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  • Why avoid installment payments - financial education

    Why avoid installment payments - financial education

    Many people want to enjoy the moment but foolishly bump into installments. Money does not have, but just borrow money to buy it. Then they brought back the ethics that argued that the rich also borrowed money, everyone did not have to borrow money. Unknown to them, they are bogged down in financial cancer - which will make their future very miserable. Join Phuc Tai to find the answer to the question, why avoid installment payments in this financial analysis.

    These friends, absolutely not greedy for cheap, free or infatuated with ease, crazy with greed, are captured by their glossy appearance. Don't be like that. All of the above will take away a lot of your money. Dazzled by the easy investment opportunities, but actually scraping every block of your money. They just need to call 50, 60% interest, or buy 0% interest with installments to run after the heels of the king. Don't be. Train yourself to be willing to pay the price. Willing to pay, if you do not give up the effort and effort, please pay money to have what you want. You have to know how to pay the price in order to get real value. After all, money, investment is an emotional game only. The more indifferent and calm you are before the trend chants, you will know what is real gold, what is fake gold. All are impermanent.


    Installment Installment is in fact the most unique financial product, creating a turning point for the wealth of businesses, business owners. It is like a cheese lure for everyone. Tease the desire to consume, the desire for material possessions. The trap of the trap is to be trapped in it. It took a long time to get out. Many people could not get out, they have not paid their house in installments yet, have worked overtime to pay for the car. It's in the position of the person who created that trap. Or the mouse with glittering eyes wants a piece of cheese without knowing that the towering trap is just waiting for it to crash freely. Must be a slave for money. The key is financial management.

    Answer number one: No one can be rich without control over their material desires

    There are indeed a lot of people, and even my former self has justified the materialistic habit. What is this reason, that reason, I really need that, that to serve me, then the rich also borrow money, then full of businesses to buy on installments to do business, now everyone does nothing. borrowing money ... However, having touched the money, there is no reason for the husk. Only one thing: You have money or not. Buy it if you have money. No money, then stop.

    Never use a lot of things to justify the materialistic habit of wanting to be material, if you don't have money but you want to spend it, it's "okay". While personal finance and corporate finance, these are two completely different categories. Spending on personal desires and for business spending is completely different, even the opposite.

    Like this one: A person who wants to buy a real phone on an installment of 15, 20 million, a hot new model on the market, wants to own it. Even if I don't have money, I still want to own, so I borrow on installment. Then quibble that businesses that want to be successful do not have to borrow, fully pay in installments. Oh dear, do you know, in terms of business, do you know how the business buys the phone for the sales team and their telesales? No business is crazy to buy dozens of smart phones of 15, 30 million for each salesperson. They only buy two or three hundred thousand brick phones. That's why, all the people who cannot overcome the matter are led by the material but still go on academic reasoning, and then the money in their pockets does not have a penny.

    Even the home purchase installment is the same. Many people also pay home installments, carry a pile of debt, while now epidemic many businesses die massively, wages are falling, unemployment, and job uncertainties. But still buying and paying home installments and the reasoning that the rich also borrowed money. Suffering. Honestly, there are very few businesses that buy land or build houses to do business. They rented all the time, so that if they moved their headquarters easily, they could avoid too much capital stagnation. on the Internet. None of the businesses went to buy houses to do jobs, the money had to be rotated.

    After all, there is still no money, but still craving money for material. Talking like cold water splashing each other's face, but that is the truth we need to acknowledge. When doing a business or doing a business, people do not fall into material desires, but they focus on creating a cash flow. Currently, many people who do business on the Internet earn about tens of millions a day, but they also need to buy space on installment payment, or hug a bunch of mobile phones, installment cars.

    Answer number two: Any man who loves material goods, but setting up a business is a broken mouth!

    At the age of 21, when I was still a materialistic fool. At that time, I contributed about 1000 dollars to open an English and soft skills center with the working group at that time. It is true that the children who are weak financially are going to start a business. The whole assembly was sentenced by the material. Rent a spacious house with 5,6 floors. Then go away to bring back a bunch of things. From 3 sets of tables for the three majestic self-styled directors, to the meeting table for the big shareholders. I was assigned to buy desks and chairs for English learning customers. Up to Team Can pull the car in groups of cars. And I remember that the Diep must, go buy 6 sets of beautiful curtains like the hotel and install them in the windowsill of each classroom. Then you know, 300 million, you guys contribute, one year is to fly. Making money all year, inviting guests, closing customers, finally getting no money, getting rich for the guys who sell furniture, sell air conditioners, sell albums, ... xyz, hundred things, ....

    When I was 26 years old, after having been exposed to many failed businesses of myself and the many businesses I had the chance to work with, I turned out to start a business and my way of spending money was completely different. I also used to research whether I should go in the direction of the plan or not, in the end I crossed out the ground, and did all of it online. I also do not offer money for tables, chairs, and air conditioners as before, but I spend money on web development and software running. The rest I outsource.

    That day, when I was in a materialistic state, I flew a thousand dollars and went a lot of effort and effort. Now that I don't want to be materialistic anymore, for example, like this moneycoach.vn business system, I only need to spend 650,000 per month, at 7,800,000 per year, but the money comes out many times more.

    That is to say, the decision to spend money of materialistic people makes their lives face down the drain. Never bring the truths to excuse material desires, no money also want to spend, because you do not know that, the way to spend money of businesses, of rich people, they spend money completely differently. to those who are led by matter.

    Well, you know, about my first business above, at the end when End Game, all the brothers had to go and liquidate all their belongings to pay off the last months of their rent. Each set of tables and chairs, majestic air conditioning, only satisfy the material desires, not the money. At the last meeting the brothers contributed money to work together at that time at the nearby iced tea shop, one meeting failed, and then melted. Everyone has their own lessons. On the way back home that day, I realized that, if I want to be on a higher level, I must not be able to let the matter obscure my eyes.

    Effective personal financial expenditure management method

    Until now, I have rented a house which is also quite comfortable with a lot of furniture I own. I always ask, will these things make me money? Before I buy something, I also ask, will it make money or not. And my behavior is completely different to always make money. Like the house I paid for rent, I put up a corner of a studio to shoot and produce video of lectures. The phone I use to work, even the clothes I buy, shoot money-making videos. Then even my travel with friends, also used to take pictures of money. What to buy, is to pay fresh money. Not thinking of rich people like this, big business they are that. Must pay money in hand or right in the account. Wish you success overpowering the material-loving demon in your friend!

    Especially note that we can only tame this material-loving demon, but it is difficult to kill it, so there must be a place for it to escape, then prepare a sum of 10% of the total income. every month, called Play fund - Enjoy to the satisfaction of buying anything you want. Target when there is money in hand, and target hammer away in about 10% of income. Good luck!

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