Why hoard gold, not money

    Many people rush into life, busy making money, wanting a position, having a position, cherishing wealth. After that, eating and drinking, living activities, husband and wife, children, we still have many savings to save. Thinking that, tomorrow, you will be able to retire a safe life in your old age. Perhaps that is the life plan of so many people, which, according to them, is very perfect. Unfortunately, that's just what they thought. In fact, most of them differ from what they think. Life is not like life is therefore! Hoarding gold, not hoarding money, is a warning bell for those who are still aggressively making money, rushing to accumulate money without knowing its rules.

    To win any game. It is not just that you are strong, it is not just that you are hardworking. The first one must be: Know the rules of the game! Even if you are strong and play against the rules, you will throw it away! What people need to lift up, you put down, what needs to put down, you forcefully go, then you also fail. Do you agree with this?

    Now the question that Phuc Finance wants to ask you is: Do you really understand the rules of the game? Do you even have the concept of money playing rules in mind?

    The truth is, most of us grow up without ever being taught about money. Only know money is spend. Like me, when I was 20 years old, my brother transferred me to my motorcycle. He gave it to me, I kept going, I thought just needing to refuel every day is enough. I run out of gas, I don't miss any. But the car was getting more and more devastated, damaged, the chain chirped like windmill. In the end, I never knew later that riding a motorbike would require oil changes. Teached by my Dad. But also to change the oil regularly. Vl. Whereas before that, I didn't even have that concept in mind. Just wonder why the car kept dying like that. I thought just refueling would be enough, and had no idea how lacking in knowledge I was.

    Know the money game


    It is the things we do not know that we do not know, which are destroying our lives every day. Many people wonder why there is always a lack of money, why the financial situation is increasingly fading, why the business system, the company that built more and more broken down, ... Okay, just work hard, or just keep throwing money. It is time to sit back, learn more, read more, listen more to know what you lack and weak knowledge about personal finance, corporate finance or marketing strategy, sales, ...

    Like my dad taught me about changing motorbike oil, hopefully, in this article, I can share with you a little idea about money, about gold. As I once shared with my Dad that: Dad, nowadays, it is not possible to be patient with a company. You only have a position, but to keep that position, one is the muddy right hand, doing the job of getting bullets instead of leaving, lifting your feet off their get-rich-quick line. . Now, only by building oneself will make sure. Let's exchange and update knowledge together like that.

    So let's get started!

    The rules of the money game

    Maybe money in an earlier period was something of value. But in this period, money was known with the exact name of money. Money today, has only exchange value, not any hoarding value, itself its intrinsic value is 0, the real value of the coin is zero. This you understand why: a paper coin: the original design, a little polymer plastic, a little color printing is a coin. The designs are usually 100k / model while many designs on the outside are much more complicated. It is extremely easy to make money so its real value is almost zero. That says 0 gives it square.

    Today's currency is just a medium of exchange between goods of real value. Like a swap between a bunch of water spinach. The summer day morning glory, boiled, squeezed the lemon into the broth is great. The water spinach has a very good value for human health. Or your labor, every day you have to sweat, sit idle for 8 hours, skillfully communicate and handle situations, that is the real value you create for where you work. And money has no real value, it only serves as a tool of exchange between real values.

    Another thing, in terms of international finance, you have no control over the amount of money printed out in the world from organizations and states. You think, sometimes in the family, you can not control how much your wife spends, how she gives her grandmother's family, how does the husband spend the money, whether the work is taken away for girls, how children, whether cut off playing video games? It is those things that often happen in families. To the finances of a small organization is the family is not in control and always has such loopholes. Then the whole monetary system, it has many scandals, how rotten, how tricks, how can you control. Right?

    Join Phuc Tai to see one of the money production processes right below:

    Money, on the other hand, is such an easy thing to make. So, if you bring both your financial future and the stability of you and your family into the money, it's not okay at all. Probably reading up here, your heart was a bit freaked out. Oh apparently, if you just hold the money, what other people print, and you have no control over how much of the printing is, really, really the money you hold in your hand, it looks like Rich, but like a castle on sand, can collapse at any time, because its real value is 0, like a castle built of sand, majestic but weak, dashing but deceiving.

    Why hoard gold, not money

    To hoard for the long term, you need to stock things that possess either or both of the following:

    - One is: Real value and not wear and tear

    - Second: something that is not controlled or created by other people's hands

    Therefore, the businesses, your own business systems, your personal branding and the products you provide to the community, are things of real value, you do well, worth not only. are worn out that increases in value.

    If you are not in business, do not know what business, do not have any investment experience, you are in need of a safe haven for the money you have earned, gold and land are two effective storage tools. Because these are two things that do not wear out, man needs, and most importantly: they are limited by nature. World gold reserves are a limited number. To exploit gold, cutting mountains for gold mining is a difficult process, not just as easy to print as money. Or land, the quantity is limited in nature. No other person's hands can be embedded to create it. In particular, the beauty of gold is, when you don't have a lot of money, you can still accumulate gold. When you have less money, you accumulate gold, and when you have more money, you accumulate land.

    How to keep safe storage?

    Remember, although gold and earth are two things of nature, other people cannot create them. If you can see gold bars, gold rings, gold rings, it is only exploited and processed by humans, but the nature of gold is the element that humans have not yet created. In the future, the chemistry industry will use the chemical reactions that can be produced, but if there is, it will not be worthwhile. But that's the story of our children and grandchildren's life, it must be smarter. At present, in our life, gold is still something that human beings have not yet created, and must still be exploited from nature, limited by nature. So it's safe to store gold for a long time. Because hoarding something someone else can mass produce with just one print like money is extremely dangerous.

    But remember, even though gold and earth serve as permanent hoarders that cannot be created by others. But the price of gold and the price of land are the two things other people can manipulate. There are hands hidden behind controlling the land price gold numbers. Because you see where the gold price is, in the gold and silver websites, right. So who is behind those golden websites, entering those numbers? It was by someone else, but not by you. In finance, if you're not yourself, don't believe anything. A seemingly small thing from another person also makes a great deception. Should have determined to hoard gold, have gold in hand, do not be dragged along with the price fever. Price is acquired and created by others. Plunge into a race created by others, if winning is just luck, losing is normal.

    So you have determined that the gold storage is long-term, in the long-term, the meaning here is, store it 20, 30 years after you retire, then take it out. After 20, 30 years, gold and land still guarantee your value. And the money then, smart inflation 5, 10 times. That's what you absolutely see. I remember the old days, 17 years ago, when I was 10 years old, my mother went to work far away. She kept going to the market to buy 5 thousand 3 ounces of bacon, now only 40 thousand pounds of bacon now. Meat meat in the past and today is the same, even today meat is even worse eaten by industrial pigs, but the money is devalued a lot. Mist calculation depreciates 8 times. Such a simple example for you to easily visualize. Holding money until it's just like a bunch of trash in your hand. Holding money in the old days of trying to hoard money, in the end, was of no value. In the past, I held 5 thousand very big, but for every 5 thousand, now is not like holding garbage. To send motorbikes, there are still 20,000 seats left.

    Hopefully, what I shared will give you some more ideas to learn about and ponder more about the money and its rules. But in this economic era, if you have no financial knowledge, your mouth will be broken! To easily synthesize financial knowledge without having to search, you can sign up for a 3-month training course including: Reading the book: 101 things to know about money, 11 Coaching sessions by Phuc Finance practice directly below:

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