Where does the gold price come from ???

    Price storm and just passed. Gold prices peaked at nearly 50 branches per tree. 2 trees are full 100 bulbs. People love to invest in gold again. This gold investment phrase recently, many people asked me. They talk like they catch on, meet, recognize market opportunities. Then, the price dropped. Many people were in awe, when gold investments had not taken away the gold, they had a price drop. This up and down price trick is flipped over and over as a hobby that over and over again attracts quite a few people. Let's face up with Phuc Tai to turn this game over here. Well in this article, there are also advertising templates suggested by Google, when you finish reading, click on these ads to support Phuc Finance to continue to produce even better content! Thank you very much.

    Gold price today - Latest gold price
    Have you ever wondered, where did this gold price come from? Who gave these numbers. Why today is 37 million per tree? Why is it 47 million 1 tree tomorrow? Where do these numbers come from?

    Online gold price
    Every day, a lot of people visit these online sites to update the price of gold? Try asking the published numbers from the websites, where did these websites come from ??? From where ???

    As I continued to write these lines, there was a "giraffe" on facebook commenting wildly on my facebook, frantically forced me to explain that: Why in my livestream, I said the money was printed out. crime, so hoard gold and land, and now I warn everyone not to be led by the price of gold ???

    Let's put that "shit" aside. Studying financial knowledge has to be so calm to understand, not the kind of hearing it a little starts to go crazy. Let's just be calm before the financial information, because it's even more chaotic out there. A hot heart and a cold head receive information and analyze it, not lose money immediately. And now I explain shortly.

    Why am I not saying to buy gold, but rather to hoard gold. Because this hoarding is for long-term use, to store for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years. Even I have said very clearly in my personal financial management analysis: Instead of accumulating money, store up gold for retirement. Gold for a long time.

    And if the other guy is reading this article, please listen to this video clearly. Less sadness away. Live up!

    Stay calm and never get caught up in the emotions of others or the emotions of the crowd. Like the price of gold up one, you find it all over again, excited with all your heart, wanting to buy and then resell for profit. Then must calmly think carefully. Like I'm very relaxed typing these lines when the other person is commenting on my facebook.

    So where does the gold price come from ???
    Please tell me, the price of gold grew out of the air! That's exactly what it means. You see, whether it is 37 million or 47 million, 50 million, a golden tree is still a golden tree, there is nothing to add. So it's not that gold increases in value, gold remains. And the other 37, 47 million is just playing according to the rules of other people. It grows itself out like that. As for the forces that grow these numbers, carefully study the 101 Things You Need to Know About Money Book

    The innumerable things around us are priced above their real value, and each time, the people who sell them, produce them, take their wealth. So never get caught up in price increases - discounts like that.

    They purposefully generate news to be posted online, on sites you think is reputable, to lead you into a game in their favor. The nature of gold does not increase nor decrease, the value of a gold tree is still a gold tree. When the market stabilizes, they trigger a price spike to scavenge, then they lower their prices again.

    For example, if you see gold increase, you spend money to buy gold with a large amount of money. Then, when the gold falls, you see losses again, then sell it off with a small amount of money. So gold is not in hand, but oh well, the amount of money you worked so hard and accumulated has lost a considerable amount.


    Understand the gold price increases - depreciation
    Why do I say gold hoarding. Cutting meaning a little means storing it means a long time, moms. It's not 3 days to hoard. This avoids price increases and decreases.

    You just watch the market go up and down, a rally - this price drop will be repeated again and again. It is no different from the farce that leads people who lack knowledge or hope to earn a living. But this trade is also risky because the rules of the game are not in your hand, the day of the sale is a day you cannot grasp. Mr. Ly's Fomat, Rooster only has a knife

    This is a gold chart, I just captured on the internet, you can see these price increases and decreases happening as often as meals.

    bulletin board

    When you stock it up, 30, 40 years, it's going to be this many ups and downs. Don't mind, be quiet. What is not part of your rules of the game, do not hesitate. I have heard a very fond sentence from a general: I will never be in a game without me thinking.

    Well, even if the money is not produced by you.

    Gold comes from nature, but the price of gold is created by humans.

    Whatever has human hands embedded in, do not participate.

    What we need to aim for is to build wealth for ourselves. As my property is this website you are reading. And if you do not know what to build, because to find the property for each builder is not overnight. So when you do not know what to do, you can store gold, store land, that is something people cannot create. Hoarding is permanent. Absolutely do not let yourself get caught up in these price increases - discounts.

    . Having accumulated a little gold, seeing a price increase is not good enough to sell it off.

    If you like to trade gold, then study the chart carefully and understand that the price increase is due to the hands of others, then lowering the price will fall in a row when people are engrossed with price increases for it to collect wealth in hand. Be very careful. Playing according to Mrs. Ly's fomat, playing according to the rules of another guy must be very careful.

    Playing along with other people's games, if you don't pull out in time, you burn your hand easily!

    Create your own playground
    Remember for Phuc Finance: Gold and Earth are limited by nature. But the price of gold, the price of land, comes from humans. And unfortunately that's not you. That's not me. So don't get caught up in it. It can't be helped. Even a girl, or a woman, you can't even guess what they're thinking! The next minute I say I like it, the next minute I say I hate you vl is normal! Right?

    As for myself now, I don't play anything according to the rules of the game anymore. Play according to my rules or not.

    Instead of selling to other companies, then playing by their philosophical rules, I create my own products for sale.

    Instead of working for another company, I was dedicated to working, but in the end my value was in the perspective of others, I opened my own business, my values ​​would be due to the client. reviews, and will pay me what I deserve!

    Of course, letting you create your own playing field is not easy. When I share these things, a lot of them say that what I say is funny is just for entertainment. It is true that women sometimes pee through the grass! Of course, there are also some pee-san reacting the same way.

    However, when you have big dreams, the way you study, the way you learn, the way you work will be completely different! Then comes the time, we don't need to live on a certain system, or need to stick to the game or any other trend. I have complete control of my own system!

    Saying that, the past 8 years have been rolling around since the age of 19, Phuc stretches many industries, sometimes from finance to marketing research, his head is empty and crying But every day to make efforts will gradually more understanding! Of course it takes effort and humility. Then others can share, teach, and only give instructions. But the god above has a motherly voice, what is it: why do you store gold and now you say the gold price is to lead the nose, please explain clearly. Vl. It's so tight.

    To have the knowledge and experience to master a system, we must be extremely humble. No one is responsible for sharing with you, so use a grateful attitude towards life.

    To get a system, I had to learn from: Content, Design, running ads, making videos, facebook, youutbe, web making, customer care, running events, organizing seminars, designing campaigns. Internet translation, finance, accounting, teaching methods, presentations, ... And it would be impossible to know all of this without an attitude of demand, humility and listening. It's not like, who doesn't tell me to lift up your skirt!

    Wish you will create your own game and be the price maker! Good luck!

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