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  • You will have many times more money doing this!

    You will have many times more money doing this!

    It is always making an effort to learn, replacing the thoughts that are making your life miserable into those that make your life feel better. Never think you'll have more money by a trick. Only with the effort to develop your own abilities, be willing to endeavor to learn and build, can you get money and keep money.

    Note # 1: Money does not come from real abilities, then it is lost

    When working, many people use tricks and tricks to get money. Like flattering a boss, becoming the boss's boyfriend, ... or making false claims, stealing money from subordinates, ... countless, various shapes. These money, however, do not come from the real capacity, the valuable capacity to actually make money, the capacity to be able to keep money. Your ability must correspond to that money before you can keep it and make it flourish.

    Like in the old days when going to school, parents give 5 million for example, sometimes turning around in less than a month will end. Because then, the power is zero. Power is zero, it is impossible to keep the amount of 5 million. After working with a salary of 4 million, then up to 5 million a month. Then the capacity is equal to 5 million to be able to keep the amount of 5 million. So if a person relies on tricks to get 100 million, then with a capacity of only 10 million, 90 million will be lost. This explains why, there are bosses, who are promoted, eat money from the company, make false statements, modify data to make extra money. However, the times were not the same as before, a few years later they ran out of money, but they could not afford to open other companies. They hold 100 million, but their capacity is not 100 million, because they don't use their real power to generate 100 million. What capacity really means here, it means the value they create.

    If you do your own business, you know how to create 100 million, then surely with that ability, you just do it again and again, there will be the next 100 million. However, the tricks are only the time, or which company is easy, or which company is in the early stage when the gap is still not filled, will you have the chance, or get into a natural money line. where. The day I worked as a Marketing Manager, I did not stand in advance to pay the boss, I was immediately eliminated. And immediately my younger brother was brought up. I remember back then, I had been working for 2.5 years, making a year increase by 500,000 which was 9.5 million. But that child has only been in 1 year, being mentioned on the get-rich-quick line for a while is a salary from 9 million to 12 million. Back then I just found it silver. But, I believe, genuine people like me are full of living land. Can't stay in this pond. That day, because there was a boss who had greedy money, the company had a lot of brain drain, and all the brothers like me found it hard to hope, and took turns quitting. In the end, the company ended 6 months later, so let a bunch of people do not just want to scratch the company's money, how could it survive.

    So, what is the most durable money generator must always be real energy. The trick is ephemeral, lucky for a while. True energy is true love. Always be aware of developing your own abilities. To make real money. And that money is sustainable.

    Note 2: Money is an idea

    Why do you make money? Because commodity exchanges happen. So you have the goods to trade, and the other person needs the goods, then you have money. And revealed, that commodity is best made up of your brainpower, not your time. For example, you work as a hired employee: Your goods are related to the time you work in that company 8 hours a week, always bound by time there. And being forced like that, how can we break out here? However, if your goods are produceable objects: like a car, a book. TV, refrigerator, washing powder, chili sauce, soy sauce, clothes, ... You can turn it on. Like one day, if I worked as a hired laborer, I could only sell 8 hours of the Phuc's working time, I could hardly sell it twice to 16 hours, so it was very tiring. However, if it was a book, I could sell a million copies a day, without any restrictions. Money is not limited.

    So now how do we create the goods that sell. Do you think about where the rice cooker comes from, the motorbike is made, ... all ideas are born to serve people. Like I see that many people lack financial knowledge, so the way of using money is gaping, causing poverty, so I came up with the idea of ​​creating Coach 101 packages to know about money to serve them more easily. looking for financial knowledge, not like it takes me 8 years.

    So you see what an idea works for you and others, and package it up into products and sell them. Money is the idea so. If you want to have many expensive ideas, you must learn to observe, how to listen, and always have a supportive mindset towards helping people, then your ideas value themselves. That is why the word "million dollar idea" is born.

    Note 3: Never be let down by who you are

    Honestly who I am now, different from who I was almost 2 years ago. And I believe, who I am 2.3 years from now, will also be completely different from who I am now. Honestly, I'm a person who doesn't believe in myself. I am a child who is always changing my mind all the time. I am very receptive to what is new and I am extremely excited about what is new. Very good, new or old.

    Like this, when I was working as a hired laborer, that day, I was programmed to work 8 hours, and then I had to listen to the boss's displeasure on the boss. However, when I came up with a working idea: It was a 4-hour workweek. I wouldn't be the type to think: sh * t the wind, what the hell is that! where. Which I would think: oh great. To see how people perform, and I follow, change myself according to that. And if the person I used to be a programmer went to work for 8 hours, now who I am, working freelance, if I leave that system for a month, I still have money to return.

    There was even a time to work for a certain company, which was a private company that the couple established. Of course, when I first started working, everything was still pink, for more than a month, I saw the boss cursing the staff. Even on the night of 9, 10 pm, she also texted the group and finished chatting. Done that day with this lady and another lady, all day texting on the Zalo group together like two bad ladies. And I really don't understand why the staff there kept suffering from being scolded. And the peak was that on New Year's Eve, at 10 o'clock at night, my children even called out to me, boss cursing this content in the group, I refused to understand, and asked for a break. Working with these bitches is extremely troublesome. It is impossible to follow their feelings. And to be honest, when I work as a hired laborer, I always avoid working under a female boss. It was very difficult in the afternoon, very frustrating, until the date came, I kept pressing others to let go. Can not be played. Back then I just didn't understand why the staff here did the same. After I quit, some time later, also involved in Covid translation, the salary was reduced by 30%, the staff also took leave for most of the company.

    I used to be a stubborn person, but after turning out to be my own, I am no longer that person. Money is fair, they give us money, we give them brainpower, why have the right to jump and swear? I used to be a human being, working 8 hours a day, I still watch my boss texting me messily, but later on, I am no longer that person, signing an 8 hour contract is 8 hours, having a job I will warn you, not the type of dark boss who keeps getting excited about texting, doing all kinds of actions. Following the boss's words, it almost ran out of hours, and the texting style took a lot of time. At night, I still go out, I also build my own, it does not take time.

    Or what I used to be, seeing other people resenting things was trying to explain, including parents, brothers, sisters, colleagues, bosses. Now I am different, I don't follow other people's feelings anymore. I will do my best, the rest will not suit. I was not born to please anyone. Even in my family, now if anyone says anything, I will stand up and go, find a corner and continue to work. Honestly there was no time to explain. Even people who leave comments on this web, I won't notice, if I suddenly see it, I don't have time to answer. My lover did not keep it, my parents did not explain it. Somewhere where people came to read my web, I had to explain my heartache. In the old days I was very interested in other people, but now I don't care. I have with all my heart, why should I bother.

    Honestly, my parents still think that, I hope my daughter will help her to work hard, want a gentle and peaceful job and then get married. However I don't. In the past, I also explained that working as a hired worker is not easy, mom. The less money you make, the tens of millions you earn, the more miserable, the more you will be forced to ride the neck, not peace. And now I don't explain, I keep silent I do. How good it is, guys. kk. As such parents stop ignoring it. Let me do it. Because many times, starting a business at first was a lot of work, a lot of pressure, I did not have time, many times when eating a bowl of rice in a hurry, only enough time to smile at each other.

    As we can see, we humans are always changing, version 1.0 then 2.0 then 10.0. We will always change. There are traits we think we will forever be, but the bumps, pressures, and waves can make us completely different, of course different in a positive way. So, don't trust the current person, don't be held back by the current person, you can completely become a different version, one that makes life happier, reaching the best version of the version. Dear.

    Like I was able to live freely, to be immersed in nature, to be with my family in times of need, not taking my father to medical examination while still struggling, and then having to ask for permission a few weeks in advance. I have changed who I am, my personality, my abilities, my knowledge to achieve that desire. Map out who you want to be, and mold yourself into that version. Wish you success.

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