are engrossed in work, even have no time to spend money. There are days when mothers give them something to eat and eat, then the day is over. One month, there was a chance to go out with friends, mother pass to the seafood market to buy food for the whole month. When there was really no time to spend the whole day and spend as before, just fall in love with work.

    There are people who wonder why so many people have so much money but why still keep making. Because they like, like the process of creating assets, like to have cash flows in. Then the money they make when they give them to the relatives to take, or the wife to take, they don't hold it. Because what is most important is that assets generate money, and the process and journey of experience create those assets.

    People have too much time to spend. A purchased item that takes 1 or 2 hours of thinking and then asks this person or that person. Extremely a waste of time. The people they are building up the property system, they don't have too much time to spend miscellaneous things. If they spend money, they watch it. A money delivery is available, not a time-consuming text message. Because then their time is money.

    Take your time and money to create assets, and then spend your money creating assets. Because, if the money comes back, you spend it all. But if you slow down a beat, spend money to create that asset, you will have money coming back each day, every month thereafter, not just one spend. Another action, another result.

    3. Don't count how much money you have, how much property you have

    One of the thoughts from ancient times passed down, that many people still think so, while the world of finance has changed its situation. That is: a lot of money is rich. Is not. A lot of money is not rich anymore. In the old days, if there was a lot of money, it was really rich, because the old money was gold. Now money is paper, can be printed, can be printed with blemishness. So now literally holding money like holding trash, the more you take it. A lot of money is not rich anymore. Times have changed. People who have a lot of money and tend to make a lot of money are no longer rich. Because 20 years from now, the smart money will also decrease in value 10-15 times, what is it?

    So now how to be rich? It is the person who has many assets, has a tendency to build assets. Maybe when you are young, you will see them, at a rental house, a normal car, but at the age of 40 onwards you will know who they are. In the 25-40 process, they don't spend money, they spend money to build assets. After the age of 40, they have a solid asset system that keeps making money, making money. As for young people, they spend all their money, buy a house, buy a car. Finally, over the age of 40, their working power is exhausted, and they gradually run out of money. Need to teach young people, success is not a house, a car anymore. Success is having an asset system that generates money.

    I wonder if I lie to those thoughts or not because of these things that I am not affected by matter. For myself, first of all, I don't like cars, because I'm car sick. hehe. As for my family, I do not like many people, but I like a small warm space to compose, save the house. I like to stay neat, simple, but lazy to move the house, so I like to stay in a small house. Take time to build assets. I do not know when the age of 40 has a solid asset system, will the streak change or not. Now I am probably a representative of young people who are not controlled by matter, who understand the importance of property to create. And I believe there will be young people like me too. Let's accumulate wealth together. After all, youth is the time to create, not to enjoy all the money we make.

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