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  • Why must return the investment while still making a profit?

    Why must return the investment while still making a profit?

    Many people just see a profit of 40%, 50% or people lift up 200%, 1000% is dizzying, even if the money is buried in one place for 15 or 20 years, it's still ok dear. They completely do not know that, in investment, the return on early return quickly, is many times more important than the illusionary interest. Specifically, Why must return the investment while still having profits? Let's answer with Phuc Finance in the following article. Let get it!

    Secret # 1: A good investment is to pay back early
    The beauty of a good investment is that it always returns early, it represents a powerful investment, can turn many rounds of money and, most importantly, is self-sustaining. Imagine, a big wheel but only 20 years to spin, and a baby wheel, rotating a month, which wheel will produce more energy. Of course baby wheels, right? Money born is a means of payment, therefore, it only generates great power when it rotates many spins. A lot of money, no matter how big, let it be 15 or 20 years before making a profit is also useless because then both principal and interest are not enough inflation.
    Like, you spend 20 million on creating a website. Then the website must sell goods, make money, gradually the profit earned from that web is 20 million. Then you have a self-run website. Then you collect 20 million back, to continue to create another website. Just like that, with 20 million friends for many rotations can produce many websites. This is the real thing. If it is an investment failure, spending 20 million already, the website has not sold yet, then put in 20 million more and still cannot sell, so on, the money is spent a lot but the effect is not visible, forever. can not be recovered. Because we have to spend more, to spend more to have money.
    A healthy investment, one that is self-sustaining. We only need to take the effort to nurture the first time only, otherwise it must live on its own. And we have to generate money for us. Remember, capital has to be used to make a lot of investments, not 20 years to make one.

    6 months is the best time to payback. Every 6 months to build up a property is the most beautiful. So, if you do well, with just one capital, 6 months creating an asset, then 20 years creating at least 40 assets that generate cash flow on a daily basis. And 6 months is also the time to measure whether your investment is positive or not. 6 months without being able to return the capital, it proves that it is not very good. So, those who keep asking for 10, 15, or 20 years to receive interest are extremely long. Today, if there is no profit, then what can I expect 10 years later? What do you believe in companies?
    Secret # 2: A good investment has to feed itself, not just bring in your wallet
    In business, investment that has to be injected is a weak investment. What you aim for is to have a lot of investment deals. Rather than having to put all the money into an investment, and spend the day putting money in it, then you're on par with these investments. Yes, it feeds you. You take care of the first step, and it has to live by itself, feed it by itself, and then have to feed you.
    The goal of investment is not interest. Putting in the money to invest and earning each money is the same as working as hired labor. The goal of creating investment must be passive income systems that bring money back on a daily basis. And the successful investment means that the capital invested has built a bring-back system, and run on its own to bring back money in the following days. That's why you feel free to pay back and that investment can still live on its own.

    Secret number 3: Bring that capital back to spin a new cycle
    The important thing when investing in money is not creating more money, not having a one-time interest. That in every investment, it will create an asset. Like a wheel, every spin takes you to a new point. Each cycle of capital and then payback, you continue to take that capital to spin a new cycle, creating new assets.
    Hopefully, what Phuc Finance shared above can help some people who are dizzy by the interest that the investment brokers are raising is 40%, 100%, 200%, even 1000. % awakened. Thinking of being able to eat meat, it turned out that they took a little bone out to seduce it.
    And remember that many small cycles of capital are better than one large capital rotation. Because regardless of the source of income, any assets, any business system is subject to the sinusoidal rule, there must be up and down. So, if there are many capital cycles, it will help you still secure your finance, one down, another up, balanced like that.
    Well then, wish for the journey, invest capital, create a self-run property, self-cash flow. Then pay back and then continue to take that capital to build the next asset. Just like that. And this is also the daily work of Phuc Finance. Just build a successful asset, payback on success, a whole horizon of other assets will appear, then you know yourself what to do. Just go and will come. Only need to be strong, persistent, self-reliant, ready to make efforts to learn and build. Avoid the thought of being lazy to work, do not work, still eat, throw money to others and hope to be rich, or dream about standing on the shoulders of giants. Good luck.

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