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  • Without savings, like, you burn your way back

    Without savings, like, you burn your way back

    Long-term savings This is money you save 10 years, 20 years long, for the moment you and your couple retire. This is a safe accumulation. No matter how big your business is, there's a solid wall to keep for life. It is a very big stance for you to keep coming back to fight no matter what painful defeat you have experienced.

    The money you save is long term so you can't keep it in the cash
    Because as in part one you already know: money is a tool of exchange, to exchange back and forth, to hand continuously, it has no storage value. For there is no guarantee that it will limit future printing. Therefore, you need to keep in the gold or the earth things that are limited by nature, not worn out and made worthless by human magical hands. At least in gold. Many are in the ground. Land, not condominiums or houses. Because home is something that is worn out.

    There are many people making money but don't know what to do with their money next. There is no plan for the money. It is like when falling in love without being married, it is difficult to get together, meeting another relationship is better than they run away. Like money, money without a clear plan, in particular, meets something nice, like in a moment, is to throw it away. Not to mention how many sweet and delicious offers out there are attractive to you. If you don't have a plan, turn around for a few years to lose all your accumulated money.

    Set up a long-term savings fund
    Long-term savings account accounts for 10% of the income. For any money, take out 10% to accumulate and not touch. If you lack money, you should borrow money but definitely do not touch this amount. If you run out of this fund, when the time comes, you won't be able to have a prop to build yourself up. Remember, no matter what the circumstances, it is not permissible to allow oneself to have no money. And never spend all that you have.
    The truth is, not everyone has forged the habit of accumulation. Many times, the salary is not warm and has gone anywhere. But it is imperative that you build this long-term savings fund to ensure your financial future. As a solid rear. The back must be strong, then your advancement will be certain. But looking behind the garden with no empty houses, it is difficult to feel secure to do business.

    So what is the strategy for this Long Term Savings Fund?
    Please wait until the next article
    p.s: Well, you still observe the cash flow in - out of that day? Every day what income you have, the most effective income for you to focus on. How about your spending situation? Now are you sure?
    No one is financially successful without keeping an eye on the flow of money in - out every day. Please write all money in - out of the day on the personal financial management board that Phuc sent to you in the Financial Management Training lesson!
    Want to go further, don't go anywhere, you need to know who you are first! Apply that table every day! Don't be lazy

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