What to invest to be successful in 2020?

    What are the factors of a successful investment? How to invest successfully? Recognizing a successful investment deal? Where does the investment money come from? Please decode these questions right now with Phuc Finance!

    Investment fund formation
    Investment money accounts for 10% of the return income. Every time you have money, you deduct 10% for this investment fund, accumulate. When there is something to invest, take only 30% each time to spread the investment.

    Things to note when investing
    The first thing to analyze here is what investment definition is. Currently, the word investment is being used with no guilt. Obviously gambling is labeled investment. The financial dealers often lure players down money by putting on that two deal from Investment. And our people keep hearing the word investment is flabby. Sparkling is not necessarily gold. But around us, there is little real gold, more fake gold is. Real gold must be built on the face of it. You have probably heard Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, the father of Trung Nguyen Cafe, shared that when he was younger he carried a bag of coffee in one at a time.

    So need to understand correctly what the word Investment means? Investment here, that is, investment that generates interest in daily returns. Must create a system for daily cash flow. And towards the fact that, even if you are not directly operating, you still have cash flow on a daily basis. You and I emphasize once again: As the daily cash flow.
    There are many people who are misunderstanding the word investing. They think that investing means putting money somewhere, in the project they think the future will work, and then after a certain time will have one. That is like gambling. Let others spend your money, then hope that in the future will get a bargain, and see it as an investment.

    Only people with a lot of money can throw money and let businesses do it, often with 30% success, 30% draw and 30% failure. But they throw away many businesses. There are also people who have only one accumulation lump, also throw away like that. How can this be a rich man? Maybe you see someone throw a few billion into a certain project, you also take all that you have to throw with, but you never know that, behind them there are a few tens of billions. So it is strictly forbidden not to follow this person.

    Investment must be for daily cash flow
    There are also people who we see money incubation for 10 years, 20 years and then said that it will be profitable. Really is fooled. It is not an investment, it is about offering our own money to someone else to spend. Because the daily cash flow does not come back, then it is not the distant story.
    In particular, the people who consult finance often say insurance is also an investment. Oh no. Toang. You annually gather insurance. And innocently thought, it doesn't take anything, 10 years later, 18 years later, I still get that money back, and during this time I have the free medical fee. So let's ask, in those 18, 20 years, where did his friends' money go. Insurance is simply a channel to attract investment money for the big guys. Probably, if 100 people buy it, not all 100 will be seriously ill. Not to mention that not all diseases are covered by insurance. During those 20 years, they have worn away the value of your money. The rest of the body is not. As I said above, how many times did it lose value 15, 17 years ago? When I was 10 years old, in 2003, I still remember going to the market to help my parents with 5,000 ounces of bacon. Now it must be 50, 60 branches. Mist calculation devalues ​​more than 10 times. Then the amount of 200 million, 300 million, 500 million you accrue to that insurance only has 20, 30, 50 million only. Can not deviate anywhere.

    Don't listen to his financial advisors. One thing is that I do not practice finance, I make money from Marketing, so I just give away knowledge and do not introduce any investment packages behind so I am very carefree to share the nature. There are many people who work in finance, financial advisors, because of money, because they run sales, because they want to get contracts, but do against conscience, and share false information at all.

    Many people ask themselves: What fund does insurance take from, and is it taken from an investment fund? I said no, take it from the consumer fund, because insurance simply means you spend money to buy a premium health care package in advance. So based on this consumer fund, let's play, if not.
    Insurance must also see to maintain it. I once met a business owner, when doing business, he played more than 100 million insurance premiums, in the end, the business lost money and did not pay.

    So there, in life, with the disturbing financial information, it just lures you a little, you petty a little, no wonder the money keeps dissipating. Study this book carefully, 101 things will cover you in whole. The good part continues behind.

    And now closing remember that invested is to generate cash flow on a daily basis. Follow up every day. In fact, green is ripe like that. But I still spent money to finish dreaming a few years later, five and ten years later. Do not play.

    Like I am investing time and money into the book system, because the books I write myself will generate cash flow every day even when I am not on this earth. At that time, my automated sales and customer care systems were still active, by channels like videos, articles, email marketing, ... they were still running. Do not think it can be done, completely do it, if you are a business person who wants to develop your own products and create a full or partial automatic system for yourself more leisurely, please inbox for me via fanpage. : MONEY COACH - Financial education.

    In addition to land and gold, wherever you invest, it will run a business. But you know how scandalous a business is. Not as flashy as it looks. Or like my old boss, trying to get the business up, I won't give it up, getting the CEO position is a bad game, and I intend to trick me into paying 300 million for him to spend. The CEO vest looks like history, how do you know inside the game. You hand over your money to them, how they will treat your money. While it is your work and accumulated effort.

    So this is my personal opinion, in this era, I will invest myself, build myself, not be able to give my money to others. To be honest, if it is an investment that you hear from this person, the other person introduces you and it is your turn to invest, it is not an investment, you are going to buy. The good deals are not so big. Only the closed room talks around the round table. Public is already selling. Just holding the goods. One is you push this risk to others, the other is you lose money.

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