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  • When to buy a house - spend money the right way

    When to buy a house - spend money the right way

    Countless people, especially the men, are always in pain with the goal of buying a home. However, there are a lot of people who buy houses after finishing their losses, financial cannot flourish. So when should we buy a house? When is the right time to buy? How to spend money properly? All are detailed in this article by Phuc Finance

    Allocate the spending money properly

    Consumer fund essentials account for 55% of total income.

    Whenever you have any income, deduct 55% to fund this essential consumption fund. Accumulation is used to pay for all necessary living expenses now and in the future.

    If this fund has a lot of surplus and has not used up at the moment. Instead of trying to waste on things where. Please save room for the future to have something to spend.

    Because of the income, the money earned is always subject to the sinusoidal rule. Today you make a lot, instead of being complacent and eating it all, you are always aware of the work, the money you make now, and spend a part for the time to make a little time next. No one stands at the top of glory forever. Always be prepared for a downturn. Your fate, your situation are held by you, not by anyone else.

    Usually, always save at least 6 months for this essential consumption fund. Assuming you need at least 5 million per month for living purposes, then this necessary consumer fund must always have over 5 million by 6 months is 30 million.

    The meaning of this 6-month number is also assuming you lose your job, or you plan to start your own business, it takes at least 6 months to stabilize. When you have this 6-month consumption accumulation, you don't have to rush a job, nor rush to squeeze out sales as soon as you build your business. This money will give you the freedom to clear your mind.

    And the kids who lend or know you don't have money still want you to invest, so they say something like: you have to borrow, whoever invests without having to borrow, then borrowed to create pressure to do better ... Only financial security, only relaxation, you can make the right decision. Choose the position of the person with the money and choose the position of the debtor, you know something better, right?

    Balance your expenses properly
    The instruction of this fund is: Really need to spend. Essential consumer fund used to spend the basics of life like
    Food expenses: three meals a day for myself and family
    Living expenses: necessary clothes, enough to not be messy, household belongings, buy a car, buy a phone, enough to use
    Housing expenses: rent, money to buy a house
    Spend current and future children's education
    Health expenses: medical care, insurance if money is available

    You see, the money to buy a car, buy a house, buy a car, buy insurance is in this consumer fund. And this fund only accounts for 55% of the total income.

    When should buy a house is reasonable?

    So there are couples with a wife salary of 15, a husband's salary of 15, a total of 30 million / month. So the calculation of buying a house on installment. But they never know that. The money to buy a house is only 55% of the total income, that is only in 30 million multiplied by 55% = 16.5 million. Not to mention this 16.5 million also spend on dozens of money above, so with at most 30 million couples, each month only about 5 million to buy a house. Not to mention the time it is easy to lose a job today. So just one calculation is not correct, just thinking, without making a close point, the couple's finances are big! At a time when the couple just bought a house, the youth went to work to pay off the debt. Not to mention, by the time it could not pay the debt, the bank confiscated the house.

    And now you know which fund is under insurance, right? is in the consumer fund. No matter what insurance, or life insurance is simply a package of health care, you take money now and buy for the future. Many people will, but 18 years later, I will get it back, and so on, so you think 18 years later, how much value will that money be left.

    Insurance is a financial product with attractive incentives that you have the right to take care of your health so that the big guys can raise capital from the people. That is their property, because it will generate a daily flow of interest for them. And you, after 18 years, only have a tiny bit of money. And they also calculate all the moves, which one you have to be healthy, you have to have no medical records, only which diseases are covered, which case not? Then what is the risk that the insurer will be paid hospital fees? The more people pay, the lower the insurance payout.

    So insurance is the property of the company you insure, and you're just the customer who buys a health care package for the future. Insurance is not an investment, you simply buy a future health care package if your essential consumer fund has the money.

    But if not, every month to get 2, 3 million to pay for insurance should not. It's even better to take that money to go to business, to hire a student to be your assistant.

    But do you think the financial world is disgusting? It uses every technique, every trick to think of ways to collect money from people. Swab from 2.3 million a month. As for our people, we just think that we invest, every month we accumulate a little bit and pay them all off. Then just believe in promising the future.

    I often ask: How many years was that insurance company? Has it been 18 years? That promises 18, 20 years from now, will be like this, will be like that. Is it still alive in 18 years? While businesses die as much as they recline. But in any company, it's full of scandals. Sometimes when it comes to yourself, only a single individual is full of scandals, let alone a group.

    So just consider insurance as just a necessary consumer fund. Feeling that consumer funds need money, then buy. Like the pants, the shirt you buy, do not consider it a divine thing to put all of it on, then it is safe to secure the future. If you buy a pair of pants every month, do you see a solid future? Buying insurance is the same thing. Understand the nature to actively avoid being dragged by the surroundings. And any company, every shopkeeper says or says nice. Only Phuc is ready to tell you the worst.

    To get rich you need to learn about Financial Education first!
    The knowledge you have will determine how much money you have!
    Never be lazy in managing your finances, keeping track of your daily cash in and out, your success will go downhill at a rate proportional to your laziness!

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