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  • When starting a business, where to focus the time and effort worth it?

    When starting a business, where to focus the time and effort worth it?

    There are many people who like to buy cheap, free stuff. This is extremely not recommended. Buy something with regard to quality. Don't take the mindset of liking free meals, liking others to help you free. Also bring that mindset to life is not better. Be responsible. Want to know to pay a fair price.

    As a businessman, you have to know 80% of the customers. And focus on creating value for the remaining 20%. Get rid of those who like this free, discounted likes. They are people with no money. Let's move on to serving, spending time with people with money.

    You have to know where to focus your resources to create the most value. These 20% of customers generate 80% of sales.

    Years in the business, I never worked with someone who liked for free. Want to receive does not want to pay. After eating the bowl and chopsticks refused to wash. I'm also always willing to pay for what I want. Other people's time, the efforts of others, the gray matter of others, they want to eat free of the world. Why is so dominant.

    Now, those who ask me, want me to spend my time doing financial counseling, but don't want to spend money. Please do not inbox. Avoid losing each other's time.

    I absolutely never spend time with those people: Disregarding the efforts of others. Look down on other people's time. Like free, bothering others.

    You must cherish the time, effort, and brainpower of others in order for others to appreciate your value. What you want to be willing to spend your effort, effort and money. End.

    If not, it is impossible to proceed.
    Here is the Enterprise Triangle.

    Business people's time is gold and silver. Know where to spend your time, effort, and effort.
    I always spend time with worthy people. The three things that lom dom are not playing.

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