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  • You will never have money without knowing how to manage money - Personal finance management

    You will never have money without knowing how to manage money - Personal finance management

    Just make money and then look back, empty-handed again ??? How to keep money? Let's learn about the unique personal financial management method right here!

    If you want to get rich, you must learn financial management first

    Hello, there is a saying: Making money is hard, keeping money is even harder. This sentence is not wrong. There are many people who make money but then dissipate them. The few years turned back in the end, nothing in hand. Even the most spicy is the time when it is wasteful to spend, the hammer dispels it, when it comes time you need money, you won't have it, you have to go everywhere. At that time, I think that I will let go of the sentence like.

    Before you want to be rich or dream anything, the first thing you need to do is keep money. If you normally can't keep your personal finances, money is wasted, buys things that wear away and don't or give little value to your life, when you build your business opening a business, it's like draining the drain for money to flow away.

    Making money is hard, wanting to keep money is even more difficult!

    You need to know how to keep money, then when you do anything, can you see with your eyes whether the payment is reasonable or not? You have to know whether the daily personal and family money is reasonable or not, until you start a business with hundreds of expenses, even every day, you will know what is reasonable, to protect your money. friend.

    Here's the exercise for you: Exercises to protect the money you have. Accumulate 10 times your monthly income. If your current monthly income is 10 million, set a target to accumulate 100 million. Just like that, if your monthly income is 20, set a target to accumulate 200 million. Certainly in the process of accumulating and protecting money to achieve this goal, you will surely have many lessons for yourself. Surely you will be smarter. With money in hand, your decisions will surely be different. Remember: Money is in your hand.

    It is quite interesting that, without money in hand, people like to spend, like to buy, and like to own things. When going through the process of accumulating and protecting this money, surely the decisions will be different.

    When you do not have money in hand, you like to buy a car or buy a house. But if you have enough that money on hand, your financial level will be on a different level. It is very difficult for you to put all your money on to buy something. Because then you will know that there are more important things.

    So what you want to buy, wait to have money in your hand to buy. Instead of rushing to borrow to spend, get into the installment packages that sound attractive by the financial world. If you keep buying on installments or car installments, you will realize that you have missed out on many more important values than that house, that car.

    Personal financial management panel automatically
    To make it easy to manage your personal finances, Phuc has specially designed this board for you. This is the most magical aid tool ever to appear anywhere: Fully automated personal financial management panel.

    It incorporates the following 3 important things:

    The first is: Observe each cash flow in - out of the day

    The second is: Personal financial management according to the method of 6 jars exclusively for Vietnamese people

    The third thing is: Every day you only need to spend two to three minutes entering the amount earned for the day and the amount spent for the day. Just two to three minutes. Super fast. All remaining numbers are calculated automatically.

    Please download it right here and enter the amount earned and spent today in this table! Phuc will continuously check the old post! Do it, great, don't be lazy.

    In lesson 2, Phuc and you will discuss the dangers with your pocket. Definitely very interesting here.

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